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Talking Stick Resort and Casino

With well-equipped rooms, a golf course, luxurious pools, a massive spa, and a world-class casino, Talking Stick Resort and Casino has everything to put itself among the leaders in Phoenix’s tourism scene. It’s always guaranteed to be a good time here, especially if you’re after a Vegas-esque experience with a distinct Southwestern touch!

What to Do at Talking Stick Resort and Casino

Whether you’re here to play countless rounds of poker or to have a relaxing hotel weekend, there’s plenty to see, do, and experience at Talking Stick Resort and Casino. Here are some activities to get you excited:

Play Games at the Casino

Many people who venture to Talking Stick Resort come for the casino, and for good reason. It’s a gambler’s dream, spoiling you with a variety of games, including slots, table games, poker, roulette, and craps. You can easily lose yourself in the blinding lights and the intoxicating energy, but it’s sure to always be a good time.

Stay in a Luxurious Room

The rooms at Talking Stick Resort are known to be well-designed and equipped with modern facilities. Each room is made for comfort and relaxation, from the deluxe accommodations to the three-bay suites.

Catch an Entertainment Show

Talking Stick Resort hosts different events that you can enjoy, with entertainment shows ranging from poolside DJs to live band performances. Check its upcoming events to see the current roster.

Have a Delicious Meal

Talking Stick Resort boasts a variety of culinary options and dining experiences, including four restaurants, a cafe, a bistro, and a couple of bars and lounges. 

Play Some Golf

Talking Stick Golf Club has two championship golf courses designed by reputable course architects Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore. These courses are open to anyone, from amateur golfers who want to play for fun to professional players who want to improve their game.

Relax at the Renowned Spa

Voted one of the top ten spas in Scottsdale by USA Today, Talking Stick Resort’s spa features waterfall showers, eucalyptus steam rooms, and luxurious hot tubs. Additionally, its private spaces and a large common outdoor terrace have beautiful, scenic views of the valley.

Revel at Native American Art

The Cultural Center within Talking Stick Resort’s lobby is home to a priceless collection of Native American art, including native pottery, jewelry, textiles, baskets, and a custom talking stick (from which the hotel got its name), as well as historic local photos and commissioned Native American art.

Talking Stick Resort and Casino for Personal Branding Photoshoots with Duane Furlong Studios

Talking Stick Resort and Casino exudes an electric energy like no other–it signals themes of luxury, fun, and enjoyment, and for anyone hoping to convey these concepts in their own branding, this location serves as an ideal backdrop. 

Duane Furlong Studios is ready to help you achieve the look you’re going for at an on-location personal branding shoot at Talking Stick Resort and Casino. Reach out and book a session today!

Phoenix Convention Center

The Phoenix Convention Center is one of the city’s best event hotspots, and is the ideal location for both planners and visitors. It’s centrally located, with hotel accommodations within walking distance, making it extremely accessible–plus, it features multiple high-capacity areas with flexible facilities and modern technology, allowing it to host everything from exhibitions to concerts to sporting events. 

The team behind the venue is also world-class; they can guide organizers at every step of a project to ensure the best possible outcome, and they serve guests efficiently to provide a smooth experience.

Aside from being a premier events space, the Phoenix Convention Center also wows as a destination itself. With sprawling futuristic spaces, it’s a place that exudes an energy of professionalism and forward-thinking, making it a great backdrop for a personal branding shoot for anyone who wants to convey these themes.

Phoenix Convention Center For Guests

There’s always something happening at the Phoenix Convention Center. It hosts multiple events per season, including conferences, trade shows, theatrical performances, concerts, job fairs, sporting events, and competitions. If you’re attending a big affair in the city, it’s common to find it hosted at the Phoenix Convention Center. It’s located downtown, so you’re just a stone’s throw away from experiencing the city’s vibrant energy through local restaurants, bars, museums, and more.

If you’re not attending a particular event, you’re free to just explore the space. It’s beautifully designed, with marvelous floor-to-ceiling windows and fixtures that light up beautifully at night. It makes an excellent backdrop for a photoshoot, especially if you’re using it for personal branding to exhibit an executive image. If you’re a CEO, business owner, or manager, or would like to take team photos with your work team, get in touch with Duane Furlong Studios to schedule an on-location shoot at the Phoenix Convention Center!

