Do you have a business website or LinkedIn account that includes your headshot? If so, does your headshot present your best business image? Consider how it’s your website headshot that makes a huge difference in attracting clients.

Most likely, you already know how to dress well but maybe be unsure as to how to take the best headshot for your particular profession or brand. Here are four basic tips for choosing the best colors and clothing for your headshot, along with some considerations and warnings.

Don’t Wear Pale Colors

If you want your headshot to stand out, don’t wear white or any other pale shades, such as sky blue, pink, light green, pale yellow other light colors.  You don’t want these pale colors to draw attention away from your face. Even worse, light colors can cause your skin to appear paler than it actually is.

It’s even more critical to stay away from pale colors when doing outdoor headshots. On the other hand, if you insist on white or a pale color, wear a dark layer, such as a jacket, over the light color.

Use The Right Color Combination

If you’re using more than one color, be sure you have the right color combinations. It’s best to have simple color combinations since intense ones can cause distraction. Also, be sure that your color combinations are pieces with solid colors that are to be layered over each other. In other words, don’t wear patterned tops.

Some of the best color combinations that work well include those, such as:

  • Blue with dark or pale green, dark red and white.
  • Green with dark green, dark purple, dark blue and even black
  • Yellow with black, red, dark or light blue
  • Pink with blue, gray, red and black

Choose Solids Over Patterned Garments

Try to keep it as simple as possible, regarding the style and design of your garments. Just think about how patterns seem to draw the focus of  your headshot away from your face, which can defeat the purpose of the photo. But if you still want to include a pattern, avoid particular patterns, such as plaids and big checks because they can draw attention to themselves instead of your face.

What’s more, stay away from garments with small patterns, such as tiny stripes and checks. Tiny patterns are also distracting. This is because of the manner in which pixels work on the camera, which is a condition known as a moire.

Consider Your Profession or Brand

Another huge consideration is your profession or brand and the image you wish to portray. This means wearing the colors and clothing that best represent your business’s personality and how you need to present yourself.

For instance, if you’re a business professional or an attorney, you’ll probably need more businesslike attire, such as a suit and tie. Realtors may need to choose business clothing but maybe not quite as formal. If you’re a carpenter, then it’s a good idea to dress in your work clothes.

Of course, you should smile. But also consider the expression that best fits your business. Thus, if you want to depict seriousness, then smile in such a way that shows this.

Other Considerations & Warnings

  • Consider your hair color, eye color, complexion and backdrop, besides the type of feeling you need to project in your headshot.
  • Be sure the colors you wear send the right message. For example, wearing a lot of green can signify trustworthiness and safety. However, wearing too much green can suggest that your business isn’t ready or is not yet ripe as in green, unripe fruit.
  • Don’t wear clothing with a logo or writing on it.
  • Avoid clothing that is tight or large as this can be obvious in your headshot.
  • Usually, darker colors convey maturity, while brighter ones express a more youthful look.

Final Thoughts

  • When deciding on colors and clothing for the best headshot, be sure to remain consistent and accurate. Don’t risk attracting clients because of a bad headshot. For the best professional headshot possible, choose a highly reputable photographer. For a professional, high-quality headshot you can depend on Duane Furlong Studio. Contact us to schedule a headshot.