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Modern Real Estate Team Headshots

Modern Real Estate Team Headshots

Having a professional real estate headshot is one of the most effective ways to communicate professionalism, confidence, and attract more clients. Of course, the best way to take a corporate headshot is through adequate planning, including choosing the right photographer, clothes, and poses, among many other things. Before you book a session with a professional headshot photographer in Phoenix, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

Check Out Other Team Photos for Inspiration

Websites like Pinterest have many photos which you can use to find inspiration for ways to enhance your personal brand with a professional headshot. You can also visit the profiles of other renowned real estate companies to get ideas, and then discuss options with your team’s headshot photographer.

Dress the Part

Everyone needs to be dressed for success. Treat your photoshoot as a meeting with a potential client. If you’re looking for something less formal, you can ditch the traditional suit and tie and go for a business casual look. 

However, it’s important to wear complementary colors–otherwise, the group shot may not come out as desired. Consult your photographer for tips on what to wear. 

Here are a few things you should avoid:

  • Excessive or statement jewelry pieces
  • Extremely brightly colored or flashy clothing
  • Baggy or ill-fitting clothing


As the session continues, you’ll find that team members will get more comfortable posing in front of the camera. Don’t worry too much here, as your photographer will direct the best poses for your group and help everyone feel more at ease. They’ll help your team to mix up poses as needed to make sure you get the best group headshots possible.

Remember to Smile

In a profession like real estate, you cannot afford to look dull–you don’t want to lose customers! People who smile during photographs appear trustworthy and kind, and trustworthiness is one of the most valuable skills clients look for in a real estate company.

Hair and Makeup

Ideally, your team’s headshots will be used across your agency’s social media, website, and advertising, so it’s best to put your best foot forward on shoot day. You should consider hiring a hairstylist and make-up artist to cater to each individual’s skin tone, hairstyle, and attire and keep them all as camera-ready as possible.

Choosing the Background

The background shouldn’t overshadow the image’s focal point. To be safe, consider a neutral background; however, if you want your organization to stand out from the crowd, you may want to choose something more colorful. Talking to your photographer will help narrow down the background that works best for your team’s branding goals.

Ask for a Second Opinion

You may be biased about your team headshots, which is why you should consider asking a neutral third party what they think. Choose a few shots and ask your colleagues which ones they think are best, which you can then use to increase brand awareness and catch the eyes of potential new clients.

Final Thoughts

Having professional real estate headshots is one of the most effective ways to communicate professionalism and confidence. Draw inspiration from websites and other real estate agencies to create your vision, and make sure that everyone looks their best and feels comfortable during the photoshoot, as this will shine through in your photos. Of course, an experienced Phoenix photographer from Duane Furlong Studios is ready to help your team do just that!


Professional Personal Branding Photoshoot

Professional Personal Branding Photoshoot

Having professionally taken photographs goes a long way in your branding. When choosing a seasoned photographer in Phoenix, it’s paramount to find one who can be sure you get quality photos that communicate professionalism–a solid photographer will help bring your ideas and visions to life through collaboration and guidance.

What to Do Before Your Photoshoot

There are a few things you need to have at the back of your mind to ensure you have the best possible photoshoot to reach your desired clients, such as:

  • Understanding the brand image you want to communicate
  • Identifying your ideal target client and the message you want to convey
  • Knowing what makes you stand out from the competition

Moreover, having a consultation with your photographer will help you learn how to enhance your brand with a professional headshot. They will then show you some ideas, and if you come across something that catches your eye and feel the photographer is a good fit, it’s time to book your professional headshot session. Adequate planning is one of the most effective ways to ensure you pass the intended message to your clients.

Hair and Makeup

It’s important to pay particular attention to your hair and makeup–if your budget is flexible, consider hiring a makeup artist and hairstylist for your shoot. They’ll be able to make sure your hair and skin look perfect for the camera at all times.

