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What is Branding Photography?

| Duane Furlong |


What is Branding Photography?

Taking your message, your colors, and your personality into a photo shoot that will grab your clients’ attention and influence their decision in working with you. That is branding photography. You can think of it as photography for your brand; not necessarily for yourself. That’s what headshots are for!

The average businessman or businesswoman may not know the importance of branding photography. This is especially true if you are in a business where you are not your whole brand.  Real estate agents for example are familiar with branding photographers because they are trying to promote themselves. What many don’t know is that branding photography could benefit everyone. Branding photography could be the difference in transforming your brand It doesn’t matter what industry you are in; you could benefit from having branding images taken of you. Let this be your reason to shine!

How Important is Branding Photography?

So what’s the difference? Do you really need to spend money on branding photography?

Well, having branding photography done will be one of the main reasons you stand out from the crowd. It shows you care, it shows professionalism, and most importantly, it shows what you are representing! Branding photography allows you to show the world what makes your business YOUR business. You are the only person who can create this for your business, your followers, and your clients. In the end you will not regret you did.

You may be thinking “Why can’t I just focus extra hard on my marketing?” Well, you could, but it wouldn’t make up for not getting branding images done. They are unique and will seriously make you and your brand stand out. Your headshots and your branding images are your first impression to your clients, and I tell people this all the time. Especially with how important social media is in our day-to-day lives, there is a good chance someone has already peaked at your social media profile(s) before physically meeting you. I am sure you are guilty of it too! That said, don’t you want your first impression to convey the message you are trying to build and send to people all around the world? Of course, you do. In the same way that you judge others by their poor or high-quality social media profiles, they do the same to you!

How can I make my branding photoshoot the most effective?

  1. Although the photoshoot will be fun and you’ll want to try all the poses and all the outfits, you need to make sure you are staying true to your brand. The energy that will portray through the image should be the energy that you use when branding your business, meaning the overall mood, colors, website, and design.
  2. You are welcome to include props in your branding session and I even encourage it! Do you do a lot of work from your computer? Bring it! You want to showcase the passion you have for working, so you are welcome to bring any props of your choice. I have props in my studio that could be to your benefit as well. Any photographer that does branding session should have the same at theirs as well.
  3. After your session, use your branding images everywhere! They should go on your website, business card, advertisements, social media, etc.!
  4. Schedule your shoot for when you are focused on building your website and your presence on social media. Having a lot (and the right kind) of content on your business platforms will ensure the right professionalism and credibility that you were hoping for.


Why should invest in a professional to take my branding images?

Photographers like me, who specialize in facial expression is the kind of photographer you want to take your images. Besides image quality, lighting, and retouching which all play a huge factor in the final image, the facial expression is definitely something you won’t get from your friend taking your images. Also, professional photographers know how to pose and use props if you decide to. The images should reflect the hard-working and displaced businessman or businesswoman that you are.


Do you need personal branding photography?

I offer professional branding photography, environmental branding photography, and corporate/ team branding photography throughout Arizona.


Phone: 480.201.7204


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