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Scottsdale Headshot and Portrait Photographer

Headshots That Speak Success. 

Whether you’re excited or nervous about getting your headshots, rest assured. We make sure you feel at ease, confident, and thrilled with the results.

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  • Professional Headshots

    Scottsdale Professional  Headshot Photographer

    Headshots That Speak Success.

    Whether you’re excited or nervous about getting your headshots, rest assured. We make sure you feel at ease, confident, and thrilled with the results.

We Know Most Don’t Like Getting Their Headshots Taken.

We Make YOUR Experience One to Remember.

We understand the challenges faced by business professionals like you – the search for a photographer who can capture your essence in a single shot. Fear not, for we offer exceptional services tailored to meet your every headshot need.

With our expertise, we transform any backdrop into a professional setting, making you shine brighter than the Arizona sun. Our headshots tell a compelling story, reflecting your professionalism and confidence, ready to conquer the business world.

For Most, Getting Headshots Can Suck.

Our System

Do you say to yourself, I hate getting my headshots taken…

If so, we’ve developed a system that allows you to get comfortable and get an incredible headshot with the best expression you could have.

    • Personalized Experience: A system is designed to make you feel comfortable and at ease.
    • Expert Guidance: Goodbye to awkwardness and hello to confidence! Our expression coaching captures your best look and conveys what YOU want it to.
    • Exceptional Results: Leave behind the days of bad headshots. Our system delivers incredible results, providing you with a headshot that truly reflects your professionalism and confidence.
How Do OUR Headshots Benefit YOU?


We understand the importance of credibility and authenticity in your headshots. That’s why:

      • Credibility: We work with you to bring out the confidence and expertise in your expressions.
      • Authenticity: No fake smiles or dear-in-the-headlights looks here. We aim for genuine smiles or smirks that reflect the real you.
      • Trust: Your images speak volumes about who you are. Confidence and authenticity in your headshots help build lasting relationships.
    See What Our Customers Say About Duane Furlong Studios
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    Professional Retouching on ALL purchased Images!


    Discover the reasons why you will enjoy working with us!
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    Professional Headshots | Business Headshots | Corporate Headshots | Branding

    Our photography studio offers a variety of services, including corporate headshots, business headshots, and group photography headshots sessions. You can conveniently book your professional headshot session online to secure your spot. We also offer on-site personal branding sessions, bringing our photography studio to your business, office, or home.

    Professional Headshots: Make Your Mark on LinkedIn

    In today’s professional landscape, a stellar headshot is your key to unlocking opportunity. Ditch the blurry cellphone pic and elevate your LinkedIn profile with our expert individual headshot services.

    Looking confident and approachable online is crucial for attracting new clients and colleagues. A professional headshot goes beyond LinkedIn. That’s why we specialize in crafting executive headshots, businessmen and women headshots, that capture your unique personality and brand. Business Headshots are important for every professional, and we have the experience to create a headshot that makes you stand out.

    Bretburke Studio 08 09 2375561 Socialmedia Lm

    On-Site Team/Staff/Event Headshots

    We also offer team headshots, or event headshot photography. Whether you need on-location group headshots or team headshots at our studio, we have you covered. We can even bring our photography studio to your business, office, or home for on-site professional headshots. 

    Say goodbye to scheduling headaches! We specialize in efficient team corporate headshots, crafting stunning individual portraits for each member in as little as five minutes. Our experience caters to businesses of all sizes, from large corporations to growing startups. We know how to make any team look amazing!

    Staff Headshots

    Business Headshots/Portraits Scottsdale

    Branding goes beyond logos and colors. It’s about showcasing the human element behind your business. Our business portrait, branding, and headshot photography can help you build trust and credibility, connect on an emotional level, and stand out from the competition. With our professional headshot photography, you can:

    1. Build Trust & Credibility: High-quality portraits project professionalism and build trust with potential clients.
    2. Connect on an Emotional Level: Showcase your personality and create a lasting impression.
    3. Stand Out from the Competition: Unique, creative branding portraits help you differentiate yourself in a crowded market.
    Studio Branding Photographer Phoenix

    Are you ready to invest in high-quality business headshots that will enhance your professionalism and brand? Schedule session or personalized photography session with us today. For groups, please inquire.

    Explore Mackenzie’s Gallery

    “Very professional and amazing results! Duane takes the time to really nail exactly what you want and highlight your beautiful features. He is creative and has a good eye for detail. Highly recommend!” – Mackenzie

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    Actor Headshots, Realtor Headshots, Linkedin Profile Picture
    Linkedin headshot
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    Black and White Headshots
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    Investing in high-quality corporate/professional headshots and portraits is essential for making a killer first impression, maintaining brand consistency, building trust, and enhancing your professionalism. With our photography services, you can expect outstanding results that will make people take notice.

    But don’t just take our word for it – hear what our satisfied clients have to say about their headshot session. 

    Our Photography Services

    At Duane Furlong Studios, we are your go-to for authentic business headshots and headshot photographer expertise in Scottsdale and Phoenix. With 250+ five-star reviews, high-quality headshots, and customizable packages. See our headshot portfolio here!

    I’m a Headshot Photographer.

    As a passionate headshot photographer based in Phoenix and serving Scottsdale, I’ve dedicated over 10 years to perfecting my craft. Featured by many of Phoenix’s top companies and trusted by individuals at every stage of their careers, I truly do what I love because it brings smiles to my clients’ faces.

    Specializing in capturing striking personal, corporate, and professional business headshots, I believe that authenticity is key. Each photo reflects genuine moments, ensuring that you’ll leave my studio with a smile on your face.

    Explore my portfolio and discover the commitment to excellence that sets me apart. With me, it’s not just about taking photos—it’s about creating lasting memories and making you feel confident in every shot.

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    Show your true personality

    Having fun during your professional headshot, business portrait, and branding session is the name of the game! With the fusion of your unique presence and my extensive photography experience, we will bring out the look that you love.

    Invest in our professional headshot photography service to see the impact it will have on your professionalism and brand.

    Candid Headshot Photographer
    Candid Headshot Photographer
    Candid Headshot Photographer
    Candid Headshot Photographer

    Who We Work With

    Business Headshots

    Executive Headshots

    Business Portraits

    CEO Headshots

    Doctor Headshots

    Actor Headshots

    Realtor Headshots

    Business Men and Women


    Executive Headshots Made Easy: Convenient Locations in Phoenix & Scottsdale and throughout

    Duane’s photography studio is located in Scottsdale, which is easily accessible from the 101 freeway (exit 45). My studio is off 86th and McDonald, turn onto E. Palo Verde, and it’s the 1st green house on the right.

    Benefits Of Professional Business Headshot Services In Scottsdale And Phoenix

    Our services extend to branding headshots, realtor headshots, staff headshots, board headshots, doctor headshots, attorney headshots, executive headshots, business headshots, executive portraits, actor headshots, author headshots, model headshots, speaker headshots, and actress headshots. With individual rates available, Duane’s photography studio in Scottsdale offers professional headshots near Phoenix and Scottsdale, ensuring you stand out with confidence and professionalism in your personal and professional endeavors.

    Get A Personal Consultation

    Embark on a visual journey with Duane Furlong Studios by scheduling your personalized photography consultation today. Discover the artistry and expertise that sets us apart. Whether you’re envisioning a portrait session, requesting headshots for your professional journey, or creating timeless memories, our consultations pave the way for a tailor-made photographic experience. Contact us to discuss your unique vision, and let Duane Furlong Studios turn your moments into lasting masterpieces.