What to Wear

Did you know certain colors can help boost your confidence when in front of the camera? Neutrals are always a safe bet, but power colors, like red and blue, can portray an air of authority and confidence. Here are a few things to consider when choosing an outfit:

  • The message you want to convey–do you want to be known as an authority figure or be seen as creative? All-business or down-to-earth?
  • Pay attention to your brand identity–what kind of clothing aligns with the services your clients are looking for?
  • Choose your attire in advance–make sure you have enough time to check fit, comfortability, and cleanliness, and be sure it’s wrinkle-free before the shoot day.


A professional personal branding photoshoot doesn’t have to be an uphill task–with proper planning, you’ll be setting yourself up for a seamless photoshoot session. A Phoenix photographer with years of experience will help make the process a breeze–we’re ready to help here at Duane Furlong Studios!

Looking specifically for tips on professional corporate headshots for men or modern headshots for real estate agents? Take a look at some of our recent posts.


Male Professional Corporate Headshots

Male Professional Corporate Headshots

In this day and age, you cannot overlook the importance of professional corporate headshots for men. In this article, we will cover some tips to help you look your best during your photo session, as well as what to consider when finding a professional headshot photographer near you in Phoenix, Arizona.

Clothes and Wardrobe

Most people often struggle with what to wear when taking professional corporate headshots. Thankfully, you can choose to go formal, business, or business casual. All are viable options and depend on the message you’re wanting to convey with your headshots. By working with a seasoned photographer, they will advise you on which one of the three will work best for you.

Color is another aspect you need to be aware of–consider wearing neutral colors, such as black and gray to be on the safe side, or power colors, like red and blue.


Whether you have long or short hair, you need to look your best. It would be best to hire a hairstylist who can come to the session with you and style your hair as needed when trying out different attire. If you’re working on a tight budget, be sure to take time styling your hair yourself before going for the photo shoot.

Facial Hair

For those who don’t shave each day, consider bringing your shaving tools with you in case a touch up is requested, or prepare in advance by shaving the day before or the morning of the photoshoot to keep a fresh look.


These tips don’t just apply on the day of the photoshoot, but it’s also crucial to develop a routine a week or two before taking your headshot. After all, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. To ensure your skin looks the best, drink plenty of water, and consider exfoliating to wash away dead skin, which will help brighten your skin giving it a healthy glow for photos.


You don’t need to try too hard when posing for your headshot, as it’s best to look natural. The most important thing is showcasing your professionalism–smiling can help convey a sense of warmth and friendliness. A professional photographer will help you pose naturally to show off your best self.


Backdrops are influenced to a great degree by the industry. For professions that are more conservative, request backdrops in neutral colors such as black, navy, or gray. On the other hand, if you’re in a more creative industry, you can consider bold colors.

How to Prepare for Your Professional Headshot

To ensure you look your best during your professional headshot, it can help to do the following three things:

  1. Be sure to get adequate sleep, exercise, and moderate sunshine a few weeks before the photo shoot. Don’t forget to stay hydrated to make your skin look healthy and flawless.
  2. Try out your clothing days before your photo shoot. If you’re happy with what you see, be sure the outfit is cleaned, ironed, and hung properly to avoid any wrinkles. Trying your attire days in advance also gives adequate time to adjust it if it doesn’t fit well or look right.
  3. Lastly, look at other professional headshot photos to find inspiration–if you find something you like, you can show it to your photographer.

Ready for your corporate headshot session in Phoenix? We’re ready to help at Duane Furlong Studios to make sure you can enhance your personal brand with a professional headshot. Need photos for your whole company? We’ve got you covered with creative ideas for corporate group photos, as well!


Creative Corporate Headshots


Creative Corporate Headshots

What are creative headshots?

If you have landed on this blog, you’re probably looking to have headshots taken that aren’t your typical kind of headshot. A more creative type of headshot still shows professionalism but is used more often by innovators, writers, designers, etc. Creative headshots are more geared toward people who express their creativity in their day-to-day careers.

If you are a creative individual, the right photographer can help you promote that side of your work. This can advance your career and lead to more sales/connections/clients!

The more typical professional headshot may look more serious and professional than friendly and creative. If you decide to have more creative headshots taken, your images will be more interesting!

