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What to Wear For a LinkedIn Headshot

What to Wear For a LinkedIn Headshot

| Duane Furlong |

What to Wear For a LinkedIn Headshot

A proper headshot is vital to improving your business and personal brand—it portrays that you’re trustworthy, confident, and professional, and it can help attract more clients. Preparing well for your headshot portrait will help you enjoy the session and feel satisfied with the results. If you’re doing it yourself, you need to learn about the best way to take a corporate headshot, including what clothes to wear and how to style your hair. If you decide to invest in professional headshots from a Phoenix, Arizona photography studio, consulting your photographer in advance will help you feel relaxed and confident, which can have a big impact on the photos.

If you’re a real estate agent–you are in the business of relationships, and the best way to market yourself is by having modern realtor headshots–so be sure you do it right.

Wear Well-Fitting Clothes

Baggy clothing may feel comfortable, but it rarely looks good in photographs. Larger clothes can add bulk up and make you appear heavier than you are, and tight clothing can be equally unflattering on the other side of the lens. Wear clothes that fit you well and compliment your body.

Think About the Use of the Photo

Corporate portraits have specific functions. Be aware of your viewers, where the picture will be used, and, if you’re trying to attract clients, what clients you are appealing to. Match your presentation to your target audience.

How Men Should Wear

Men can relax their dressing a bit by avoiding a formal business suit, unless the man in question dresses like that daily at work. Choose plain colored clothes with no stripes, or consider the classy look of a suit jacket with a shirt and no tie. 

How Women Should Wear

Women should wear plain, solid color attire that makes them feel great. Do not wear anything sleeveless or too revealing. You can put on a dress, jacket, sweater, or blouse, as long as your attire is free from stripes or prints. 


Colors can convey different meanings and impact our moods and energy. Wear colors that display the message and energy you want to communicate to potential clients. If you’re unsure, neutrals are always a safe bet.


In terms of body language, the shape of your shoulders can show your ability to handle responsibilities—if they appear square, you may be perceived as a reliable person. However, wearing a jacket or not depends on the message you want to convey. If you want to be seen as capable of leading a team and handling a project, you might want to choose a jacket. If you want to prioritize being seen as friendly, skip the jacket altogether.


Necklines should not be an overwhelming consideration for your wardrobe plan. Consider what you want to convey to your viewers and what you feel is flattering to you. Necklines are interpreted differently depending on what people see—a low-cut top could mean you are comfortable with your body and position, but it could also be seen as unprofessional. If you have broad shoulders, consider a v-neck or a cut that breaks up your torso lines.

Should I Wear Glasses?

If you wear glasses, keep them on for your headshot—if people are used to seeing you with them on, it can look strange to see you without them. If you’re taking your headshots yourself, make sure you’re aware of possible reflection in your lenses.

With these tips, you’ll have fantastic headshots in no time. And remember, if you change your look, update your photographs so your online presence reflects who you are. 

Ready to take the leap with an experienced, professional Phoenix photographer? Reach out to us at Duane Furlong Studios today–we’re ready to help!

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