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Outdoor Business Portraits

Outdoor Business Portraits

Many companies like to take outdoor business portraits to tell a different kind of story in comparison to an in-office portrait. It depends on the person, company, and brand and if they think outdoor portraits would be best for them. The outside environment will tell a different story and bring more emotion in to the portrait than it would being taken inside, but that isn’t what is best for every company. While still being professional, outdoor portraits may feel more relaxed and at ease to the viewer. Therefore, in the beauty, healthcare, entrepreneur, and real estate business outdoor portraits can be very beneficial.

When is the best time to schedule outdoor portraits?

In my experience it is best to keep the number of people in your group lower. Because of the Arizona heat, light sensitivity, and weather it can be difficult to capture portraits for a large amount of people.

Therefore, I recommend only having your executive team have outdoor portraits taken. I have been on-location at a lot of companies, and this has always worked out great and they always seem to agree.

It may be tricky to find a time where you can gather all your employees/executives at the same time for the portrait session. This is when we work together to find a time that is right for you. Sometimes companies decide on having the session broken up into a two-day session also.

We can make any time of the day work, but the best lighting is 1-2 hours after sunrise or 2-3 hours before sunset. This is considered the best time for shooting because the sun is low and doesn’t cause any drastic shadows.

Why you should invest in professional portrait photographer for this job

You may think that taking photos outside is easier than inside lighting. It most definitely is not. When I walk into a building, I can immediately start thinking how I want to set up my lights based off the tone and brightness of the lightbulbs. When we take the photoshoot outside this all changes. Not only do I have to worry about weather, but the lighting is also always changing. The sun moves in and out of clouds and hits at different spots throughout the day. I use a different lighting technique for outdoor shoots, and the average person does not have this type of knowledge, experience, and equipment.

Outdoor lighting is tricky, and you will need a professional to do the job if you want the portraits be high-quality and show expression.

I absolutely recommend and love taking outdoor portraits. I just don’t want you to make the mistake of not using a professional and not get the outcome you were hoping for.

Are outdoor headshots right for you?

It might hard to decide on if outdoor portraits are right for you or if you should stick to portraits inside. Your business portraits are the face of your company and are used as a huge marketing tool. They are your first impression and need to be done correctly and fit your brand.

There are advantages and disadvantages to having your portraits taken both inside and outside so there really isn’t a right answer. Let’s take a more detailed look into portraits taken inside vs. portraits taken outside.

Advantages of indoor portrait sessions:

  1. The lighting setup stays the same throughout the session and don’t have to worry about weather, only the inside environment. The shoot is all in yours and the photographers control.

  2. Because the best time and the most common time to take outdoor headshots are in the early morning or late afternoon, you don’t have to worry about blocking off a specific time. The shoot can be whenever you want it to be! Scheduling is easier for you and me.

  3. You have the option of outfit changes. There is the option of having outfit changes outside too, but we lose time and have to make sure there is somewhere for you to change. Changing clothes is not a problem indoors.

  4. You have options of a background. We can go to your individual office, your conference room, etc. When we move to take a shoot outside, we set up and take the images in one place.

Indoor portrait sessions are more formal but also have disadvantages. Indoor headshots may feel less approachable to the viewer and a lot of people prefer natural lighting.

Outdoor headshot sessions are becoming more popular, and they could be right for you!

Before your headshot session you will need to think about where you want to take them. You will also want to check the weather. Especially in Arizona, it would probably be best for the both of us to not have our outdoor photoshoot at 1:00 pm in the summer. Also, an outdoor photoshoot means you should expect the unexpected. We can’t shoot in the rain.

If you have a destination in mind that is great! The less busy the better. We don’t want to increase the distractions in a public and busy area.

Do you need staff headshots for your company?

I offer professional headshots, environmental business portraits, corporate photography, and event photography throughout Arizona.

Email: Phone: 480.201.7204


Tip for On-Location Headshots


Group Headshots Tips- Business


Shooting group headshots is one of my favorite things to do. I love seeing
all employees/partners come together and make such a great decision for
their business. Having professional pictures/headshots taken for your
business makes a huge impact on your appearance.
Don’t worry- it is my job to make sure you have the right pose, look
confident, and feel comfortable. I will make you look your best, but here are
some tips I recommend following before the shoot.

Have your headshot match to your business aesthetic


All I mean by this is stay true to what you represent.