How a creative headshot differs from a business headshot:

  1. In a regular business headshot, I, as a photographer use my lighting in a certain way where there is no shadows on your face. This changes when I take more creative headshots because if I incorporate the right kind of shadow, it can make the image look edgier.
  2. The typical background colors are white, grey, black, etc. We take this to the next level and explore all the fun backdrops during a creative headshot session. Based on what you’re already wearing and how creative you want the headshots to be, we work together to find what is best for you.
  3. As someone who specializes in expression coaching, the expression coaching I give people during a creative headshot session is extremely different. I bring out your creativeness through your eyes and smile and the difference is crazy!

I absolutely recommend having creative headshots taken if they are right for you. You know yourself better than anyone. I tell my clients that if they use their creativity to effectively do their job, creative headshots are most likely a good fit for them.  

The importance of choosing the right headshot for you

Before I say anything, I want to mention that if you are unsure, get both. There is nothing wrong with getting one business headshot and one creative headshot. In the long run you’ll probably want to have both anyway because they can benefit you in different ways.

If you are only looking to get one type of headshot, I recommend reading this first.

The kind of headshot you choose for yourself should reflect how your clients would see you at work. What I mean by that is don’t wear a suit for your headshot if that’s not how a real client would see you or meet you at work. You don’t want to be misleading which is why you should wear what you would wear to work when meeting a client for the first time. When you come into the studio and I can get more of a feel of your type of work, we can then work together to decide on backdrops, poses, props, etc. I want your images to represent the real you!

What do you wear for creative headshots?

As I previously mentioned, you should wear what you would wear when meeting a client for the first time. What you should wear depends on your work’s theme and where you want to use the photo. In general, I recommend wearing solid colors and steering away from complex patterns. This does not mean that you can’t bring in something unique and I even recommend doing that!

Choosing the right outfit can be difficult and a lot of my clients struggle with it. If that is the case for you just let me know and I can provide you my professional guidance!

How do you pose during the shoot?

I truly get so many clients to come into the studio for their session stressed because they are rarely in front of the camera and don’t know what to do. I immediately tell them they are being silly because it’s not their job to know what to do. It’s my job to make you feel comfortable and use my experience and knowledge to land the best headshots for your needs.

During a creative headshot session, the poses become more interesting. You will not be posed straight in front of the camera like a typical headshot, but if you want those, we can do that too! We will focus on head tilts and different kinds of poses throughout the shoot.

Do you need creative headshots for you or your company?

I offer professional creative headshots, creative business portraits, and creative corporate photography throughout Arizona.


Phone: 480.201.7204

What is Branding Photography?


What is Branding Photography?

Taking your message, your colors, and your personality into a photo shoot that will grab your clients’ attention and influence their decision in working with you. That is branding photography. You can think of it as photography for your brand; not necessarily for yourself. That’s what headshots are for!

The average businessman or businesswoman may not know the importance of branding photography. This is especially true if you are in a business where you are not your whole brand.  Real estate agents for example are familiar with branding photographers because they are trying to promote themselves. What many don’t know is that branding photography could benefit everyone. Branding photography could be the difference in transforming your brand It doesn’t matter what industry you are in; you could benefit from having branding images taken of you. Let this be your reason to shine!

How Important is Branding Photography?

So what’s the difference? Do you really need to spend money on branding photography?

Well, having branding photography done will be one of the main reasons you stand out from the crowd. It shows you care, it shows professionalism, and most importantly, it shows what you are representing! Branding photography allows you to show the world what makes your business YOUR business. You are the only person who can create this for your business, your followers, and your clients. In the end you will not regret you did.

You may be thinking “Why can’t I just focus extra hard on my marketing?” Well, you could, but it wouldn’t make up for not getting branding images done. They are unique and will seriously make you and your brand stand out. Your headshots and your branding images are your first impression to your clients, and I tell people this all the time. Especially with how important social media is in our day-to-day lives, there is a good chance someone has already peaked at your social media profile(s) before physically meeting you. I am sure you are guilty of it too! That said, don’t you want your first impression to convey the message you are trying to build and send to people all around the world? Of course, you do. In the same way that you judge others by their poor or high-quality social media profiles, they do the same to you!