Phoenix Convention Center For Event Organizers

The Phoenix Convention Center prides itself on its expansive spaces, up-to-date facilities, and efficient events teams, all of which add to its reputation as a top events venue. You can hold different types of events at varying capacities; you can even book a meeting room for a small gathering within your company. 

The location is equipped with convenient facilities and modern technology, and it offers in-house services (catering, audio-visual services, and utilities) to ensure a perfect event. The Phoenix Convention Center is also helmed by a professional team who promise efficient support backed by years of event organizing experience–they can help you with your event from start to finish, ensuring maximum success with minimum mishaps.

Schedule a Personal Branding Shoot at the Phoenix Convention Center With Duane Furlong Studios

Besides being a prime events space, the Phoenix Convention Center works as a great location for a personal branding session for those in leadership roles or who want to exude authoritative energy. If you’re looking to take photos that show your professional side, send a message and book a personal branding shoot with Duane Furlong Studios today!

Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona

When you think of the desert, you imagine The Sahara. Flora rarely comes to mind, save for a cactus or two, such as what you see in old Western movies. At Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona, one’s perspective of a ‘desert’ is challenged. 

Home to 50,000 species, this botanical garden gives you fascinating views of brightly-colored plants sharply contrasting the red rocks of the Papago Buttes in the Sonoran Desert. With Duane Furlong Studios on-location photoshoot services, you can take advantage of the marvel that is Desert Botanical Garden as a backdrop for a personal branding session.



The Thematic Trails

Desert Botanical Garden features five thematic trails, allowing you to explore the incredible beauty of desert life. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect in each one:

Sonoran Desert Nature Loop Trail

Designed for nature lovers, this trail spoils beautiful mountain views and an organ pipe cactus forest. As you hike, you can learn how the Sonoran Desert wildlife survive.

Center for Desert Living Trail

Perhaps the most breezy of the trails, this path features vegetable beds and shady spots. You can explore what produce is in-season, and even get some tips on how to build your own water-wise home garden.

Desert Discovery Loop Trail

The garden’s main trail features a diverse collection of plants from around the world while exhibiting how they’ve adapted to this new environment.

Harriet K. Maxwell Desert Wildflower Loop Trail

As its name suggests, this trail mainly focuses on brightly colored wildflowers, along with the birds, bees, and butterflies they attract. Walking along, you’ll find out how they all work to sustain a living ecosystem.

Plants and People of the Sonoran Desert Loop Trail

This trail brings you along five desert habitats, showing you how early settlers used to live and enjoy the space.

Events and Experiences

Aside from the nature trails, Desert Botanical Garden also offers a couple of events and experiences that vary per season. It hosts various lectures and workshops, as well as special events like culinary demonstrations, outdoor concerts, and family activities. There’s also a cafe and a restaurant, plus a gift and plant shop!

When to Visit Desert Botanical Garden Park

While it’s great to see Desert Botanical Garden in all its glory during the day, it’s also worth visiting near sunset to see the place light up at night. It can get crowded towards noon, so consider planning a trip in the morning (it opens at 7:00 AM) for a more peaceful visit.

Book an On-Location Personal Branding Session With Duane Furlong Studios at the Desert Botanical Garden

The postcard-perfect vistas at the Desert Botanical Garden will be a perfect setting of your next photoshoot. With Duane Furlong Studios, you can take advantage of this space for a personal branding session, where the blooming desert can capture themes of nature, duality, and Southwest flair. Reach out to book a personal branding shoot today!

Why Personal Branding Photography Is Important

Why Personal Branding Photography Is Important

If you’ve ever been in charge of a team, you know that first impressions are important. The same goes for your branding efforts. Potential clients and customers will make snap judgments about you based on your online presence, so having well-curated visual elements is essential to success.

This is where personal branding photography sessions come in. Working with a photographer specialized in branding knowledge can help you capture the right images for your brand.