If you are a sales team, you probably want to dress professionally in your
headshot. However, an art studio owner would probably want a more
creative headshot. The easiest way to decide this is to dress how you
would if you were meeting a client.
But in the end it is all up to YOU! Just make sure all employees are
dressed similarly.
See (insert link for what to wear page) for more details.
Hair and Makeup
Employee hair and makeup should be done as they would if they were
meeting a client also. You want to present yourself as you normally would.
When people meet you for the first time, there should not be any confusion.
Give them a good and real first impression through your headshot.

Headshot Lighting
I most likely will be at your business location where I will be able to pick the
best lighting. Whether we decide to have the shoot outdoors or indoors, I
will make sure the lighting is where we need it to be. Having professional
lighting equipment or natural lighting is the best way to go. I will have my
equipment ready either way!



If your brand often is seen with/includes certain props, it's a great idea to
have them in your images. This will really show how proud you are to be a
part of the business you represent.
Examples include a computer, desk, camera, etc. We would only use
props that do not distract from the main focus, which is you!
As long as you follow these tips and follow up with your director to ensure a
consistent look along with your employees there is no need to stress. I
hope that these tips made you feel more relaxed about being behind the
camera. And plus, you'll be with your co-workers that will make it even


Tips for natural makeup for headshots


Tips For Natural Looking Makeup In Professional Headshots


When looking at what to wear for your Scottsdale headshots, try to wear a color that goes with your skin tone. There are people from every season, meaning summer, winter, spring, and fall colors are in the color palate. Many times someone is one season. If you have cool or warm undertones, this will help you determine which season you are. With a proper photographer, you should be able to wear whatever color you’d like. Bright colors, black or white, if they understand how lighting works, they will be able to pull off bright colors and otherwise.

1- Pre-Shoot Moisturizer

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!  Hydrated skin looks great on the camera when getting headshots taken.  However, many men don’t know about this routine.  This is pretty common for women but men might not have their own lotions, so share ladies. Also, drink plenty of water so that your skin is good and hydrated and looks its best on camera


2-Finding your Makeup Artist (MUA)

While there are LOTS of people out there that love to do makeup and apply makeup.  It takes a little more than that to be a makeup artist.  Ensure that your makeup artists know and understand what a natural look might be.  Be sure to ask them questions about the experience.  Remind them that you want a natural look.  Most makeup artists typically want to apply too much makeup to give you that natural look.  When getting your make-up ready you want someone that is used to the camera.  As this is different than in person, the camera can pull out flaws and such that an experienced makeup artist would catch.  Hygiene is important – so ensure they’re using clean/new products and application techniques!


Also, setting up a trial run for your choice in makeup artists is a good idea.  You might not be able to do the whole professional shoot, but if you get one chance, this is a great way to see what they can do for you.


3-Skin Types and Foundations

Every skin type looks better with certain types of foundations. However, most people use liquid foundation as it goes on very flawlessly for most.  Some use powder, but be careful as you want your skin to be hydrated on photo day.



While we all have them, we thought it was worth the mention in our tips for natural makeup for the headshots because eyebrows can be tricky.  Some of us were blessed in this department and others, more often, were not.  Get those brows looking their best with a little help. This could mean going to an aesthetician to get them tweezed and shaped or buying an eyebrow pencil to fill them in.

5-Get those lips on point.

Your lips should be left as natural as possible.  This means lip balm for men and lip gloss for the ladies.  However, there are some things that you shouldn’t do when preparing for natural makeup.  You should not use a lip liner or extend the pigment past the edge of your lips, this will show up and look horrible on camera.  Overlining your lips may work in your day to day – but let’s keep it simple for your headshots.


6-Last but not least your eyes.

When looking for tips for natural makeup for headshots, we certainly cannot forget out the eyes.  Your eyes are super important for a good headshot. You want them to pop and sparkle but have that natural look all at the same time.  Try to go with your natural lashes, as fake lashes will look, well, fake.  Use nude tone eyeshadow and stay away from brilliant colors.  You can go crazy if that’s part of your personal branding – but a professional headshot should use makeup to enhance, but not overwhelm your own features.


We hope that you have enjoyed our tips for natural makeup for headshots. And if you need headshots in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, or any surrounding areas please give us a call!




What to wear for headshots


Wondering What To Wear For Your Headshots?


Are you asking yourself what to wear for headshots? Do you have a photoshoot coming up and not quite sure what to do? If you are looking to get some professional headshots taken and want those to come out looking amazing then stick around. Do your homework on what to wear for your headshots, and hire a professional photographer near you to get the very best, they can help advise you on what to wear. After all, regular people are not photographers, and are not always sure what will look professional and yet good with your personality. Below we’ve offered some helpful advice when it comes to choosing the perfect headshot outfit.

