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Professional Headshots: What You’re Really Paying For

Professional Headshots: What You’re Really Paying For

| Duane Furlong |


What you are really paying for in a professional headshot


Professional headshots might seem a little expensive, but it’s an investment you shouldn’t overlook. Your face is the center of your personal brand, and it’s super important that your memorable personality is poised to shine through.

Can you take a decent selfie with your iPhone?


Can you befriend an amateur photographer with a camera?

Yeah, sure.

Will a DIY headshot help you land the role, get the job, or match with the right person?



Common Misconceptions about headshots

As a professional headshot photographer, it’s a common misconception that only C-suite executives, models, actors, and public speakers need my services. No matter where you are in your career, you deserve to invest in your image.

DIY images are a decent placeholder, but not a long-term solution. We’ve all heard the phrase, ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have.’ Your headshot should be just as forward-thinking!

Let’s discuss the value of hiring a professional headshot photographer in Scottsdale – both what you’ll receive and what you’re investing in:


Headshot Studio Pricing

Most well-established, professional headshot photographers charge a studio fee for the session, and then you’re only required to pay for the images that you love. Make sure to choose a 5-star studio with transparent pricing. Define your personal brand with a handful of your favorite images. We recommend building a small portfolio of headshots to suit different opportunities.



The Value of a Professional Headshot Trusted Expert

With a long focal length lens and finely tuned lighting, I can reduce feature distortion and highlight your favorite features with crisp clarity. Taking your DIY selfie in front of a window may reduce awkward shadows, but our studio experience takes lighting to the next level


Expression Coaching

It’s hard to feel confident and photogenic in front of a camera – I completely understand. With a professional headshot photographer, you’ll also receive supportive, clear coaching to bring out your personality. No blank eyes or stiff smiles! Capture genuine expressions that are more flattering, memorable, and aligned with your professional goals.


Stress-Free Experience

Our headshot studio is a private space where you can feel comfortable and enjoy the process. Unlike a DIY image, you don’t have to worry about setup or re-dos. At Duane Furlong Studios, you can try on multiple outfits, test different backdrops, and see photo samples in real-time. There are no time limits, so you’re never rushed. Schedule online to reserve studio time and pay online. Easy!


Trust & Confidence

If you’re hiring staff headshots for all of your employees, we can help you present a polished, consistent brand image from end-to-end. As an individual, these professional images will stand out among a crowd of amateurs. Show that you’re serious, career-driven, and professional – all with a single glance.
A pro photographer will also make finishing touches with natural editing to make you look your very best. Instead of second-guessing and doubting your image, you’ll be able to post with confidence and get the job!
Is your amateur image holding you back? Click here to schedule your headshot session in Scottsdale, AZ with Duane Furlong Studios today.




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