Stand Out From the Competition

Including photography in your branding strategy is key to standing out. Humans are genetically built to notice the visual aspects of something as soon as we see it, and because we are constantly bombarded by observable elements, taking care of the visual aspect of your brand is essential. 


Photography is invaluable to showing your best self, whether online or through printed marketing materials, showcasing the core values of your business. Great photos can have a powerful impact and can make your audience feel an instant connection with your philosophy. 


Professional headshots, action photos of your team engaging in activities, and product photography are examples of branding photography. They help prospective customers understand who you are and what you do—because personal branding photography is tailored to each person and business, it allows potential clients to understand who you are and why they should choose you. 


In today’s competitive landscape, having professional photography as part of your overall brand marketing strategy makes it easier for clients to identify and remember you. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.


How to Define Your Personal Brand

A personal brand is the art of defining your story and who you are. It communicates the values of your business, the skills of your team, and the professionality of your work. It aims at impressing potential customers and improving customer loyalty. In order to define your personal brand, you need to follow some simple steps. 


First, figure out who you are and what you do. You need to be transparent and authentic in this step, as you can’t fake the principles and values of your brand. Honesty and reflection are essential to this process. 


After defining your philosophy, get to know your audience. Study not only their observable characteristics like lifestyle, job position, and gender, but also their ambitions and desires. Your objective should be to please your audience by offering what they want. Researching who they are and what they’re interested in is integral in this step. 


Last but not least, take action to create content in accordance with your audience’s principles. Studying the market and your competition is also a sensible decision at this stage, as this will create more opportunities for you to stand out. 


In Summary


Investing in personal branding photography is a wise decision that will have long-term rewards. For entrepreneurs and business owners alike, including professional photography in your branding sessions can help to build credibility and showcase who you are as a professional.


How to Define Your Personal Brand

How to Define Your Personal Brand


Personal branding is the art of defining the roadmap of your project and discussing its core principles. This is a fundamental step towards a reputable business and no entrepreneur or director should go without properly talking this over with their team. 


Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to refresh your image, this post will give you some tips on how to go about defining your personal brand.


What Is a Personal Brand, and How Can You Define It?

A personal brand is the unique combination of qualities and attributes that consciously or subconsciously represent an entity in personal and business contexts. As most people say, your brand is what people say about it when you are not present; branding is what you do about it. 


Personal branding goes beyond just appearance—it’s about creating an identity that speaks to who you are, what your values are, and why people should trust you. Therefore, knowing who your audience is is key in order to define a clear and precise personal brand. 


This step is necessary, as it will serve as the perfect opportunity to offer your audience the visual aspects they want. In our digital age, working with a personal branding photographer is an intelligent decision, since observable elements are at the core of successful branding sessions. 


Three Reasons Why You Need to Define Your Personal Brand.

Firstly, your audience is a big part of your job. Whether you are a blogger, musician, artist, writer, or actor, your audience defines the chances of your success. You need to clearly convey your principles and consistently post high quality images that represent your philosophy. 

Secondly, it doesn’t matter if you work as a freelancer or are in charge of a team, defining your personal brand through a branding session is a must for those looking to succeed in business. It allows you to share your unique personal story in an inspiring and eye-catching way that stands out from the competition. Not only can personal branding help establish you as an authority, it can give potential clients insight into the services you offer. 

Lastly, the visual aspects of your business are essential. In our digital age, staying relevant online is key to building a reputable business. Visual elements are the base of every successful business, as they connect you directly with your audience and potential customers. Personal branding not only lets you showcase the skills and values that set you apart, it helps establish direct communication with your clients.

Be Consistent Across all Platforms 

Creating a successful personal brand is essential in today’s business landscape. Your personal brand should be present across all platforms, showcasing the principles and skills of you or your team. 


Because of this, personal branding photography is important. It can help your personal brand message be consistent throughout your online presence, even as you look for new opportunities and ways to innovate. 


In Conclusion


Once you have established a personal brand, it is important to remember that it is always evolving. Circumstances and interests change, and your personal brand should adjust accordingly. You want your audience to recognize you across each interaction with your company. 


