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Professional Headshot Photography in Phoenix

Our professional headshot services aim to capture unique moments in aesthetically beautiful ways that set you apart!

  • Over 25 Years of Expertise

  • Relaxed & Enjoyable Experience

  • Chosen by Over 5,000+ Satisfied Clients

  • Transparent Pricing: Only Invest in Your Favorites

Why Choose Us for Your Phoenix Headshot Photography?

In the heart of Phoenix, as a seasoned headshot photographer, I am devoted to crafting compelling and dynamic headshots for a diverse clientele that spans personal, corporate, and professional settings, both on and off-site.

Each portrait is meticulously designed to showcase the essence of your character and who you are, empowering you with images that resonate with self-assurance no matter  whether they’re for networking, personal mementos, or professional branding.

As a Phoenix-centered headshot expert, I’m dedicated to portraying both individuals and professionals in their best light. My commitment lies in capturing genuine expressions and moments that speak volumes. Each photograph is crafted with the aim of presenting an authentic version of you, bolstering your confidence every time you share it with peers, loved ones, or professional connections. Dive into my portfolio to witness the quality and precision that distinguishes my work. For me, anything less than exceptional is simply not an option.

I invite you to peruse my collection of portraits, where my dedication to photographic difference is evident. In my studio, ‘good’ is merely the starting point — I strive for the exceptional with you in mind every step of the way!

Headshot Photography in Phoenix

What is Included in the Headshot Session?

My fees include unlimited time to get your images right. During the session, you can have unlimited wardrobe changes and as much time as you need. You will be able to see your images in real-time during the session, and after the session, you and I will sit down while we go through each one individually and highlight your favorites. This is where you will be able to choose as few or as many images as you would like to be professionally retouched and sent back to you. Retouching is included in your headshot session at no additional cost.

I know how picky my clients are with their headshots which is why I use my 10+ years of experience and expression coaching to ensure your perfect headshot(s). I believe that headshots make a huge difference in careers and impressions and want you to look your best. My fees also include a quick turnaround time. You will have your image(s) delivered to you via email in just a few days and will be able to add them to your resume, online profiles, brochures, website, business cards, etc. immediately!

Getting professional headshots taken does not have to feel like a chore or a big project to you. I promise once you get in the studio, I will do everything to make the photography session comfortable and enjoyable for you. Before the session, I hear clients say “I hate getting my picture taken” or they felt “very tense and semi-annoyed walking into his [my] studio” all the time. I promise these feelings will change when you meet me. A lot of the time I am starstruck by what a natural you are in front of the camera!

I am fully invested in every single client and make sure that they get what they are paying for. With my passion for photography and expression coaching, I do not think you will find a photographer better than me. I limit my sessions during the week to make sure I do not become stressed and be forced to rush any sessions or images. I truly take my time with you before, during, and after the session.

Our Phoenix Clients Love Their Headshots!

Time and time again, our Phoenix clients rave about how their headshots from Duane Furlong Studios have exceeded their expectations. They’re thrilled with the way we’ve captured their confidence and professionalism, and how these headshots are opening doors for them.

Are You Dreading Getting Your Headshot?

Do you think you are awkward in front of the studio camera? Did you have your last corporate headshot years ago? Are you using a selfie on your LinkedIn profile? Do you say you are not photogenic?

Tech Industry Headshot

Let Me Show You How to Get Your Amazing Headshot!

You are photogenic, let me prove it to you. On LinkedIn, you need the best headshot for everyone to notice you as a business professional. When you have a headshot that is old, this doesn’t show the current you.

Being awkward will not stop you from getting a great professional portrait. Have fun during your photography session at the same time!

Headshot Photography Results 3

Phoenix Business Headshots Shouldn’t Be Uncomfortable

You’ll never feel uncomfortable during your Phoenix headshot session. My goal is to make sure you feel comfortable getting your headshot so the end result is that you feel and look great.

Individual Headshots

Expression coaching can make or break the impact of your professional headshots.

Reasons to Get Your Professional Headshots Today

  • If your last headshot was taken years ago, or you’re currently using a selfie on your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to update your photo
  • Don’t let fear of being “not photogenic” hold you back from booking a studio session. A skilled photographer can guide you through the process and help you be comfortable and achieve a headshot you feel confident and proud of
  • Putting off your headshot will only make you regret not having your photo taken sooner
Group 69

Professional Headshot Photography for Social Media: Boost Your Online Presence and Connections

  • I would be honored to help you create a professional and striking headshot for your social media profile(s).
  • I will work with you to capture the best angles of your current self, even if you’re camera-shy.
  • A great headshot is essential for making a positive first impression on potential connections.
  • We’ll make sure to have fun during the photography session.
  • With this session, you’ll not only gain more opportunities and connections but also have a better online presence for your career.
  • On LinkedIn, you need the best business headshot for everyone to notice you.
Group 52

Trust Duane Furlong to Do The Job Right

If you’re in the Valley and searching for a professional headshot photographer, trust Duane Furlong to do the job right. As a skilled portrait photographer, he will create a stunning professional headshot that meets all your business or personal needs.

With his exceptional photography expertise, you can be sure to receive a memorable experience and an amazing professional portrait.

Full Body Personal Branding Photography

Have You Been Miscalculating What Your Headshots Have Been Saying About You?

I have perfected the art of coaching my professional clients for expression. This is what makes the difference between a personal headshot that can move people to action and emotion as opposed to the flat photography we are seeing everywhere.

