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Getting Professional Headshots Done

Getting Professional Headshots Done

| Duane Furlong |
Headshots How Many Do I Need

TL;DR: Wondering how many headshots you need? It depends on your purpose. Business professionals typically require one versatile headshot for platforms like LinkedIn, while actors should have at least five to six showcasing various styles. Models benefit from six to twelve diverse headshots. Choose headshots that suit your goals and industry, and update them periodically. For professional-quality photos in Arizona, Duane Furlong Studios can capture your best side.

You’ve probably heard it before – a professional headshot can make a world of difference if you’re freshening up your LinkedIn profile or stepping into the acting scene. But here’s the burning question: How many headshots do I need

Well, the answer depends on what you need them for. If you’re hunting for jobs, one stellar shot might do the trick. Actors and models, on the other hand, usually need a versatile portfolio to showcase their range. As for entrepreneurs, a few different looks can help personalize their brand across multiple platforms.

Whether you’re updating your brand or gearing up for casting calls, we can figure out the right number of headshots to keep you covered for every occasion. So, let’s get into it!

Why Do You Need a Headshot?

Your picture is the first thing people see when they’re scrolling through LinkedIn, checking out your company website, or glancing at your acting or modeling portfolio. Your headshot is the first impression you leave on people because sometimes we do “judge a book by its cover.” So, you want to have one that reflects your professionalism, personality, and the field you’re in.

If you’re a corporate executive, your photo should exude confidence and competence. For creatives, it might show a bit more flair. And remember, the right headshot for a LinkedIn profile might not fit the vibe of your Instagram or Twitter. It’s all about context. So, you must think about where and how your headshot will be used.

Headshots for Business Professionals

If you’re a business professional, having one high-quality, versatile image of yourself is a non-negotiable asset. This single picture can make a significant impact across many different platforms. Think about your LinkedIn profile, the “About Us” page on your company website, or even the author bio in a press release.

A well-taken photograph conveys professionalism and sets the tone for how clients, colleagues, and competitors view you. So make sure your is up to date, looks like you, and aligns with your professional branding. Not all styles of headshots are suitable for every industry, so here are some suggestions depending on your background:

  • Corporate or Finance. A classic look – think a tailored suit and a simple background – is the standard. It suggests formality, competence, and integrity.
  • Creative Fields. You have some leeway to showcase your individuality. Maybe you’re a graphic designer or work in advertising; here, a more relaxed vibe with unique backgrounds or attire can signal your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Entrepreneurs. You want to be ready for various marketing materials, from your website to business cards, and your headshot should reflect your brand’s versatility.

But remember, your headshot isn’t a one-and-done deal. You should update your photo every couple of years or whenever your appearance changes significantly (like a new hairstyle or glasses). An outdated headshot can be jarring to someone who meets you in person.

Headshots for Actors

If you’re in the entertainment industry, you’ll need a wide selection of headshots that showcase your versatility because, let’s face it, you’re not just auditioning for one type of role. Your headshots are your calling card, and casting directors want to see the different characters you can play at a glance. Include a few different looks in your portfolio, such as:

  • The ‘Commercial’ Look. This is your bright, approachable, and friendly photo that screams, “I’m relatable!” It’s the kind of shot that says you’re perfect for mainstream products and feel-good TV spots.
  • The ‘Theatrical’ Look. This one is more intense, more dramatic, and tailored for roles in film, theater, and TV dramas. Here, you show off your range and the depth of characters you can play.
  • The ‘Specialty’ Look. If you’re eyeing roles in period pieces or aiming to be the next action hero, make sure you have headshots that reflect these genres. A vintage style for that 1920s film or a gritty, edgy shot for the action-packed roles will make casting directors take a second look.

Now, let’s talk numbers. How many shots do you need? Aim for at least five to six quality headshots for a well-rounded portfolio. This should include a mix of commercial and theatrical, plus any specialty looks that fit your casting goals. Having a solid number of options ensures you can submit the best and most impactful image for each role you’re going after.

Headshots for Models

If you’re a model, you should aim for a collection of professionally shot photos that capture a spectrum of looks – from commercial and approachable to edgy and high-fashion. A well-rounded portfolio includes a mix of studio shots with clean backgrounds and natural light photos that bring out your unique features.

As for the number of headshots, less isn’t always more. You’ll need enough to demonstrate your range without overwhelming decision-makers. Around six to twelve quality photos should do the trick – enough to keep them interested, but not so many that your strongest shots lose impact.

Furthermore, staying current is key. As your look evolves and trends shift, your portfolio should keep pace. Updating your headshots annually is a good rule of thumb, but if you’ve undergone a significant change in appearance—like a new hairstyle or a shift in your weight—it’s time for a fresh batch of photos.

How To Keep Your Portfolio Looking Fresh

You need shots that show different facets of your personality or suit various roles and industries. Think about it: the playful smirk that helps land you a commercial gig might not resonate in a corporate boardroom. So mix it up. Have a range that showcases your versatility.

On the flip side, remember where these photos will pop up. If you’re gunning for that sleek tech job, a laid-back beach photo won’t cut it. Your headshots should align with the image you want to project in the specific contexts they’ll be seen. And don’t skimp on quality, okay?

Snapping a quick pic on your phone is fine for social media, but for your professional image? Not so much. Professional shots signal that you take your career seriously. They come with the right lighting, sharpness, and quality that make you stand out. So why not invest in a professional photo session? It’ll pay off when your headshot opens doors before you’ve even said a word.

Get Your Professional Headshots Done In Arizona

So what is the answer to “How many headshots do I need?”. Well, it boils down to your individual goals and where you’ll be showing those photos. Most professionals need a solid three to five different professionally taken shots. But if you’re an aspiring actor or model, you’ll need enough headshots to showcase your versatility and talent truly.

If you’re unsure about what type of photo is the best choice, don’t hesitate to reach out to a pro headshot photographer. If you’re in Arizona, Duane Furlong Studios will make sure to give you professional-level headshots that show you in the best light.

Reach out to us today, regardless of whether you’re looking for personal or corporate headshots or just want to freshen up your portfolio, and we’ll make sure to capture your best side!


How many headshots do I need for my LinkedIn profile or business purposes?

For business professionals, having one high-quality, versatile headshot is sufficient. However, consider different styles based on your industry, such as corporate or creative looks, to align with your branding. Update your headshot every couple of years or when your appearance significantly changes.

How many headshots should actors have in their portfolio?

Actors should aim for at least five to six quality headshots in their portfolio. These should include commercial, theatrical, and specialty looks that showcase their versatility and casting range. Having multiple options ensures they can submit the most suitable headshot for each role.

How many headshots should models include in their portfolio?

Answer: Models should have around six to twelve professionally taken headshots in their portfolio. This range allows them to demonstrate versatility without overwhelming decision-makers. Models should also update their portfolio annually or when there are significant changes in their appearance or style.

How can I choose the right type of headshot for my needs?

The type of headshot you need depends on your goals and the context in which the photo will be used. Consider your industry, target audience, and where the headshot will be displayed. It’s advisable to consult with a professional headshot photographer to ensure your photos align with your objectives and make a positive impression.

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