Don’t Wear Pale Colors

If you want your headshot to stand out, don’t wear white or any other pale shades, such as sky blue, pink, light green, pale yellow other light colors.  You don’t want these pale colors to draw attention away from your face. Even worse, light colors can cause your skin to appear paler than it actually is.

It’s even more critical to stay away from pale colors when doing outdoor headshots. On the other hand, if you insist on white or a pale color, wear a dark layer, such as a jacket, over the light color.

Use The Right Color Combination

If you’re using more than one color, be sure you have the right color combinations. It’s best to have simple color combinations since intense ones can cause distraction. Also, be sure that your color combinations are pieces with solid colors that are to be layered over each other. In other words, don’t wear patterned tops.

Some of the best color combinations that work well include those, such as:

  • Blue with dark or pale green, dark red and white.
  • Green with dark green, dark purple, dark blue and even black
  • Yellow with black, red, dark or light blue
  • Pink with blue, gray, red and black

Choose Solids Over Patterned Garments

Try to keep it as simple as possible, when it comes to choosing the style and design of your garments. Just think about how patterns seem to draw the focus of your headshot away from your face, which can defeat the purpose of the photo. If you still want to include a pattern, avoid particular patterns, such as plaids and big checks because they can draw attention to themselves in a big way.

What’s more, stay away from garments with small patterns, such as tiny stripes and checks. Tiny patterns can also be distracting. This is because of the manner in which pixels work on the camera, which can cause a condition known as a moire to appear on the image.

When the day arrived to have your headshots, bring along a few different options. This will allow the photographer to help you decide what would look best. Remember, your headshot is important for your brand. You want it to represent you and your brand. Dress in what you are comfortable in but also what your clients and customers would expect to see you.

Dressing Properly For Headshots

Wear what you love. Don’t wear something that someone told you would look great. Wear something you know looks great. This will come off in your emotions on film.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.6.5″ global_colors_info=”{}”]Keep it simple. This may sound easy, but don’t put on too much jewelry or wear any logos that are distracting, if you are not taking headshots for your brand. Be sure that you have as little as possible distracting the viewer from your face, this is, after all, a headshot.

Determine The Style For Your Photoshoot

Take the headshot in clothing that matches what you plan to do with it. Some like them to look extra professional while others want a more fun look. To determine what to wear for headshots, it really depends on what you are using the headshot for. For example, actors might use the headshots as a part of the portfolio. Commercial actors like to keep it a little more fun and light. However, actors that are looking to get roles, might look at adding some professional-looking photos as well to their portfolio. If you are an actor looking for headshots, remember, this is a part of your brand.

For men’s headshots, wearing something that fits you properly and isn’t bulky can make the shot look far more professional. And, for women’s basically the same, pick something that fits your curves properly, as your shoulders will look cleaner and the image of your face will stand out.

We hope that you have enjoyed your tips on what to wear for headshots. And if you need headshots near you in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, or any surrounding areas please give us a call!




Professional Headshots: What You’re Really Paying For


What you are really paying for in a professional headshot


Professional headshots might seem a little expensive, but it’s an investment you shouldn’t overlook. Your face is the center of your personal brand, and it’s super important that your memorable personality is poised to shine through.

Can you take a decent selfie with your iPhone?


Can you befriend an amateur photographer with a camera?

Yeah, sure.

Will a DIY headshot help you land the role, get the job, or match with the right person?



Common Misconceptions about headshots

As a professional headshot photographer, it’s a common misconception that only C-suite executives, models, actors, and public speakers need my services. No matter where you are in your career, you deserve to invest in your image.

DIY images are a decent placeholder, but not a long-term solution. We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have.’ Your headshot should be just as forward-thinking!

Let’s discuss the value of hiring a professional headshot photographer in Scottsdale – both what you’ll receive and what you’re investing in:


Headshot Studio Pricing

Most well-established, professional headshot photographers charge a studio fee for the session, and then you’re only required to pay for the images that you love. Make sure to choose a 5-star studio with transparent pricing. Define your personal brand with a handful of your favorite images. We recommend building a small portfolio of headshots to suit different opportunities.



