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How to Take Corporate Head

How to Take Corporate Head

| Duane Furlong |

How to Take Corporate Headshots

Demand for corporate headshots has been on the rise as more and more professions require them—from a classic photo for a company website to modern headshots for real estate agents, working with a professional headshot photographer has become nearly standard practice for some people. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, and your headshot is your first introduction to many potential clients.

What Should a LinkedIn Photo Look Like?

The right LinkedIn photo is crucial to presenting a good impression and personality–this means that you have to find the perfect outfit for your LinkedIn headshot. A corporate shot is different from a wedding or fashion photoshoot, meaning it has to be simple and formal with no elaborate poses. Here’s how your photo should appear:

  • Your face should fill the majority of the frame.
  • The image should look real.
  • There should only be one person in the photo.
  • The subject should have a confident, genuine, and friendly expression.
  • The subject should dress for the occasion by wearing what they would wear to the job.

How Is a Corporate Headshot Different From a Common Photo?

A corporate photo is not different from a standard headshot when it comes to composition. The objective differs, however—a corporate headshot aims to show professionalism, and a solid photographer will be able to make sure this happens.

Steps of Taking a Professional Headshot Photo

Before you start, research the kind of photo you need. Here are a few steps to help you get satisfactory results:

Choose an Indoor Location With Good Lighting

One of the best places for photographing a headshot is indoors. The subject should stand away from direct sunlight in front of a solid backdrop color. It can be hard to get good lighting, so it is crucial to look for the right place; if you don’t want to shoot indoors, outdoors can work as long as you choose a backdrop that makes it look like a professional photography studio. 

Simple Backdrop

Because this is a professional headshot, the background should be simple. The focus is on the subject, and a busy background can distract the viewer from the subject.

Camera Height

While taking a headshot, the height of the camera should be on eye or nose level or just a little higher than eye level—higher or lower, and the subject could appear even slightly distorted.

Take Several Shots

Your photographer should take several shots so that you have multiple options to choose from. Be sure they take multiple headshots of one pose from different angles to avoid issues of focus or the subject blinking.

Lean In

This is a casual and comfortable posture for most subjects, especially at the beginning of the session to get them used to the camera. Try sitting and leaning towards the camera and resting your chin in your palm or on yourfist.

Of course, an experienced and professional Phoenix photographer at Duane Furlong Studios can help you achieve your corporate headshot goals, and will take all of these aspects into account so you don’t have to! We’ll make sure you feel at ease and look as professional as possible, no matter how comfortable you may be in front of the camera.


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