Every photo can have an impact on potential customers—helping them remember you and driving further engagement with your personal brand—so make sure you consider reliable photography, such as that from Duane Furlong, for your next branding session.


What Is a Branding Session?

What Is a Branding Session?

Nowadays, having a strong online presence is key in order to succeed. Whether you own an online business or are in charge of a team, you should know how important this is. This is why planning your strategy and considering all aspects of your brand is a key step towards creating a reputable business. 


A branding session for your business is a meeting in which you discuss the goals and objectives of your company, determine what strategies will be put into place to achieve those goals, and work on creating or refining the visual aspects of your brand. Branding sessions are important because they help ensure that every aspect of your business is working together to attract and retain customers and make sure that these elements are portraying the right image.

Furthermore, visual aspects of a brand are crucial because they provide an immediate first impression to potential customers. With a well-thought-out branding strategy, you can set yourself up for success both now and in the future.


A Branding Session Can Make All the Difference

Planning a branding photo session and including it in a branding meeting can double your chances of success. Through photography, various aspects of a brand can be captured, ranging from the work environment to product features or brand identity. Branding sessions have become increasingly important in today’s competitive market—by putting visually compelling content out there, businesses are able to convey who they are and build trust with potential customers. 


Branding discussions are useful because they supplement advertising efforts while also providing tangible content that will help capture consumers’ attention. This is especially relevant in the current digital age–attention spans are becoming increasingly shorter, and we seek observable features every time we surf the web or browse through our feed. However, everything today is visual and every business knows this, so defining your personal brand through images is both smart and necessary. 


Are Headshots a Good Resource?

Branding sessions are a great way for businesses to showcase the values and aesthetic of their brand, allowing customers to connect with the business on a personal level. This is why headshots stand as the best resource for conveying these values and principles. Headshots are important not only because they show professionalism and a strong reputation to potential clients but they can also communicate the core values and principles of the business. 


This is a great way to promote yourself or your team in the market and appeal to your target audience. Through photography and other visual tools, you can convey what your business stands for, who it caters to, and how you want people to think of you. 


Final Thoughts


If you’re considering a branding session for your business, it’s important to find the right photographer. They are a great way to show the world what your business is about, help you attract potential customers, and give you material to use for marketing and social media. Contact the professional photographers at Duane Furlong who specialize in this type of photography, or check our website for more information on how we can help you capture the essence of your brand!

Why Are Headshots Important?

Why Are Headshots Important?

Today, portraying your image with digital tools is key if you wish to stay ahead of your competitors. Photography and visual elements are one of the first things people register when they visit your website or social media profile. It is a matter of human behavior—we tend to be attracted to observable features. After all, an image is worth a thousand words.

Because of this, it’s important to have a good quality headshot that conveys your identity and brand principles. The right headshot can make a powerful impact for you and your business. In this article, we’ll discuss exactly why headshots and personal brand photography are so important in today’s digital world.


Make a Good First Impression

Headshots are a powerful way to create a lasting first impression of your business or yourself. Headshot photography is a key component of creating an effective and reputable brand image. They show potential customers and clients your identity, character, and principles, and they can act as visual testaments that give insight into what you do and who you are. 


Including headshot photography in your branding session is essential for anyone trying to create a strong brand. It goes without saying that updating the images every once in a while is necessary to keep your brand relevant and consistent. Investing in quality headshot photography is more than just getting a few nice pictures taken—it’s an investment in your long-term vision, allowing you to craft a powerful and reputable brand with consistency.


Personal Branding Sessions or Headshots?


Headshot photography is an essential part of any business when it comes to creating a strong brand. However, as everyone has an online presence nowadays, preserving your personal image is also worth considering. This is why personal branding sessions are becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs and freelancers. 


The photographic aspect of any brand strategy, whether for a team or individual, speaks volumes about your values, ethos, and attitude. Headshots are particularly important as they convey confidence and professionalism—two qualities necessary for any business. 


Personal branding sessions take longer to complete, as they are more elaborate than headshot sessions. If you are looking to communicate your message and identity thoroughly, a personal branding session might be what you are looking for. They are designed to make you stand out from your competitors, showing not only your physical presence but your core values. A good photographer will take photos in multiple settings, curate the background, and use outfits to portray your inner self in images. 


