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What Makes a Good Headshot for Business?

| Duane Furlong |

What Makes a Good Headshot for Business?

If you really want to push your business to the next level and make it as successful and competitive as it deserves to be, creating the correct branding with a great headshot is one of the most crucial parts of this process. In an increasingly visual, digital world where potential clients and customers are bombarded with multiple brands and advertising—you simply have to stand out. 


To achieve this, there are many facets of your business that need to be highlighted as part of your branding. The one that is arguably the most important is you!

Getting the right headshot as a business owner is one of the most important ways you can attract customers. People believe in people. In business, this translates to  people being more willing to invest in people they trust. If you really want to brand your business to attract the best customers and thrive in your field, presenting yourself authentically as the heart and mind behind the business is essential to achieving this goal–we believe that personal branding photography sessions with Duane Furlong will ensure this is accomplished.

How to Get the Best Headshot for Business

When it comes to having a great headshot for business, the devil is truly in the details. A good headshot should be an accurate representation of who you are while also projecting a positive image that captures attention and conveys professionalism. 


To achieve this goal, there are certain factors one must consider when constructing a well-crafted headshot.

People Want to See Your Face

While we will work with your expectations for your personal brand photography session, we cannot stress enough the importance of making sure that your face is clearly visible and in focus. It’s very important to make sure no part of your face is cut out of view, as your face is the focal point and what people  are most interested in seeing. 


Another essential element to achieving that beautiful, charismatic headshot is to take into careful consideration the background behind you. It must not detract from the focus on you or compete for attention in the final product. On the contrary, it must complement the photo by adding depth and texture. Simple backgrounds like brick walls, black and white fascias, or even colored backdrops are all potential options for this purpose.


Lighting Can Make or Break a Headshot

Lighting is an essential element when it comes to creating perfect headshots. High-quality lighting can make all the difference between a poor photo and a beautiful, professional shot that will be ideal for your business branding. 


Natural light can create a beautiful atmosphere that softens shadows, highlights facial features, and adds warmth to your photo. At the same time, industry-leading lighting and a professionally equipped studio will be able to provide you with a wide range of options for creating stunning headshot photos.

Use a Style to Complement Your Headshot

While your head and face are the center of attention in a headshot, effective personal branding in business requires a touch more. Given your clothes will be in view, they should be chosen carefully so as to reflect your personality and style, while still looking professional. 


Avoid busy patterns or large logos as they could distract the viewer’s attention away from you. We also advise keeping makeup natural where possible, as less might be seen as more when projecting a business profile. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Before embarking on your photography session with Duane Furlong, get comfortable with how you want to pose in front of the camera so that you feel confident during your shoot. Talk it through with us and let us help you give off radiant confidence for an effective headshot that shows your best self!


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