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Conference Headshots | Event Headshot Booth Nationwide

Add Incredible Value For Your Next Conference Or Event With Our Event Photography Headshots


Headshot Booth Onsite At Event Centers 

At Duane Furlong Studios, we transform your conference or trade show booth into a center of attention, attracting increased foot traffic and generating valuable leads across the US, including major event locations like Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Our professional headshot services not only boost your booth’s appeal but also initiate conversations, making your company more memorable and engaging for attendees. Offering headshots at your booth guarantees a high return on investment by positioning your brand as personable and engaging.

With our expertise in headshot at expo events, we provide onsite photo selection, integrated lead capture, and a branded viewing gallery, ensuring a seamless and effective experience.

Let us elevate your booth experience and make it the highlight of the next conference!

✔️ Consistent Headshots
Ensure uniformity across any size group.
✔️ Private Galleries
Each participant receives an individual gallery.
✔️ Lead Generation
Collect valuable data and generate a lead list.
✔️ Zero Admin Work
We handle everything, so you don’t have to.

✔️Uniform Headshots 
Ensure uniformity across any size group.
✔️ Personalized Galleries
Each participant receives an individual gallery.
✔️ Generate Leads
Collect valuable data and generate a lead list.
✔️ Streamlined Process
We handle everything, so you don’t have to.

“Cannot recommend him and his team enough!”

My organization used Duane Furlong Studios for a headshot station and event photography at a medium-scale event (175+ attendees) and he was incredible. Not only was the work extremely high quality, but he was a pleasure to work with before, during, and after the event. Cannot recommend him and his team enough!
Gabe Morris: Analyst – Inclusion Partnerships & Events AMEX

Conference Headshot Booth Fees & Rates

Build your custom package. Travel fees will apply for events outside of Phoenix, AZ. 

STEP 1: Choose What You Need

Choose the perfect coverage for your event. Our headshot stations can serve up to 20 people per hour, ensuring everyone gets a professional headshot without long waits.

  • Headshot Station
  • Half Day (up to 4 hours): $1,950
  • Full Day (up to 8 hours): $3,750


  • High-quality images
  • Organized files (renamed to match individuals)
  • Standard commercial use license
  • Contact list with lead information in Excel/CSV format
  • Personalized or complete galleries as per your requirements

STEP 2: Optional Add-Ons To Experience

Enhance the experience for your attendees with these amazing add-ons:

  • Instant Individual Delivery: $500/$900

Instantly email private galleries to participants, hosted and supported by us. No admin work required. WIFI access required for real-time galleries.

  • Custom Scheduling: $250

For executives or VIPs, we offer a custom calendar for any guests you designate so that they can get a great headshot efficiently without waiting in line.

  • Social Media Content: $1000/$1800

A dedicated member of our team will create content for your marketing team. Vertical video for Instagram, BTS footage, etc!

  • Basic Retouching for Selected Headshots: $500/$1,000
Includes color processing, blemish removal, wrinkle reduction, and teeth whitening for selected images.
    • Enhanced Retouching: $50 per image
    Hand-retouched enhancements, including stray hair removal, glare reduction, on top of the basic for only  selected image(s) by attendee.

      STEP 3: Inquire and Receive Customized Quote

      Are you ready to elevate your event with our professional headshot booth? Reach out to us to secure your dates, and we’ll take care of everything else. Our aim is to streamline the entire process for you while ensuring a top-notch experience for your attendees.

      We quickly put people at ease, provide facial coaching, and capture high-quality headshots.

      Inquire For Headshots For Event Photography

      Fill out the form below to learn more about booking a professional headshot booth for your event. We’re here to provide you with a custom quote and answer any questions you may have.

      Watch our Headshot Booth In Action 

      Biddinger Thomas 436 0091 (2) Social Media Hst Retouched

      Flexible Packages to Suit Your Budget

      There are many add-ons you can choose to include in your quote, making our headshot booth perfect for both those who want a simple addition to their event and those seeking a more immersive experience.

