When meeting somebody for the first time, most people will Google about the said person to get an idea of who they are and what they do. Most first impressions come from online headshots. Headshots are a promotional tool for your brand. For business owners, having the right headshot will help lure potential customers into reading your bio and learning more about what makes your business, product or service unique. However, customers will not want to read on or take you seriously if you do not have a good headshot or lack a profile picture.

Headshots are a fairly specialized form of portraiture. What makes a good headshot is a subjective question and varies from person to person. The idea of a professional headshot has changed a lot over the years. Initially, headshots were strictly standard. However, based on most people’s current online profile photos, headshots are a lot more personal as people try to get a bit of their personality to come out.

The Importance of Professional Headshots on Social Media Profiles

People tend to make judgments based on appearance. It is crucial to have a professionally taken headshot on your business’ social media profile, especially when you do not have a logo.

A headshot will help convey your professionalism to people who do not yet know you. Professional headshots will ensure that people take you seriously.

A headshot is a way of portraying your character to people. Various facial expressions will help a person understand a little about you. Smiling from ear to ear usually expresses that you are a fun, approachable and outgoing person, while a serious look will show that you are determined and driven. Both expressions are great options. Choose a look depending on what you want to portray to your potential clients.

A headshot can be a great reminder to people who have met you in the past. A nice close-up headshot leaves no room for guessing. People who are not new to you will be able to recognize you right away. However, ensure you update your headshot often to show people what you look like right now because your face will go through many changes over time.

What Makes a Good Headshot?

A classic headshot features the face and shoulders, usually with neutral and non-distracting clothing choices. Typically, you will have your head and shoulders straight into the camera and possibly a little turned away but not too far to give a mannered vibe. Headshots are almost always 10×8 inches. This size gives a good close-up portrait of the face while still giving a bit of body shape.

Modern headshots differ slightly from classic headshots: The difference between the two lies in the eyes, which are a crucial part of modern headshots. When evaluating a good headshot, always look for the catch-light in the eyes, which makes the eyes sparkle and conveys that you have an active thought.

Doing everything right is not enough if you do not present the right image of yourself or your business to potential clients. The most important part when creating a quality professional headshot is choosing the right photographer. Photography is an art: Like any other form of art, some people are fantastic at it while others are not so good.  A good headshot photographer is one who pays attention to the tiny details. You should clearly describe to your photographer the purpose of your headshot so that they can determine the ideal type; professional, business or corporate that will serve your needs.

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