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How a Personal Branding Session Is Different Than a Headshot

How a Personal Branding Session Is Different Than a Headshot

| Duane Furlong |

How a Personal Branding Session Is Different Than a Headshot

While business headshots and branding photography sessions might appear similar on the surface, there are key differences between the two. Below, we’ve covered in detail the distinct characteristics of both, as well as tips on how to determine which is right for you.

What Are Business Headshots?

Business headshots are a type of portrait photo typically used for business websites, business cards, LinkedIn profiles, and press releases. They are great for company and corporate profiles and serve as the perfect profile picture for social media channels or about pages on business websites. 


One well-taken headshot can be enough to help clients, customers, and prospective partners put a face to the name. They can also give the viewer a hint of the person’s personality and help make an excellent first impression. 


The main difference between personal branding photography and business headshots is the time and effort it takes for each. Headshot photoshoots are generally a lot more straightforward and quicker than personal branding sessions. Typically, there will be only one backdrop and shooting location, and only the top half (up to the shoulders) is photographed.


In other words, business headshots involve a more targeted and straightforward photoshoot and are ideal for people looking for an impactful image to represent them in a corporate setting.

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What Are Personal Branding Sessions?

Personal branding photography is a relatively newer form of visual branding that savvy business owners worldwide are taking advantage of to portray themselves in the best light. A personal branding photography session is very different from a typical headshot session in many ways. 


With headshots, the focus of the image is solely on the person, but personal branding photographs focus on delving deeper into who you are and telling the story of what you do with photography. 


Personal branding photographs can be of any type–detail shots, lifestyle shots, photos of you with your brand logo, you at work, you with your products, and so on. The possibilities are endless, and each can be customized specifically to reflect the type of business you run and what you want to convey about your brand through images. 


For example, you have the freedom to work with the photographer and play around with locations, branding colors, outfits, and props that you feel represent your brand best. The pre-shoot experience is also more involved, and you’ll likely have multiple conversations with the photographer to discuss how to best translate your brand ethos into images that can represent you in advertising, social media, and your brand website. 


One important thing to understand is that you will be investing a lot more of your time in personal branding sessions simply because of the extra time required for planning, consulting, and shooting. The additional time is very worth it, however, because you’ll be getting a wide variety of images that are genuinely representative of the work you have put into building your brand and what you hope to do with it. 

Which One Is Right for You?

If you’re still unsure how to decide between the convenience of a headshot or the customizability of a personal branding session, it’s essential to identify what exactly you’ll be using the image for. Generally, a personal branding session is the best option if: 


  • You are the face of your brand and want to represent your story through the image 
  • You are looking to use good photography to build a personal brand
  • You want your ads to look polished and professional but also have personality 
  • You want to spice up your visual branding and stand out from competitors


On the other hand, if you only need a good, professionally-taken image of yourself for your brand website or business card, then a quick headshot session will work just fine.


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