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Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona

Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona

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When you think of the desert, you imagine The Sahara. Flora rarely comes to mind, save for a cactus or two, such as what you see in old Western movies. At Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona, one’s perspective of a ‘desert’ is challenged. 

Home to 50,000 species, this botanical garden gives you fascinating views of brightly-colored plants sharply contrasting the red rocks of the Papago Buttes in the Sonoran Desert. With Duane Furlong Studios on-location photoshoot services, you can take advantage of the marvel that is Desert Botanical Garden as a backdrop for a personal branding session.



The Thematic Trails

Desert Botanical Garden features five thematic trails, allowing you to explore the incredible beauty of desert life. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect in each one:

Sonoran Desert Nature Loop Trail

Designed for nature lovers, this trail spoils beautiful mountain views and an organ pipe cactus forest. As you hike, you can learn how the Sonoran Desert wildlife survive.

Center for Desert Living Trail

Perhaps the most breezy of the trails, this path features vegetable beds and shady spots. You can explore what produce is in-season, and even get some tips on how to build your own water-wise home garden.

Desert Discovery Loop Trail

The garden’s main trail features a diverse collection of plants from around the world while exhibiting how they’ve adapted to this new environment.

Harriet K. Maxwell Desert Wildflower Loop Trail

As its name suggests, this trail mainly focuses on brightly colored wildflowers, along with the birds, bees, and butterflies they attract. Walking along, you’ll find out how they all work to sustain a living ecosystem.

Plants and People of the Sonoran Desert Loop Trail

This trail brings you along five desert habitats, showing you how early settlers used to live and enjoy the space.

Events and Experiences

Aside from the nature trails, Desert Botanical Garden also offers a couple of events and experiences that vary per season. It hosts various lectures and workshops, as well as special events like culinary demonstrations, outdoor concerts, and family activities. There’s also a cafe and a restaurant, plus a gift and plant shop!

When to Visit Desert Botanical Garden Park

While it’s great to see Desert Botanical Garden in all its glory during the day, it’s also worth visiting near sunset to see the place light up at night. It can get crowded towards noon, so consider planning a trip in the morning (it opens at 7:00 AM) for a more peaceful visit.

Book an On-Location Personal Branding Session With Duane Furlong Studios at the Desert Botanical Garden

The postcard-perfect vistas at the Desert Botanical Garden will be a perfect setting of your next photoshoot. With Duane Furlong Studios, you can take advantage of this space for a personal branding session, where the blooming desert can capture themes of nature, duality, and Southwest flair. Reach out to book a personal branding shoot today!

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