How can I make my branding photoshoot the most effective?

  1. Although the photoshoot will be fun and you’ll want to try all the poses and all the outfits, you need to make sure you are staying true to your brand. The energy that will portray through the image should be the energy that you use when branding your business, meaning the overall mood, colors, website, and design.
  2. You are welcome to include props in your branding session and I even encourage it! Do you do a lot of work from your computer? Bring it! You want to showcase the passion you have for working, so you are welcome to bring any props of your choice. I have props in my studio that could be to your benefit as well. Any photographer that does branding session should have the same at theirs as well.
  3. After your session, use your branding images everywhere! They should go on your website, business card, advertisements, social media, etc.!
  4. Schedule your shoot for when you are focused on building your website and your presence on social media. Having a lot (and the right kind) of content on your business platforms will ensure the right professionalism and credibility that you were hoping for.


Why should invest in a professional to take my branding images?

Photographers like me, who specialize in facial expression is the kind of photographer you want to take your images. Besides image quality, lighting, and retouching which all play a huge factor in the final image, the facial expression is definitely something you won’t get from your friend taking your images. Also, professional photographers know how to pose and use props if you decide to. The images should reflect the hard-working and displaced businessman or businesswoman that you are.


Do you need personal branding photography?

I offer professional branding photography, environmental branding photography, and corporate/ team branding photography throughout Arizona.


Phone: 480.201.7204


Creative Corporate Group Photo Ideas

Creative Corporate Group Photo Ideas

Most companies understand the value of social media in driving brand awareness. To paint the picture of what your organization stands for, it’s important to use photographs; with so many companies using social media, you need to stand out from the crowd–thus, the need for professional, eye-catching corporate photographs. Here are a few creative ideas for getting fantastic corporate group photos:



Headshots are a type of photo in which only the upper body is visible. There are many possibilities when it comes to headshots because they can be taken in various ways, including aerial views. When searching for the perfect photography studio in Phoenix, make sure to find a professional headshot photographer with experience in taking corporate photos.

Casual Candid

One trend that has gained traction over the years for businesses is taking candid photographs that show the subject in a natural, un-posed state. These are particularly helpful in showing the workplace in a good light when employees are in their work environment. The pictures can be taken when employees work at their desks, during breaks, or when conversing during meetings.

Event Photography

Event photography is a good way to showcase teamwork and camaraderie in an organization. These photos can be taken during company retreats, workshops, or interviews. Event photography helps capture the emotions of employees when they applaud, smile, or laugh in a group setting, portraying a natural sense of community and belonging.

Group Portrait

Portraits aren’t just reserved for individuals–taking corporate group portraits is a wonderful way to show a unified company with professionalism. These photos can be displayed in the office, as well as on company websites, brochures, social media, and business cards.

Tips for Taking the Best Group Photographs

Many considerations go into capturing a great photograph, but factor in a group of people and you may find it hard to coordinate everything for the right photo. Thankfully, we’ve put together some tips for taking the best possible corporate group photographs:


Because the primary goal is to increase brand awareness, all employees must be dressed in formal attire. When it comes to color, less is more. Employees should be advised to come adorned in neutral colors, such as black or gray, which communicates professionalism. They should also consider simple, professional accessories, such as watches or earrings for women; for men, a matching belt and watch are always a safe bet.


Although proper attire is key, it’s equally important to groom appropriately. Everyone’s hair should be styled appropriately and neatly, and men shouldn’t forget to trim or shave their facial hair.

Photo Posing

Good posing helps bring an element of realness to a group photo. Thankfully, the photographer will do most of the work here, and help groups looking natural and relaxed, even when folks may not be great at posing.


If the photographs are taken at the workplace, there are limitless choices for props that will help a group photo stand out–these can include computers, newspapers, work desks, phones, or whatever else may make sense for a particular company showing off its professionalism.


There are many creative corporate photo ideas you can try out, but regardless of what your company chooses, be sure everyone shows up dressed well, groomed properly, and with a great attitude. Arguably, the most important factor that determines the success of a corporate group photo is choosing a qualified professional, such as those at Phoenix’s very own Duane Furlong Studios!

