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How Does Good Photography Build Your Brand?

| Duane Furlong |

How Does Good Photography Build Your Brand?

Did you know our brain processes an image 60,000 times faster than text? This explains why brand builders put so much emphasis on creating visual content for their campaigns. 


The eye is considered to be the key to communication. If you want to convey a message to your target audience, focus on good photography. And by good, we mean high-quality, professional images. 


Here are some ways in which good photography builds your brand.

Showcases You in the Best Light

It doesn’t matter whether you are building your personal brand on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. All platforms demand a profile picture. 


Now, you can set any selfie or random image as your profile picture. But will that look appealing to potential recruiters, followers, and collaborators? Probably not!


On the other hand, a professional headshot or good personal brand photography can give your audience an excellent first impression about you. As soon as someone lands on your profile, they will know what your best version looks like. In addition, most people will instantly develop trust when they see good photography on your profiles and will be prompted to follow you immediately. 

Increases Your Post Engagement

It is proven that images drive more engagement than any other content format–even stock photos generate 650% more engagement than text-only posts. And if you get a bit strategic with your visual content and choose good photography–like branding images–people will be 80% more likely to read your post.


What does this mean for your brand? Greater post engagement and brand awareness as a result. Keep in mind that there are more than four billion users randomly scrolling online, searching for something interesting. So, if you can get more people to actually stop and read your posts using good visuals, you can spread more brand awareness.

Develops Your Brand’s Personality 

Images are static, but they hold the potential to tell a story. A professional photographer will often use things like backgrounds, props, strategic lighting, and camera angle to achieve that. When used properly, this can be helpful in developing your brand personality.


Plus, if you plan to change the style of your brand in the future, good photography will be a great asset in that case, too. You can use it to alter the image of your brand in your customers’ minds. 

Helps You Stand Out 

A brand can only stand out from the competition when its unique selling points are highlighted or when its owners do something unique. This can be done by:


  • Working with a good personal branding photographer to showcase what you’re all about (for personal brands)
  • Taking pictures with your USPs in focus (for a product or service-based companies)
  • Uploading positive testimonials about your USPs


All of these ways reinforce the reasons why people should choose your brand over others and can be executed with the help of a good photography company.

Establishes Trust and Increases Revenue

Professional photography builds the credibility of your brand. It shows that you are ready to invest in your business and take branding seriously; it also reflects that you care about the reputation of your brand.


For potential recruiters, partners, and customers, this is a positive indicator. This means they will develop trust in your brand and will be more likely to do business with you, leading to a greater revenue. The income you generate can then be further utilized to grow your brand.

Final Thoughts 

All in all, good photography is an essential marketing tool for a successful brand. It doesn’t matter whether you are building a personal brand or a service-based brand. Well-taken pictures from a reliable photographer like Duane Furlong are necessary to convey your message to the ideal customer. 

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