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Month: July 2022

Tip for On-Location Headshots


Group Headshots Tips- Business


Shooting group headshots is one of my favorite things to do. I love seeing
all employees/partners come together and make such a great decision for
their business. Having professional pictures/headshots taken for your
business makes a huge impact on your appearance.
Don’t worry- it is my job to make sure you have the right pose, look
confident, and feel comfortable. I will make you look your best, but here are
some tips I recommend following before the shoot.

Have your headshot match to your business aesthetic


All I mean by this is stay true to what you represent.

If you are a sales team, you probably want to dress professionally in your
headshot. However, an art studio owner would probably want a more
creative headshot. The easiest way to decide this is to dress how you
would if you were meeting a client.
But in the end it is all up to YOU! Just make sure all employees are
dressed similarly.
See (insert link for what to wear page) for more details.
Hair and Makeup
Employee hair and makeup should be done as they would if they were
meeting a client also. You want to present yourself as you normally would.
When people meet you for the first time, there should not be any confusion.
Give them a good and real first impression through your headshot.

Headshot Lighting
I most likely will be at your business location where I will be able to pick the
best lighting. Whether we decide to have the shoot outdoors or indoors, I
will make sure the lighting is where we need it to be. Having professional
lighting equipment or natural lighting is the best way to go. I will have my
equipment ready either way!



If your brand often is seen with/includes certain props, it's a great idea to
have them in your images. This will really show how proud you are to be a
part of the business you represent.
Examples include a computer, desk, camera, etc. We would only use
props that do not distract from the main focus, which is you!
As long as you follow these tips and follow up with your director to ensure a
consistent look along with your employees there is no need to stress. I
hope that these tips made you feel more relaxed about being behind the
camera. And plus, you'll be with your co-workers that will make it even