Group 68

Look Professional.
Look Remarkable.

Look Your Best
Looking your best in your business headshots helps improve your professional credibility. Show off your confidence and competence with a great headshot.

Be Authentic
My business portraits establish the authenticity that makes you approachable.

Be Memorable
A great headshot can make sure you are remembered and not overlooked when it comes to decision time in the work environment.

Image 75

Making a Great First Impression Couldn’t be Easier

Make better impressions and enhance your career with our Business headshots.

Step 1: Book your session now
Click “Book Now” to pick a time that best fits your schedule.

Step 2: Attend your portrait session
Attend your portrait session. We will take as many pictures as needed to get your look.

Step 3: Receive amazing images
After selecting and buying your favorite portraits.

On-Location Headshots

Create a powerful, cohesive, and personal brand image with on-location photography. Your corporate headshots should convey expertise and potential.

Whether you only have a few team members or hundreds of employees I can meet your calendar requirements when you book a corporate headshot package. If you have questions about pricing or are ready to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Corporate Business Photography
I’ll Help You Get The Headshot You Deserve!

Many people experience anxiety when having their headshots taken. I understand how anxious getting your photo session can make you feel. I’ll help you relax and bring out your personality, so you can be confident, comfortable and love your headshot.

Working with the right headshot photographer will make it easy for you to feel relaxed which will help you get the best headshots! I’ll guide you every step of the way through the headshot session. You’ll get the absolute perfect look, appearing more professional, and enhancing your career

Duane Furlong - Headshot Photographer

Who Do I Serve?


When getting your headshots you want to look your absolute best and build that new connection(s).

  • Dating Headshots
  • LinkedIn Headshots
  • Branding Headshots
  • Realtor Headshots
  • Staff Headshots
  • Board Headshots


Look authentic and confident so you can make that great first impression:

  • Doctor Headshots
  • Attorney Headshots
  • Real Estate Headshot
  • Executive Headshots
  • Business Headshots
  • Executive Portraits


You want to stand out from the others with your actor headshots.

  • Acting Headshots
  • Author Headshots
  • Model Headshots
  • Speaker Headshots
  • Actress Headshots

Benefits of Working With a Professional Headshot Photographer

People are amazed at how professional and confident they look after getting an updated business headshot. Having a professional headshot brings to light your character.

Having a professional headshot will show that you are approachable at work. Furthermore, potential clients, investors, and collaborators that do not know you personally will be more likely to meet you.

Experience the impact professional headshots can have on your career.

Benefit 1: A first impression

Your portraits are your introduction and first impression. It is important to make sure it is current. People feel disconnected from you upon first meeting if your appearance is older or different from your profile image.

Benefit 2: Shows your value

Having a professional headshot is a great investment in yourself and your career. In fact, recruiters, potential employers, clients, and important contacts will take a closer look when you have a professional image.

Benefit 3: Sets you apart

An expert photographer will set you apart from your competitors, especially in Scottsdale. A professional image is your best chance to make an instant and positive first impression. Do not waste this opportunity.

Experience a Great Headshot Session!

Having fun during your portrait session is the name of the game! I will dig in with you to understand your goals in order to get the right shots for your brand and business. With the fusion of your unique presence and my extensive photography experience, we will bring out the look that you love in your headshot.

Impactful images open doors and new opportunities for your career or personal life, no matter what your goals are. Invest in yourself and experience the difference today with your professional headshots.

We offer information right here to help you ensure you’ve chosen the right colors with all professional headshot bookings with Duane Furlong Studios.

Entrepreneur Headshots ranked Duane Furlong Studios as one of the Top Portrait Photographers in Phoenix, AZ in 2022

My mission is to make certain that you don’t get lost in the crowd with my exclusive methods and coaching. This will immediately set you apart from the jam-packed pages on the internet.
Building trust and connection is exactly what a great headshot and branded photoshoot in Scottsdale can do for you. Harness your potential with a photograph, and make the impact at work you were intended to make.

Full Body Personal Branding Photography

Questions & Answers About Headshot Photography

We get a lot of questions, and we’re here to answer all of yours! If there is anything we haven’t covered about our process, please contact us today for more information!

When do I receive my headshots?

You will receive the retouched images within 3-5 days after your photography session.

How do I prepare for my session?

I will send out some tips and tricks for your headshots a few days before so you can be fully prepared. Some tips would be to get a good night’s sleep the night before and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Where is your studio?

Our studio is located at 8601 E. Palo Verde Dr. Phoenix adn can be easily accessed from the 101. We also provide mobile and onsite photography as needed!

What if I’m not photogenic?

I will help you be the best you can be and my tips and tricks will bring out the best expressions, so don’t worry about the photos or your headshot session!

Can I select the background?

I have a few options, such as white and gray, and a selection of canvases. I provide images for all the choices I have so you can have the best selection possible.

Do you photograph groups?

Yes, I do! Just provide me with the details, and I can get you a quote on the costs involved. The cost will vary based on the number of people in your group.

Can you come to our office?

Yes I can! I will bring my mobile studio to you and provide you fluid images so the entire staff will have consistent images.

What does image retouching mean?

When images are retouched, I do blemish removal, remove the lights from the image, color correction, and any other minor issues. Image retouching is included in the cost of your session and no additional fee will be charged.

More Questions? Please Contact Us Today!
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