Looking for some tips regarding professional corporate headshots for men or headshots for business women, specifically? Take a look at our recent posts.



Women’s Business Headshots


Women’s Business Headshots

Female business headshots are important for business branding, especially when creating a website. Having a professional headshot that sets you apart from the rest is a great place to start in helping build your ideal brand–it’s also a great way to portray the professionalism of the organization you work for and what it stands for.

If you’re looking for a professional headshot photographer near you in Phoenix, we’ve got covered! But first, let’s take a look at why business headshots are important, and how you can make sure you have a successful headshot shoot.


Impact of Professional Headshots on Success

Of course, getting clients is important–but attracting the right ones is vital. By having a headshot that portrays your intended message, you’re more likely to excel in your field by getting referrals. It’s crucial to carry the same message across all your social media pages. 

Tips for Professional Headshots

After you’ve decided that a professional headshot is what you need for your personal or business branding, the next step is to take the headshot. It might seem simple, especially because everyone has access to a camera thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, but here are a few ways to really ensure you have photos that convey professionalism:

Work With a Professional

Experience doesn’t lie–working with a professional can help you be sure you get the best possible headshot. It’s not a matter of walking to the first person or company you come across; you should research the photographer and look beyond their headshot portfolio to determine whether you should hire them.

Personal Branding

Before taking professional headshots, the most important thing is to think about the message and look you want to convey. Do you want to be formal or casual? Trustworthy or authoritative? You can discuss ideas with your photographer and they can give you advice on the best way to portray this through your headshot.


Come prepared for your professional headshot session as this can show in the final product. Some ways to prepare include getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, choosing the right outfit, and arriving on time to ensure the photos are taken without rushing.


It’s often said you should dress the way you want to be addressed, and this is also true for professional headshots. In terms of color, less is more–it’s best to choose simple tones, like black or gray, or power colors, like blue and red.

It would be best to avoid bold, bright colors, such as pink and yellow, which can portray playfulness and work against your favor if you’re going for a formal look. Here are a few more clothing tips for female professional headshots:

  • Avoid low-cut tops and spaghetti straps
  • Avoid clothes with a high neckline, such as turtlenecks


If you have a flexible budget to work with, you should consider hiring a hairstylist to get your hair camera-ready. If the stylist can come to the session with you, you can take different photographs while they alter the look as needed. This will help you get a variety of looks to more easily choose the right photos for your different social channels, website, or business card.


A makeup artist can come in handy during a professional headshot session as they know exactly how to get your face perfectly ready for bright lights and a camera. It’s recommended to go for a natural or simple classic look; it can also help to avoid products that shine or shimmer.


When preparing for your headshots, make sure you pick the best clothing, makeup, and hair style that shows your professionalism and brand. Don’t forget to get plenty of rest the day before and show up on time the day of the photoshoot to ensure you have plenty of time to take different headshots. With a little confidence and collaboration with a reputable studio or professional, you’re bound to have a product that you’re proud of. 

Ready for your Phoenix, Arizona headshot session, or looking for creative ideas for corporate group photos? At Duane Furlong Studios, we’re ready to help!


Professional Corporate Portraits


Professional Corporate Portraits

No matter what type of business you are in, you are represented by your employees and anyone connected to your company. When it comes to having those people represent you in a positive and promoting way you must have a professional corporate portrait. To a potential client, your personal first impression and the company’s first impression is reflected by the employee portraits on your website, social media, business cards, etc. Professional corporate portraits are worth the investment because of the versatility they hold. You can put your portraits anywhere and they will do nothing but benefit you!

The 2 Best Types of Corporate Portraits


  1. Professional Headshots

Most professional headshots are the ones you see as a social media profile picture. These are normally done in studio/setup in a building but can also be done outside. These images are taken only showing the upper body where the focus is on your face, which is also the representation of your company. This is your first impression and I recommend that you wear what you would normally wear when meeting a potential client for the first time.


