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Have you hired professionals in the past that have taken your employee headshots, only to have them all look a bit different?  While we understand that each employee will look different, the lighting, angle, and overall look of all the staff headshots should be consistent.  If you are a professional company that has your employees listed on your website, having them all appear similar improves the overall appearance of your site. If you are looking for Scottsdale or Phoenix headshots we can help. 

While many photographers take corporate headshots in Scottsdale, very few specialize in it.  Duane Furlong Studios is known for our work with staff headshots for companies all over the Phoenix Metro area.

We can take your company headshots on location in your office or you can bring your staff to our Scottsdale studio. We do not use natural lighting as it’s difficult to replicate should you have a new employee start and it also can change from one moment to the next.

If you’re looking for a professional photographer to take the best corporate headshots of your employees, you’ve come to the right place! You can read more about our pricing and use our online session scheduler to book your appointment.

We also take personal branding headshots, professional industry (ie. physician) headshots, and actor headshots

Corporate Headshot Scottsdale AZ - Ashley Savage
“I can’t stop looking at my new business pictures!

I was nervous going in and from Duane’s friendly and professional environment I was confident when I left. I highly recommend him for your business or professional needs.”

— Ashley Savage


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Employee Headshot Lighting

Our lighting is the same whether you come to us or we come to you.  We have dedicated instruments that will measure the lighting to determine that we have it exactly as we did from one shot to the next.  This is also important as we record the lighting levels and use them when you have a new employee join the team.  Employees come and go and we understand that this is an ongoing thing.  That’s why we have a system set in place so that everyone’s faces are at a certain angle, the lighting is just so, and a backdrop.  We will use a backdrop for your headshots again, that is the same whether in the office or in the studio.  We understand that having this look across the board makes your company more trustworthy and professional.

Take Your Time Hiring Your Corporate Photographer

We take the time to ensure that everything is the same and correct. There are standards that we have put in place to ensure this.  We also record this information for the future, should you need a new employee’s headshot done.  Don’t hire someone based on cost but look at their quality before you decide. Doing your due diligence is important to understand that you have indeed hired someone that is capable of the quality that you are expecting.

While you might think simple company headshots wouldn’t be that complex, they really are.  There is a technique involved to ensure that the look is repeatable and uniform for each and every person.  If you are looking for headshots you need to ensure that you have the experts.  Beginners have their place in the photography world, we all have to start somewhere.  However, for large companies that want a professional look, you need a photography expert.

We hope that you have enjoyed our information on corporate headshots in Scottsdale AZ. If you need professional headshots in PhoenixTempeMesa, Scottsdale, or anywhere in the Phoenix Metro area, please give us a call!

How Does The Process Work?

I create an exclusive booking page that makes it very easy to schedule.

I can bring the studio to your office or you can come to us.

Each person is assisted in getting the best expression, then we pick out the best image.

Images are delivered within 10 days upon final payment.


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