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Creative Corporate Group Photo Ideas

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Creative Corporate Group Photo Ideas

Most companies understand the value of social media in driving brand awareness. To paint the picture of what your organization stands for, it’s important to use photographs; with so many companies using social media, you need to stand out from the crowd–thus, the need for professional, eye-catching corporate photographs. Here are a few creative ideas for getting fantastic corporate group photos:



Headshots are a type of photo in which only the upper body is visible. There are many possibilities when it comes to headshots because they can be taken in various ways, including aerial views. When searching for the perfect photography studio in Phoenix, make sure to find a professional headshot photographer with experience in taking corporate photos.

Casual Candid

One trend that has gained traction over the years for businesses is taking candid photographs that show the subject in a natural, un-posed state. These are particularly helpful in showing the workplace in a good light when employees are in their work environment. The pictures can be taken when employees work at their desks, during breaks, or when conversing during meetings.

Event Photography

Event photography is a good way to showcase teamwork and camaraderie in an organization. These photos can be taken during company retreats, workshops, or interviews. Event photography helps capture the emotions of employees when they applaud, smile, or laugh in a group setting, portraying a natural sense of community and belonging.

Group Portrait

Portraits aren’t just reserved for individuals–taking corporate group portraits is a wonderful way to show a unified company with professionalism. These photos can be displayed in the office, as well as on company websites, brochures, social media, and business cards.

Tips for Taking the Best Group Photographs

Many considerations go into capturing a great photograph, but factor in a group of people and you may find it hard to coordinate everything for the right photo. Thankfully, we’ve put together some tips for taking the best possible corporate group photographs:


Because the primary goal is to increase brand awareness, all employees must be dressed in formal attire. When it comes to color, less is more. Employees should be advised to come adorned in neutral colors, such as black or gray, which communicates professionalism. They should also consider simple, professional accessories, such as watches or earrings for women; for men, a matching belt and watch are always a safe bet.


Although proper attire is key, it’s equally important to groom appropriately. Everyone’s hair should be styled appropriately and neatly, and men shouldn’t forget to trim or shave their facial hair.

Photo Posing

Good posing helps bring an element of realness to a group photo. Thankfully, the photographer will do most of the work here, and help groups looking natural and relaxed, even when folks may not be great at posing.


If the photographs are taken at the workplace, there are limitless choices for props that will help a group photo stand out–these can include computers, newspapers, work desks, phones, or whatever else may make sense for a particular company showing off its professionalism.


There are many creative corporate photo ideas you can try out, but regardless of what your company chooses, be sure everyone shows up dressed well, groomed properly, and with a great attitude. Arguably, the most important factor that determines the success of a corporate group photo is choosing a qualified professional, such as those at Phoenix’s very own Duane Furlong Studios!

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