In Summary


When planning your brand strategy, no element is more powerful in communicating the philosophy of your brand than headshots. Investing in quality visual elements for your brand is essential in order to stand out from the competition and attract more clients. Not only do headshots convey your identity, they also communicate your brand principles, something fundamental in the age of social media, where first impressions are key. In the long run, this investment can make all the difference.


What Is a Personal Branding Session?

What Is a Personal Branding Session?

In our digital age, everyone has a reputation to preserve. Whether you are a freelancer or work in a bigger company, you should know how important it is to project a confident and professional image to the market. Branding photography can help you do this. It is all about creating and maintaining a consistent identity for you or your company. For it to be successful, you need to know who you are and what you want to be known for, then make sure everything you do aligns with that. 

Branding photography sessions translate these principles into a visual experience—often the best way to transmit your identity to your potential clients. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been working on your personal brand for awhile, a session like this can transform your business.

How Can It Help My Business?

Powerful, approachable, confident, friendly—it doesn’t matter how you want others to view you, a branding photography session will cover all your needs. As it is a highly flexible session, with multiple outfit changes and no time limit, it will establish the base of your brand and create a specific visual for you. 


Personal branding is the practice of taking control over how you present yourself to the world, and photography plays a key role in this. The photographs can be used on business cards, websites, and social media platforms. Photography helps express an outward message to our target audience and potential clients. By taking control of your image, you can create a unified impression across all channels, conveying the attitude and impact you want. 


Whether you want your team to surpass the competition or you want to take your personal brand to the next level, personal branding photography is important for your business.


Why Is Headshot Photography So Important?


When your audience thinks about your brand, the first thing that comes to mind is the visual aspect, so having a strong digital presence is a big advantage. Because of this, headshots are important in the business world. Having a good photo can be essential for making a good impression, and a headshot session is the best way to let clients get an immediate sense of who you are and what you do. It’s also important to have up-to-date headshots so your public image reflects who you are. 


Combining a brand strategy with a professional photography session is a huge step towards establishing a powerful and reputable brand. Photography is all about capturing your best self. Including a photography session in your branding strategy lets potential clients see that best self.


In Conclusion


In the modern era, personal branding is more important than ever. Due to the impact of the global pandemic, we work, date, entertain ourselves, take meetings, and play video games online. 


Conveying the right identity in the digital world is fundamental. From photography headshots to social media sessions, businesses and individuals strive to capture a unique personality. Don’t underestimate how powerful your business’s visual experiences can be—photography and other forms of personal branding can get you noticed in the digital world.


Why Personal Branding Photography Is Important for Your Business

Why Personal Branding Photography Is Important for Your Business

Branding and photography are very important for any business that wants to stand out from the competition. One of the most powerful means of improving the presence of your business is to invest in branding photography sessions with employees. These sessions have the potential to generate significant rewards in terms of business growth. 


For customers forming their first impressions of a business, seeing a company that values the people who work there and includes them in its branding through professionally taken photographs suggests quality and compassion.


Benefits of Personal Branding Photography That Includes Staff 

Photography for your brand that includes employee profiles can, without a doubt, help you stand out from others in the field. Staff members who take part in the branding of the company will show potential customers that the company is serious about their work, their staff, and their existing and potential customers.


Here are some specific benefits of enlisting the help of employees in your branding:

A Broader, Unified Branding Profile


Professional staff photographs create a unified look across all marketing materials and social media platforms, helping to increase brand recognition. When it is done correctly and by a photographer who appreciates this approach, professionalism will emanate from the photos.


Staff involvement will inevitably give prospective customers the sense that the business is well organized, in control, and has capable people working there. Carefully selected branding photos of employees provide an undeniably professional appearance to your business. 


They can also be used as part of an overall branding strategy. For example, let’s say you want to have a memorable, uniform brand. In this case, ensuring the style of your staff’s headshots and the dress code of all team members is consistent will create an overall brand that will become instantly recognizable, making it easier for customers to identify with and remember your business.

