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#1 For Professional Headshot Photography in Scottsdale & The Phoenix Surrounding Area

What’s The Session Like?

You are the priority, which means you have full control over your session. I don’t take walk ins for a reason. We can do 1 backdrop or 5, props or no props, full body, half body, headshots, or all of the above!

However long it takes to get you what you need is the time we will make for you. Sometimes slowing down, finding the right angles, create custom lighting just for you makes your headshot great to amazing. 

My headshots look the way they do for a reason. 

Lee Elizabeth 716 0406 Social Media Hst Retouched

Are You Photogenic?

Let me answer that for you. Yes, you are photogenic. With the right coaching, the right equipment, and following our tips and tricks before the session, your headshot will be your favorite picture of yourself. 

Some people might not know what colors they look best in, and how to prepare before stepping in front of my camera. 

This is why we have perfected our Men and Womens Headshot guide to help you every step of the way. 

Borja Edgar 103 0014 Highest Quality Hst Retouched

Are You Dreading Getting Your Headshot?

Do you think you are awkward in front of the studio camera? Did you have your last corporate headshot years ago? Are you using a selfie on your LinkedIn profile? 

You will not feel awkward with me. I tell you exactly how to pose and get to know you before we start shooting.

Booking me results in a luxury headshot, and believe me, people will notice. 

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Why Choose Duane Furlong Studios For Your Headshots?

As a Phoenix-based headshot photographer in Scottsdale, I specialize in capturing striking personal, corporate, and professional business headshots for a multitude of clients!

With a focus on authenticity, my photos reflect genuine and unique moments. Every image I produce ensures that you present the best version of yourself, instilling confidence when you share with friends, family, or colleagues.

Explore my portfolio of portraits and discover the commitment to excellence that sets me apart. For me, ‘good’ just doesn’t cut it.

Furlong Duane 526 0023 Social Media
Duane Furlong
Years of
Discover the reasons why you will enjoy working with us!
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Show your true personality

Having fun during your portrait session is the name of the game! With the fusion of your unique presence and my extensive photography experience, we will bring out the look that you love.

Invest in high-quality headshots to see the impact it will have on your professionalism and brand.

Candid Headshot Photographer
Candid Headshot Photographer
Candid Headshot Photographer
Candid Headshot Photographer

I’ll Help You Get Your Most Impactful Headshots In Scottsdale!

As Your Scottsdale and Phoenix Headshot Photographer, I Will Help You Make Your Most Powerful Impression.

Anxiety is very common when getting professional headshots taken. That’s why we focus on keeping it light and fun, which brings out your most authentic YOU! I’ll guide you every step of the way. You’ll get the absolute perfect look, be more professional, and enhance your career with your corporate photos!

Who We Work With

Providing The Best Headshot Photography Service In Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ

Make a great first impression! Our images communicate confidence, competency, and integrity. Take pride in your professional headshot when you book time with our studio!

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Get a Personal Consultation

Embark on a visual journey with Duane Furlong Studios by scheduling your personalized photography consultation today. Discover the artistry and expertise that sets us apart. Whether you’re envisioning a portrait session, requesting headshots for your professional journey, or creating timeless memories, our consultations pave the way for a tailor-made photographic experience. Contact us to discuss your unique vision, and let Duane Furlong Studios turn your moments into lasting masterpieces.

Professional Headshots Near You In The Greater Phoenix Area

Duane’s photography studio is located in Scottsdale, which is easily accessible from the 101 freeway (exit 45). My studio is off 86th and McDonald, turn onto E. Palo Verde, and it’s the 1st green house on the right.