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How Do I Choose A Headshot Photographer?

There are many choices to selecting a headshot photographer and seeing the images produce isn’t as important as liking the actual photographer. If there is tension or you don’t jive with the photographer it will show in the images, you will not be able to be yourself and relax and have fun. You are trusting the photographer to capture the best images for your marketing tool, and if its’ not right the end result will be poor. You have a limited time to get the images you need, so you need to ask questions and have a conversation on the phone with them so you understand the environment. Ask questions, that will be your best key to success, get a feel how the photographer works, how they direct their clients. These little questions are HUGE and will result in great images and just feeling comfortable and will bring out the best in you. Scott Lerner quotes “Your image can be either good or great depending on who you select to get your headshots done by. Make the right choice to help you get ahead of others”

So, in closing, selecting the headshot photographer can move your image from good to great! Don’t just look at the images you see, make sure you ask many questions as I stated above. Once you select the headshot photographer have fun, let them guide you to get the best images you have ever had.