On Location Headshot Photography

Having corporate headshots that are different across your website makes it difficult to see the value of your brand. Let Duane Furlong Studios, a top-rated Scottsdale professional headshot photographer show the brand consistency for your company today!

On Location Staff Headshots

Trying to arrange for your entire staff to go to a photography studio for headshots can be an almost impossible task with busy workdays and conflicting schedules to contend with. This is why here are Duane Furlong Studios we offer two types of on-location photography services around the Phoenix metro area including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, and more. 

We’ll Come To Your Workplace

When you hire Duane Furlong Studios as your professional on-location photographer we have the ability to bring the studio to you. We will set up a designated location within your office for your staff to come and get their headshots taken. An exclusive booking page is created for your company with a wide selection of time slots to accommodate people’s busy work schedules.

Every person will have a specific time for their headshot to be taken. During that time I work with each individual to get their very best expression then we pick out the best image that not only pleases the staff member but also fits with the congruence of your brand.

We’ll Meet At An Outdoor Location

Outdoor business headshots can show off the creative and fun side of your company, and with a backdrop like Arizona, there are countless places that can be used to create stunning professional headshots for your business. When you contact Duane Furlong Studios about an outdoor on-location photography session we will discuss possible locations for your headshots and help you come up with the best place for lighting, space, and personality of your team. As with an office photography session, you will be given an exclusive booking page to help arrange your staff’s bookings as efficiently as possible. We also prefer to shoot personal branding images on-location to give your images a custom backdrop.

Prepare Your Team for A Great Day

Make sure everyone on the team is ready to have a great day getting their picture taken. Discuss coordinating the wardrobe style (business casual or full business attire?) and color theme a bit – especially if you want to do a group shot.  We also can offer a few tips on natural looking makeup for headshot photography.

*For both types of on-location photography sessions images are delivered within 10 days upon final payment.

Group On Location Corporate Headshots Maricopa County, AZ
“Hiring Duane to shoot our corporate headshots on location was the best decision I could’ve made.

Duane is a flexible, accommodating, organized, professional and he goes above and beyond to ensure every staff member is satisfied with their headshots. He is the man for the job!”



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How Does The Process Work?

I create an exclusive booking page that makes it very easy to schedule.

I bring the studio to your office.

Each person is assisted in getting the best expression, then we pick out the best image.

Images are delivered within 10 days upon final payment.


If you are looking for on-location professional headshots in Phoenix or Scottsdale Contact us!


Group On Location Corporate Headshots Maricopa County, AZ
Duane is great to work with! Professional and a great eye.

He knows how to make the shoots fun and get everyone posed. Definitely recommend him.”

— The Pain Center

“This is the second time our company has used Duane Furlong Studios for headshots on location.

Duane is nothing but professional, and the quality of work done has exceeded expectations.”

— EdringtonHC

On Location Corporate Headshots for Teams Maricopa County, AZ
Group On Location Corporate Headshots Maricopa County, AZ
Duane worked really hard to make sure we got the images we wanted!.

The images were completed in a timely manner, I couldn’t recommend him enough.”

— Conservice

 The quality of his work has created a dramatic difference to our company headshots.

We highly recommend his services to all companies, large or small.”

— Nevoa Inc.

On Location Corporate Headshots for Teams Maricopa County, AZ