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How to Take a Professional Photo for Linkedin

How to Take a Professional Photo for Linkedin

| Duane Furlong |

How to Take a Professional Photo for Linkedin

Is your LinkedIn profile photo looking a little outdated? Or, are you just starting to build your professional presence online and want to make a good first impression? Before you decide to go at it on your own or head down to your local headshot photographer in Phoenix, Arizona, follow these tips for taking a great LinkedIn profile photo.

What to Wear

The key is to dress like you would for a job interview or a day at the office–this means avoiding anything too casual, like jeans or t-shirts. Instead, opt for business casual attire, such as slacks or a skirt with a blouse or button-down shirt. You could wear a blazer or sweater if you want to dress up a bit.


As for colors, it’s best to stick with neutral hues like black, gray, or navy. These colors will ensure that you look professional and approachable. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and dress a little more formally than you think you need to. After all, you can always take off a jacket or remove a piece of jewelry if you feel like you’re overdressed, but if you show up underdressed, it could give the impression that you’re not taking the opportunity seriously.

How to Pose

When it comes to LinkedIn profile photos, the most important thing is to look approachable and friendly, meaning you should avoid crossing your arms or looking too serious. Instead, try to relax and give a genuine smile. If you’re unsure how to pose, ask your photographer for guidance–they should be able to help you find a flattering and comfortable position that’s picture-perfect.


In addition to looking approachable, you also want to ensure that you look confident–so be sure to stand up straight and avoid slouching. You might also want to place one hand on your hip to help accentuate your waist and create a more flattering silhouette.


Finally, make sure that you’re looking directly into the camera, which will help engage viewers and make sure they can see your face. If you’re having trouble looking directly into the lens, try focusing on a point just above the camera. This should help you relax and appear natural.


Looking for tips on how to pose for a corporate headshot? Check out this recent post.

Choosing the Right Background

A great background can help solidify your profile’s personality. After all, you don’t want anything to distract from your lovely face.


The best backgrounds are simple and uncluttered, and some great options include a solid colored wall or backdrop paper. You can also opt for using your office or workspace as a blurred background–just make sure that there’s not too much going on behind you. Otherwise, viewers might have trouble focusing on your face.

How to Take a Great Headshot

Professional and corporate headshots can be modern and fresh as long as you know what you’re doing. First, start with a great outfit and pose that flatters your body. Then, choose a simple background and make sure the lighting is soft and flattering. Finally, focus on the camera and give a genuine smile.


Of course, instead of doing these yourself, you always have the option to hire a talented photographer right here in Phoenix to unload the burden of everything from setup to processing, ensuring you have a creative eye to help you get the perfect photo.

Editing Your Professional Photo

After taking a good photo, post-processing is just as important as the photoshoot itself. Fortunately, there are several great editing tools that you can use, even if you’re not a professional photographer. For example, the free app Snapseed offers a wide range of features that can help you tweak your photo until it’s perfect. Once you’re happy with your edited image, save it as a high-resolution JPEG file so that it looks sharp when viewed on LinkedIn. Of course, an experienced, professional photographer will be able to take care of the editing process for you.


A great LinkedIn profile photo can make a big difference in how potential employers and connections perceive you, so if you’re looking to make a good impression, follow these tips on what to wear, pose, and how to take an awesome photo. With a little effort, you’ll indeed have a headshot that helps you put your best foot forward, and your Phoenix photographer friends and Duane Furlong Studios are ready to help make the process as easy as pie.

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