A Personal Touch

When done correctly, photography for your brand that includes staff helps create a more personable experience for customers by humanizing employees who work or represent the company, just like with a personal branding session. When it comes to branding in the digital age, customers respond more favorably and engage more with images, so having high-quality visuals of employees can make them seem more approachable and relatable. 


Also, when customers have a positive impression of the staff with whom they will interact, they are more likely to establish contact with the business. Quality headshots are essential in this regard, as the face that customers view should reflect the company and its values.

Team Empowerment

Creating a branding photo session for your staff has the potential to empower each person on the team. It also shows your appreciation and respect for them. Most employees will feel proud when they see themselves play a key part in the branding of the company they work for. 


A professional headshot of an employee can be a powerful representation of the individual, and displaying these pictures prominently will help boost morale and employee satisfaction levels within the business. This pride and satisfaction on the part of the employees will shine through in the headshots. Showing a personal side of a company will also help attract talent in the future.

In Conclusion

As visual branding continues to be a large part of digital platforms, headshot photos of employees can create connections with and gain the trust of potential customers, as well as positively motivate employees. 


With this in mind, taking advantage of professional branding and headshot photography services for your staff members might be the savvy move that you need if you’re looking to add style and finesse to your brand, galvanize employees, and generate positive business growth.


How to Use Photography for Your Brand

How to Use Photography for Your Brand

If you are looking to create stunning marketing and branding for your business, one of the best ways to make a lasting impression on your target audience is to use the skills of professional photographers. They can assist in creating the brand that is right for you and that will help to grow your business. 

Branding photo sessions are an ideal way to work with us to create the perfect headshot that properly promotes your business and creates a brand that will attract new customers and business growth. Consumers and clients buy more products and services when they are confident about the people who stand behind them–they want to see the person behind the brand, which makes personal branding a surefire way to create a memorable impression and fulfill your clientele’s wishes in this respect.

How Photography Can Be Used to Promote Your Brand

We are of the belief that visual marketing and branding can reap fantastic results in this modern day and age. Potential clients have the chance to be inspired about your business through visual images that form part of the business’ brand. Having a high-quality headshot can work wonders when it comes to attracting clients because they generate trust and inspire confidence, so it pays to make sure this is done correctly. 


After you have prepared for your personal branding session and your headshot has been taken, here are some ideas on how to widen customer reach:

Update Your Website

Now that you’ve done the hard work and have the headshot that is going to complement your brand, you have to get it out there in the place where most people are going to see it—on your website. Personal branding photography is important for your business, so make sure you work with a designer to create a first-class website that will have a page where your customers can learn about you and your team through the photos on display. 


This is where your headshot can come into play as a prominent part of the page in order to attract new customers to your brand. You may wish to have the headshot on multiple pages or keep it simple and just on one. These decisions will depend on your preferences and business type.

Boost Your Social Media 

A strong social media presence is essential in the modern age, so it pays to continually invest in updating your pages and posts with the best possible content available to sell your brand effectively. In order for social media to be effective and have that special wow factor, capture the attention of a scrolling audience with the best images posted at the right times. 


Headshots, as part of any promotional post, will give both a professional and personal feel to your social media posts, which in turn will help to create the powerful, effective brand your business needs. When using your photos for social media branding, be sure to research the best way to optimize your photos.

Use Photo Branding Across Multiple Areas of Business

There is no denying that a comprehensive, quality website in conjunction with consistent, impacting social media feeds is a crucial part of any branding campaign. This is where it will pay to have your photo branding present.


The opportunities for places that your photo branding can work for you don’t end here. Consider revamping your company newsletter with more photo images or why not give your business cards a new look with an enhanced visual background? Start a company blog with headshots and branding photography as a prominent feature, or use the same branding to spice up existing and future portfolio content. 

Final Thoughts

There are many ways in which using photography can improve the overall image of your business brand. Using a professionally taken headshot photo is one way to make your brand easily stand out from competitors, no matter what industry you’re in. Even with one simple image, people can gain insight into who is behind the business and the business’ values and mission. When images are used on different media platforms, this is when a business’ branding can really start to flourish.