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Four reactions to the camera:

Peter Hurley, and Anna Rowley discovered that there are only four things you can do when a camera is pointed at you: run, diminish, pose, or own it. Most people that I have photographed usually start the session diminishing or posing. A small handful want to run, but the boss said get it done. And that leaves us with–the only way to look amazing in photos is to own it.

The most rare behavior is running. Running is when you absolutely can’t handle having your picture taken. It creates such anxiety that it is almost debilitating. A lot of people think they are runners, but I have only photographed maybe 10 people in my whole career who were runners.
Diminishing is the most common behavior. It is when you become a lesser version of yourself. You might look blank, miserable, or even freaked out. You won’t take direction very well because you are so consumed with what you look like, and how you are performing.
Posing is pretty self-explanatory. It is when you plaster on a fake smile, or force your body and face in way that you THINK looks good. This is what happens when a photographer says, ‘Say cheese!’ This might produce luckily decent images, but they certainly won’t be real, or have the energy that a great headshot should have. And do you really want to your headshot to rely on a roll of the dice, so to speak?
The magic happens when you own it! This is the point where you aren’t thinking about what you look like. You aren’t consciously controlling your expression, and it is when you look most like your best self. Norman Jaillet quotes “This is the goal for all of my clients. I need to take you from whatever starting point you come in at, and bring you up to this stage.”