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Scottsdale Headshot Photography Studio Tour

Hi! You’ve arrived for your personal tour of the Duane Furlong Headshot Photography Studio – right here in sunny Scottsdale, AZ.

We’ll show you around our setup attached to Duane’s home, we’ll have already pointed you towards our posts with tips and pointers on how to dress, and what makeup will flatter you best for these types of photos.  You’ll get a chance to see all of our lighting and camera setups – and we’ll give you some last-minute instructions on how the day will go.

The Night Before your Shoot

Your photoshoot actually starts before you even arrive.  Get some great rest the night before your headshot photoshoot.  No amount of lighting and makeup can completely eliminate tired eyes and skin.  It’s also important to be hydrated before your shoot. Hydrated skin is supple and glows nicely in photographs.  As we’re focusing on your face, fresh skin that is supple and glowing can make a big difference.  Duane will do retouching, so if you have a blemish or feature you’d like smoother, let’s talk about it when you arrive, don’t stress out about it.

The last element to consider before you arrive is the need for a positive attitude.  Your “vibe” will be conveyed through your photographs.  Even if you’re apprehensive about having your photo taken, Duane is an expert at helping you relax, capturing your best features, knowing how to pose, and if there are some small imperfections? That’s what post-editing is for!

Arriving at the Studio

Because our studio is attached to Duane’s home, you’ll be pulling into our driveway when you arrive.  Come around the side and knock on the studio door.  Duane will greet you and show you along the way into our space.  We schedule 1 hour for your session, but our goal is to make you comfortable – so let’s take the time to visit and discuss your goals, talk about wardrobe and lighting, and overall ensure your experience is fun and productive.

Changing/Prep Space

We have a space set aside for all customers to change as well as good lighting and a mirror for last-minute tweaks to hair and makeup.  We are committed to having a safe space for you to prepare and participate in your photoshoot. If you ever feel uncomfortable, please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to alleviate any issues.  If you’d like to bring one friend along for moral/wardrobe/makeup support, we’re happy to accommodate.

Duane is vaccinated, and will absolutely wear a mask during our session if you prefer – just ask and we’ll work out the details.

Setting Up

Once your hair, wardrobe, and makeup are done for your first setup – Duane will make some adjustments to the lighting and shoot a few test shots – he’ll then discuss tweaks that may help with achieving the best images possible for your session.

The Actual Shoot

Duane will capture many images during your headshot session. You can change your wardrobe up as well – our goal here is to find some headshots that you’re 150% happy with as the end product.  We’ll try out a number of different posts, lighting setups, and angles designed to bring out your best.

Post-Shoot Information

Once we’re all done, Duane will get to work on editing your photos. He’ll provide you with photos a few days after the shoot. These will be digital copies and you can download and use them where you like.

We hope to see you in our Scottsdale photo studio soon. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Duane is happy to help.  If you’re ready to book, use the form below to get started!

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What our Happy Clients have to say on Google

I was nervous going in, but Duane made the process fun, easy and very comfortable! The photos came out AMAZING!

-Janvier D.


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Studio Location

8601 E Palo Verde Drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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