      Optional Add-Ons:

      • Instant Individual Delivery

      • Custom Scheduling

      • Social Media Content

      • Basic or Enhanced Retouching

      The Appeal of Our Headshot Booth

      Our headshot booth captures valuable contact information and is always popular, ensuring a constant line. Each person visits our branded kiosks to instantly share their headshots.

      Attendees receive branded email communications and access to an online gallery with your company details. Instant digital delivery appeals to modern audiences, making social media sharing easy and organically expanding your marketing efforts.

      Our conference headshots match the high quality of our studio shots, with no compromise.

      View headshot gallery here. 

      Why Choose Duane Furlong Studios

      • Our team knows how to make people feel comfortable, provide facial coaching, and capture high-quality headshots efficiently.
      • Quality: Our headshots match the high quality of those taken in our studio, ensuring no compromise.
      • Branded Experience: From the kiosks to the online gallery, everything is branded with your company information.
      • Engagement: Quick digital delivery makes it easy for attendees to share on social media, organically expanding your marketing reach.
      • Seamless Operation: Our setup is quick and efficient, and our booths are designed to attract and engage attendees throughout the event.
      Authentic Tradition

      Tailored Solutions for Every Event | Conference | Trade Show

      Our Philosophy

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why should I choose Duane Furlong Studios for my conference booth?

      Hiring Duane Furlong Studios for your conference or trade show booth will significantly increase foot traffic, attract attention, and generate valuable leads. Our professional headshots make your booth a standout investment at any event across the US, including Las Vegas.

      Do attendees just line up for headshots?

      Both options are available. We can operate on a first-come, first-served basis while also allowing advanced scheduling for executives or VIPs. A mix of both approaches works best, enabling team members to update their headshots without waiting in line while other attendees enjoy the experience. We can tailor the setup to suit your needs.

      How many people can you provide headshots for at an event?
      Each headshot station can serve approximately 15-20 people per hour. This may vary depending on location and visibility. Placing the booth in a high-traffic area often makes it one of the most popular attractions at any conference. Under ideal circumstances, a single station can accommodate around 159 people in a full day.
      What are the benefits of offering headshots at my booth?

      Providing professional headshots at your booth not only enhances your company’s visibility but also creates a more personable and engaging atmosphere. It’s an effective way to initiate conversations with attendees and leave a lasting impression.

      How are the images delivered?

      We offer flexible delivery options. Images are organized by renaming files to match the person’s name (e.g., 1234.jpg becomes Smith_Jane.jpg), making it easier to distribute the correct images. We can provide individual galleries for each person and deliver images via email, either individually or as a single gallery. If your company requires a specific FTP or upload system, we can accommodate that as well.

      Do you also offer event photography?

      Absolutely! Mention in your inquiry what you are looking for. 

      Do the photos from events need retouching?

      It depends on the intended use of the images. For event headshots, we use professional lighting, posing techniques, and expression coaching to ensure great results straight out of the camera. For uses beyond LinkedIn or Teams profiles, we recommend retouching to enhance the images further.

      What services do you offer at headshot expo events?

      As experts in headshot expo events, we provide onsite photo selection, integrated lead capture, and a branded viewing gallery. Our setup ensures a seamless experience for both attendees and your team.

      How does the lead capture process work?

      At our headshot booth, we capture attendee contact information during the photo session. This information is shared with your company, facilitating further engagement and follow-up after the event.

      What feedback have you received from attendees?

      Attendees consistently praise our booth for its professionalism, quality, and efficiency. They appreciate the opportunity to receive high-quality headshots in a convenient and engaging manner at conferences.

      Read More Reviews Here 

      Ready to Book Your Event Headshots?

      To book our headshot booth or request a quote, please visit our website or contact us directly at We’re available to discuss your specific conference needs and provide a tailored solution.