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Should your headshot be horizontal or vertical?:

Something as simple as how a headshot is cropped can greatly impact how much you stand out. Previously, headshots were cropped vertically, or ‘portrait’ style. This format has become increasingly outdated, stuffy, and just not very cool looking. It is also reminiscent of those yearbook photos that no one ever likes!
The newer, more modern style is to shoot headshots horizontally. Melissa Tremblay quotes “By shooting horizontally, you get the ideal ratio of face and body in the image. The shot itself is more visually appealing, and easier for the brain to digest, because people read from left to right.” The other benefit is that not many photographers shoot horizontally, so automatically your shot will stand out simply because it’s different (and attractively so!).
Most headshots that are used as profile pictures online get shrunk down to a half-inch thumbnail. Thumbnails are usually square, and more recently, circular. With all of this image real estate being trimmed away, having a tightly cropped headshot is incredibly important. The 3/4 portrait shot just isn’t going to get the job done anymore in such a tiny little space, and people need to connect with your eyes and expression.
Ideally, your headshot should be photographed from your armpits up to the top of your head. This is the perfect face and body ratio. It gives enough information about your physique without it becoming the centre of attention. It puts all of the focus on your face and expression, and not the clothes or body.
So ask yourself, do you want your new headshot to look like a yearbook image or one that stands out? Find the right headshot photographer that will provide you a horizontal headshot that gives you the look you need to get noticed.