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Event Headshot Photography: Headshot Booth

Are you looking to add a touch of professionalism and value to your next corporate event?

Look no further than our professional headshot booth!

Our seamless experience is designed to provide stunning and consistent headshots for your attendees while also offering you the opportunity to generate leads and enhance your event’s appeal.


Lead Capture

The headshot booth offered by Duane Furlong Studios is a hit for a reason – it’s a prime way to gather contact info from those lining up for their photos. Our booth consistently draws crowds, making it a standout feature at any event.

Forget traditional event photography; with our headshot booth, attendees come to us, setting a positive tone and building genuine connections with your brand.

It’s the perfect chance for Duane Furlong Studios and your company or organization to mingle and get to know potential clients firsthand.

Rest assured, every visitor to our booth has their details captured and promptly shared with your team, paving the way for meaningful follow-ups and relationships!

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Enhanced Professionalism

The headshots we capture at conferences are on par with the exceptional quality of our studio portraits.

Setting up our professional portrait booth takes approximately 1 hour, including everything from computers and private internet access to cameras, lighting, backdrops, and more.

Our results speak for themselves, drawing crowds from the moment the conference doors swing open until the very end.

While our headshots already impress straight out of the camera, we also provide professional retouching


Positive Impression

Our team of headshot photographers excels at capturing top-notch professional portraits, regardless of the industry. More than just technical expertise, we prioritize making attendees feel at ease, ensuring the best possible photos.

In essence, we have a knack for bringing out the photogenic side of people.

Understanding that being in front of the camera can be daunting, our photographers ensure that sessions at our professional headshot booth are enjoyable and relaxed.

By leveraging our headshot booth, you can effortlessly expand your marketing efforts and reach new audiences organically. This seamless digital delivery appeals to modern audiences and facilitates effortless social media sharing.

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Watch Our Headshot Booth In Action!


Our process does it all.

Event Headshot Photography Pricing

This is a flat rate for events in the Scottsdale/Phoenix Area. These fees do not include travel to Las Vegas, California, or any other state in the U.S. Once inquired, we will generate a more accurate proposal for your needs if travel is required.

Step 1 – Choose Your Coverage

Our headshot stations are available for half-day (up to four hours) or full-day (up to eight hours) bookings. Depending on your event schedule and the number of participants, determine the coverage that suits your needs. Each station typically accommodates around 20 people per hour.

Headshot Booth

Pricing: $2200/$4500

Opt for either half-day or full-day coverage with our headshot station. It includes high-resolution images, file organization, a commercial usage license, etc. Headshots can be delivered privately to each participant or collectively, based on your preference.

Step 2 – Customize Your Experience

Our headshot booth’s base price includes essential features, but you can enhance the experience for your attendees by opting for additional services. From instant headshot delivery to personalized retouching, we offer a range of extras to make your event truly unforgettable.

Professional Retouching

Pricing: $50 per image

Opt for professional retouching for participants who desire additional corrections besides color, such as flyaways, skin tone, blemishes, glare reduction, and more.

Social Media Content

Pricing: $1000/$1800

You can opt to close the headshot booth for 30 minutes/1 hour and have us take pictures of the event. Our team can create social media-friendly, behind-the-scenes event images delivered to your team for marketing purposes.

Group Images

Pricing: $250/image

Let us gather your attendees and take group images. You can choose the final images, and each final image is $250 each!

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Here’s why you should consider adding our headshot booth to your upcoming event:

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Consistency Across The Board

Ensure that all your team members or event attendees receive high-quality, consistent headshots regardless of the size of your group.

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Personalized Proofing Galleries

Each participant receives their own private proofing gallery, making it easy for them to choose their favorite shots.

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Instant Email Image Delivery

As soon as participants choose their favorite- the image is automatically color corrected and instantly delivered back to them. 

Headshot Booth Process:

    • At Duane Furlong Studios’ Headshot Booth, we excel in producing top-tier headshots during conferences, ensuring each attendee receives a standout portrait.
    • With an average session duration of 2 to 5 minutes per person, our streamlined system ensures efficiency without compromising quality.
    • Leveraging our extensive experience, our team expertly positions individuals to capture the best possible results, maximizing both time and effectiveness.
    • Following the session, the results are promptly transferred to our computers and instantly shared with attendees.
    • For those seeking additional polish, detail retouches are available for purchase, ensuring every attendee leaves completely satisfied with their professional headshot experience at Duane Furlong Studios.

Examples from previous booths:

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