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Women’s Business Headshots

Women’s Business Headshots

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Women’s Business Headshots

Female business headshots are important for business branding, especially when creating a website. Having a professional headshot that sets you apart from the rest is a great place to start in helping build your ideal brand–it’s also a great way to portray the professionalism of the organization you work for and what it stands for.

If you’re looking for a professional headshot photographer near you in Phoenix, we’ve got covered! But first, let’s take a look at why business headshots are important, and how you can make sure you have a successful headshot shoot.


Impact of Professional Headshots on Success

Of course, getting clients is important–but attracting the right ones is vital. By having a headshot that portrays your intended message, you’re more likely to excel in your field by getting referrals. It’s crucial to carry the same message across all your social media pages. 

Tips for Professional Headshots

After you’ve decided that a professional headshot is what you need for your personal or business branding, the next step is to take the headshot. It might seem simple, especially because everyone has access to a camera thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, but here are a few ways to really ensure you have photos that convey professionalism:

Work With a Professional

Experience doesn’t lie–working with a professional can help you be sure you get the best possible headshot. It’s not a matter of walking to the first person or company you come across; you should research the photographer and look beyond their headshot portfolio to determine whether you should hire them.

Personal Branding

Before taking professional headshots, the most important thing is to think about the message and look you want to convey. Do you want to be formal or casual? Trustworthy or authoritative? You can discuss ideas with your photographer and they can give you advice on the best way to portray this through your headshot.


Come prepared for your professional headshot session as this can show in the final product. Some ways to prepare include getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, choosing the right outfit, and arriving on time to ensure the photos are taken without rushing.


It’s often said you should dress the way you want to be addressed, and this is also true for professional headshots. In terms of color, less is more–it’s best to choose simple tones, like black or gray, or power colors, like blue and red.

It would be best to avoid bold, bright colors, such as pink and yellow, which can portray playfulness and work against your favor if you’re going for a formal look. Here are a few more clothing tips for female professional headshots:

  • Avoid low-cut tops and spaghetti straps
  • Avoid clothes with a high neckline, such as turtlenecks


If you have a flexible budget to work with, you should consider hiring a hairstylist to get your hair camera-ready. If the stylist can come to the session with you, you can take different photographs while they alter the look as needed. This will help you get a variety of looks to more easily choose the right photos for your different social channels, website, or business card.


A makeup artist can come in handy during a professional headshot session as they know exactly how to get your face perfectly ready for bright lights and a camera. It’s recommended to go for a natural or simple classic look; it can also help to avoid products that shine or shimmer.


When preparing for your headshots, make sure you pick the best clothing, makeup, and hair style that shows your professionalism and brand. Don’t forget to get plenty of rest the day before and show up on time the day of the photoshoot to ensure you have plenty of time to take different headshots. With a little confidence and collaboration with a reputable studio or professional, you’re bound to have a product that you’re proud of. 

Ready for your Phoenix, Arizona headshot session, or looking for creative ideas for corporate group photos? At Duane Furlong Studios, we’re ready to help!


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