The Value of a Professional Headshot Trusted Expert

With a long focal length lens and finely tuned lighting, I can reduce feature distortion and highlight your favorite features with crisp clarity. Taking your DIY selfie in front of a window may reduce awkward shadows, but our studio experience takes lighting to the next level


Expression Coaching

It’s hard to feel confident and photogenic in front of a camera – I completely understand. With a professional headshot photographer, you’ll also receive supportive, clear coaching to bring out your personality. No blank eyes or stiff smiles! Capture genuine expressions that are more flattering, memorable, and aligned with your professional goals.


Stress-Free Experience

Our headshot studio is a private space where you can feel comfortable and enjoy the process. Unlike a DIY image, you don’t have to worry about setup or re-dos. At Duane Furlong Studios, you can try on multiple outfits, test different backdrops, and see photo samples in real-time. There are no time limits, so you’re never rushed. Schedule online to reserve studio time and pay online. Easy!


Trust & Confidence

If you’re hiring staff headshots for all of your employees, we can help you present a polished, consistent brand image from end-to-end. As an individual, these professional images will stand out among a crowd of amateurs. Show that you’re serious, career-driven, and professional – all with a single glance.
A pro photographer will also make finishing touches with natural editing to make you look your very best. Instead of second-guessing and doubting your image, you’ll be able to post with confidence and get the job!
Is your amateur image holding you back? Click here to schedule your headshot session in Scottsdale, AZ with Duane Furlong Studios today.




How to choose the right colors for headshots


What Are The Best Colors To Wear For Scottsdale Professional Headshots?

Plan the perfect outfit (or three!) for your upcoming Scottsdale headshot photo session with a real-world understanding of color theory. All professional headshot bookings with Duane Furlong Studios, which is based in Scottsdale but handles the nearby Phoenix market, include unlimited wardrobe changes, so you can test a variety of different colors and find a look that you love. We are your number one choice for professional headshots in the Pheonix area when it comes to versatility.

Prioritize simple necklines and solid colors without busy patterns or visible logos. Then, narrow down your options with these three essential color questions:


What Looks Best On Me For My Headshots?

Confidence! Your professional headshot outfit is meant to uplift and represent you, so it’s important to wear something that you truly feel comfortable in. Prioritize authenticity and choose a color that you like, even if it technically breaks a few color theory rules.

With that in mind, you may want to choose colors that accentuate and highlight your natural features. If you have a warm complexion, you can bring out the copper or pink-tinged rosiness of your skin with off-white, olive green, red, or brown. Cobalt blue, charcoal grey, crisp white, and dark berry colors are perfect for cool complexions with blue undertones.


What Does The Color Convey In My Headshot?

Every color in the rainbow is linked to emotion and memories, whether they’re personal or universal. Your color choice will carry energy and meaning, so it’s important that the outfit matches what you want your headshot to convey.

  • Red Fiery and dominant with associated feelings of passion and intensity.
  • Orange One of red’s softer allies – orange has dynamic energy related to change.
  • Yellow Cheery, hopeful, and bright across the entire spectrum from pastel to vivid.
  • Green Promote stability and perseverance with a nod to nature and growth.
  • Blue More than just sadness – it instills freshness, trust, and authority.
  • Violet Purple signals luxury and romance with links to vibrant creativity.
  • White Convey safety, goodness, and innocence associated with opportunity.
  • Black The absence of color appears authoritative, powerful, and sophisticated.

Of course, most of our closets aren’t strictly sorted into rainbows and perfect neutrals. Color gradients like blue-purple and yellow-orange bridge the gap with emotional ambiguity. This list is just a starting point.

What Colors Look Best On Camera?

Talented headshot photographers near you can adjust lighting and exposure to enhance any outfit. You should never feel overshadowed by your wardrobe or color choice. However, it’s also important to consider how your top will look under studio lights and fit against the background. Get advice from behind the camera with these five pro tips:

  1. Avoid extreme, highly saturated colors that take attention away from you, like neon yellow and cherry red.
  2. Pastel colors and sheer fabrics may look more washed out or lose their subtle color in photos.
  3. Neutrals are always a great option, but super dark colors may get lost and blend into the dark backdrop behind you.
  4. Opposing colors look great in person, but it doesn’t always translate on camera for headshots. Layer your look with items on the same side of the color wheel. Navy pairs well with royal blue and ivory is the perfect neutral for pink.
  5. Deep colors and rich jewel tones always pop on camera. Plus, they look great on every skin tone.

Once you’ve settled on a specific color, it’s best to bring a few different variations. For example, if you want to wear purple, consider bringing light purple, lavender, and dark plum tops to your headshot session. With Duane Furlong Studios, it’s easy to get new headshots that convey the right image. Plan your outfit and find the perfect fit.



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