Yes, headshots are important in todays fast paced digital world. Before the social media platforms everyone would have a business card to hand out. Today, people are researching your digital identity before even meeting you. Whether its an employer, or a new client they want to know who they are dealing with. Not having a high-end headshot could make or break you when vying for that new job or trying to land that big client.  Matthew Hamilton quotes “ Headshots are more important than ever. They are your persona logo. “

Take the time to get a headshot that brings out your approachability and wants people to work with you. Having a headshot photographer that specializes in facial expressions will bring you to the front of the crowd and have people notice you.

Even in the dating world a proper image will help you get noticed, so as before if you are a business professional, a student, an actor you need to get the headshot to get you noticed. So, yes a headshot is important, but as I described not a headshot that is a selfie, you need one that will bring out your expressions and who you are.

Having a headshot that is properly lit, proper retouching and the perfect expression will help you get in front of the crowd.