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Creative Corporate Headshots

| Duane Furlong |


Creative Corporate Headshots

What are creative headshots?

If you have landed on this blog, you’re probably looking to have headshots taken that aren’t your typical kind of headshot. A more creative type of headshot still shows professionalism but is used more often by innovators, writers, designers, etc. Creative headshots are more geared toward people who express their creativity in their day-to-day careers.

If you are a creative individual, the right photographer can help you promote that side of your work. This can advance your career and lead to more sales/connections/clients!

The more typical professional headshot may look more serious and professional than friendly and creative. If you decide to have more creative headshots taken, your images will be more interesting!

How a creative headshot differs from a business headshot:

  1. In a regular business headshot, I, as a photographer use my lighting in a certain way where there is no shadows on your face. This changes when I take more creative headshots because if I incorporate the right kind of shadow, it can make the image look edgier.
  2. The typical background colors are white, grey, black, etc. We take this to the next level and explore all the fun backdrops during a creative headshot session. Based on what you’re already wearing and how creative you want the headshots to be, we work together to find what is best for you.
  3. As someone who specializes in expression coaching, the expression coaching I give people during a creative headshot session is extremely different. I bring out your creativeness through your eyes and smile and the difference is crazy!

I absolutely recommend having creative headshots taken if they are right for you. You know yourself better than anyone. I tell my clients that if they use their creativity to effectively do their job, creative headshots are most likely a good fit for them.  

The importance of choosing the right headshot for you

Before I say anything, I want to mention that if you are unsure, get both. There is nothing wrong with getting one business headshot and one creative headshot. In the long run you’ll probably want to have both anyway because they can benefit you in different ways.

If you are only looking to get one type of headshot, I recommend reading this first.

The kind of headshot you choose for yourself should reflect how your clients would see you at work. What I mean by that is don’t wear a suit for your headshot if that’s not how a real client would see you or meet you at work. You don’t want to be misleading which is why you should wear what you would wear to work when meeting a client for the first time. When you come into the studio and I can get more of a feel of your type of work, we can then work together to decide on backdrops, poses, props, etc. I want your images to represent the real you!

What do you wear for creative headshots?

As I previously mentioned, you should wear what you would wear when meeting a client for the first time. What you should wear depends on your work’s theme and where you want to use the photo. In general, I recommend wearing solid colors and steering away from complex patterns. This does not mean that you can’t bring in something unique and I even recommend doing that!

Choosing the right outfit can be difficult and a lot of my clients struggle with it. If that is the case for you just let me know and I can provide you my professional guidance!

How do you pose during the shoot?

I truly get so many clients to come into the studio for their session stressed because they are rarely in front of the camera and don’t know what to do. I immediately tell them they are being silly because it’s not their job to know what to do. It’s my job to make you feel comfortable and use my experience and knowledge to land the best headshots for your needs.

During a creative headshot session, the poses become more interesting. You will not be posed straight in front of the camera like a typical headshot, but if you want those, we can do that too! We will focus on head tilts and different kinds of poses throughout the shoot.

Do you need creative headshots for you or your company?

I offer professional creative headshots, creative business portraits, and creative corporate photography throughout Arizona.


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