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Which side of your face is the “good” side:

One of the easiest ways to look better in your headshot is to be photographed on your good side. Everyone has a sweet spot where they look their best. However, most photographers don’t know this, and don’t actively search for the best angle on their clients.
Scientists have said that what makes a person’s face most attractive is when it looks most symmetrical. Certain angles negatively accentuate features, and so do not make the face look symmetrical. One possible indicator of your good side is the one your hair is parted on, with the hair framing the face better on this side.
If your hair doesn’t part on a specific side, the majority of people look better on the left side of their face. There are always exceptions to these rules, and having an expert photographer who knows how to figure this out will go a long way.
Another posing tip for headshots is to drop your chin a little. Florence Catania quotes “When people stand normally, their chin is slightly tilted up. In body language terms, this is considered a bit stand-offish.” And it also provides a view straight up the nostrils, which isn’t flattering for anyone! In order to create the best visual impact, you want your eyes to be the first thing to connect with the camera. Having the chin down is a more inviting and approachable body language cue. Don’t forget that when you put your chin down, you have to turtle your face forward, or else you will get that dreaded double chin.
When you accomplish this with your photographer your images will be the best you have seen.