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Modern Realtor Headshots

Modern Realtor Headshots

| Duane Furlong |

Modern Realtor Headshots

Real estate agents meet and interact with many clients on social media and property listing websites, so their headshot is often their first impression. Having a high-quality professional photo that shows who you are and what you stand for is important. It’s not easy though—you have to find the perfect outfit for your LinkedIn headshot, find a way to seem both approachable and professional, and decide if you need to find a professional headshot photographer in your area.

In this article, we’ll talk about why headshots matter, and how to get the one that’s right for you–right here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Why Modern Realtor Headshots Matter

Help Clients Easily Find You

Although you may strive to build relationships in person, most people use the internet to find their homes. Maintaining an online presence with quality headshots will increase the chances of attracting more clients.

The First Impression Is Vital

Most clients judge your trustworthiness and likability by looking at your professional photograph. Good first impressions will help achieve long-term relationships with the customers.

How to Get the Best Realtor Headshots

Check Other Realtor Headshots

Many people don’t get comfortable in front of the camera–if you don’t feel ready for your shoot, check out other realtors’ photos for inspiration. Although headshots are meant to be simple and keep the focus on you, looking at other realtors’ professional photos will help you get some ideas for poses, hairstyles, backgrounds, and expressions. By looking at a variety of choices, you can see what’s standard and find your own style, and discuss ideas with your photographer.

Dress Well

When planning to dress for your headshot, dress like you would be attending your first meeting with an important client. If you are a commercial real estate agent, a tie and a suit might work well; a button-down shirt and jeans might look good for residential real estate agents. Dressing in an outfit that displays your confidence and represents your clients is vital.

Women can consider feminine headshots for female executives, but all genders should avoid brightly colored, patterned, or ill-fitting clothing. 

Power Pose

How you feel will be displayed in your photos; therefore, do all you can to boost your confidence. Even if one of your most important deals fell on the morning of your shoot, you can boost your confidence with power poses. Raise your arms above your head for a minute to boost your sense of power and hype yourself up. It can also help to think about what pose you want photographed before you get to the shoot—if your photographer helps you pose, you may feel uncomfortable with the posture.

Hire A Professional 

Hiring a professional photographer can help you get satisfactory results. There are many factors that affect the quality of a photograph, so if you choose to work with a local Phoenix headshot photographer, make sure you check their work for skillful lighting and good poses.


When considering your background, make sure it doesn’t have distrating features that could prevent viewers from focusing on the subject—solid, neutral colors are usually best, especially when used with small photos that will appear online.


When you smile in your photo, it conveys trustworthiness, and though it doesn’t truly determine your competence, many clients prefer to hire people who look happy.

Regularly Update Headshots

Updating your headshot regularly is crucial to getting clients and building relationships with them. Customers believe in those who look like their photos, so be sure you at least update your photos when you change your hairstyle, lose or gain weight, or move to another firm. 

Build relationships and scale your realtor business by getting modern realtor headshots at Duane Furlong Studios, right here in Phoenix. We’ll help make the process simple and provide fantastic headshots that will be an effective way of increasing visibility and influencing your brand across online and print.

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