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What to wear for headshots

What to wear for headshots

| Duane Furlong |


Wondering What To Wear For Your Headshots?


Are you asking yourself what to wear for headshots? Do you have a photoshoot coming up and not quite sure what to do? If you are looking to get some professional headshots taken and want those to come out looking amazing then stick around. Do your homework on what to wear for your headshots, and hire a professional photographer near you to get the very best, they can help advise you on what to wear. After all, regular people are not photographers, and are not always sure what will look professional and yet good with your personality. Below we’ve offered some helpful advice when it comes to choosing the perfect headshot outfit.

Don’t Wear Pale Colors

If you want your headshot to stand out, don’t wear white or any other pale shades, such as sky blue, pink, light green, pale yellow other light colors.  You don’t want these pale colors to draw attention away from your face. Even worse, light colors can cause your skin to appear paler than it actually is.

It’s even more critical to stay away from pale colors when doing outdoor headshots. On the other hand, if you insist on white or a pale color, wear a dark layer, such as a jacket, over the light color.

Use The Right Color Combination

If you’re using more than one color, be sure you have the right color combinations. It’s best to have simple color combinations since intense ones can cause distraction. Also, be sure that your color combinations are pieces with solid colors that are to be layered over each other. In other words, don’t wear patterned tops.

Some of the best color combinations that work well include those, such as:

  • Blue with dark or pale green, dark red and white.
  • Green with dark green, dark purple, dark blue and even black
  • Yellow with black, red, dark or light blue
  • Pink with blue, gray, red and black

Choose Solids Over Patterned Garments

Try to keep it as simple as possible, when it comes to choosing the style and design of your garments. Just think about how patterns seem to draw the focus of your headshot away from your face, which can defeat the purpose of the photo. If you still want to include a pattern, avoid particular patterns, such as plaids and big checks because they can draw attention to themselves in a big way.

What’s more, stay away from garments with small patterns, such as tiny stripes and checks. Tiny patterns can also be distracting. This is because of the manner in which pixels work on the camera, which can cause a condition known as a moire to appear on the image.

When the day arrived to have your headshots, bring along a few different options. This will allow the photographer to help you decide what would look best. Remember, your headshot is important for your brand. You want it to represent you and your brand. Dress in what you are comfortable in but also what your clients and customers would expect to see you.

Dressing Properly For Headshots

Wear what you love. Don’t wear something that someone told you would look great. Wear something you know looks great. This will come off in your emotions on film.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.6.5″ global_colors_info=”{}”]Keep it simple. This may sound easy, but don’t put on too much jewelry or wear any logos that are distracting, if you are not taking headshots for your brand. Be sure that you have as little as possible distracting the viewer from your face, this is, after all, a headshot.

Determine The Style For Your Photoshoot

Take the headshot in clothing that matches what you plan to do with it. Some like them to look extra professional while others want a more fun look. To determine what to wear for headshots, it really depends on what you are using the headshot for. For example, actors might use the headshots as a part of the portfolio. Commercial actors like to keep it a little more fun and light. However, actors that are looking to get roles, might look at adding some professional-looking photos as well to their portfolio. If you are an actor looking for headshots, remember, this is a part of your brand.

For men’s headshots, wearing something that fits you properly and isn’t bulky can make the shot look far more professional. And, for women’s basically the same, pick something that fits your curves properly, as your shoulders will look cleaner and the image of your face will stand out.

We hope that you have enjoyed your tips on what to wear for headshots. And if you need headshots near you in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, or any surrounding areas please give us a call!




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