  1. Branding Images

A branding photoshoot differs from a headshot photoshoot because of its way of showing character. These images are taken as a full body shot and tell your story through the image. These images are mostly taken at your place of work, but I have also done many branding shoots in my studio. This approach to a portrait is unique way of showing your professionalism through a photo and it still professional and popular in the business world. The clothes that people wear for a branding photoshoot differs from person to person. It is up to you and however you want to showcase your personality!

What Should You Wear for A Professional Portrait?


It is expected that you have a certain charm for your professional headshot. In a lot of cases, this worries a lot of people because they don’t know what to wear. I am here to tell you!

I always tell my clients solid-colored clothes are your best friend. We want the attention to be on you, not what you are wearing


Colors like purple, blue, and green always look great for corporate portraits, but I recommend choosing a mid-tone color that brings out your eyes (which is our focus in a headshot). Your confidence also shines through when you are wearing a color you know you look good in. 

For a headshot you should avoid colors that are too close to your skin tone. For a branding image you should also avoid colors that are close to your skin tone but also wear different colored pants and shirts.


I mentioned that solid colored clothing is your best friend and that is true. Patterned clothing takes away from the focus of the image (you)!


I will say that I have had clients come in wearing colors like bright yellow and the images looked amazing. Only wear bright colors like this if you are confident, you can pull it off!


You know yourself better than I do.

My job is to make you feel comfortable behind the camera and to get you the portraits of your dreams, but you know what you like more than I do.

  • If you have a good side, tell me.
  • If you have a pose you want to try, tell me.
  • If you have a certain emotion, you want the image to capture, tell me.

Do not worry if you are clueless walking into the session, most of my clients are, and that’s when I ask you questions and get to know you. This ensures that we get you the images you are looking for!


Corporate portraits play a role in the business world and help you engage/network with more people, especially on social media platforms like LinkedIn. This blog may have not answered all your questions, but I promise I can give you the answer you are looking for. I love what I do and I hope you will reach out to me!


If you are searching for a photographer for corporate headshots for your business,

employees, or for your social media profiles then you can contact me at or call at 480.201.7204


Female Doctor Headshot


Female Doctor Headshot

In the healthcare industry and for your own personal brand, not only is a professional headshot necessary but it is also expected. Patients look for professional, personable, and caring healthcare workers, and before they meet you in person, your image is what they will be judging this off.

The Human Eye Naturally Draws Towards Your Picture

When patients are on the hunt for a doctor that is right for them, more so than not they will only be skimming your website. Their eyes will draw towards your headshot more than the paragraph(s) of words. If your headshot is poor and low quality, do you think that they will continue reading anything about you?

This shows just how much people value a professional, high-quality, personable headshot. This is especially true when they are deciding on a person, they need to have 100% trust in a doctor.

People Judge a Book by its cover

No matter how many times people use this phrase referencing that it’s not a good thing to do, it’s natural for people to do it. Most of the time they don’t even realize it. This is even more true when people are choosing whether they want to proceed with you or not. A great example of that is a doctor. Other examples include realtors, therapists, hairdressers, etc.

Your potential patients will use your headshot as whether you are going to be able to give them the professional care they hope for. Regardless of the business, you are in however, a poor-quality headshot will reflect a careless and unprofessional image of your personality and how much pride you take in helping others.

A poor headshot will leave a potential patient thinking “If they don’t even care about their own headshot, who is to think they would care about the people that are trusting them with (in some cases) their life?”

A patient just wants to feel connected to you. Show them how much you love what you do by starting with a professional headshot.

A Headshot Will Strengthen Your Brand

As I mentioned, a patient wants to feel connected to you. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to add information and pictures of things you enjoy outside of work.

Do you have a family? Add a family picture to your website!

Your patients should know a little bit about you too! Your brand is whatever YOU want it to be, but you must build it.

How To Create the Quality Headshot

  • Patients want their potential doctor to give off a cozy, welcoming, and friendly appearance. Is that what your headshot is currently conveying? Or does it seem cold and unapproachable?
  • Avoid bright and busy colors in your headshot. Unless you decide to wear your white coat, I would wear some type of mid-tone color. For example, purples, blues, and greens are great options.
  • Is your headshot up-to-date, or is it 10 years old? If it is, patients can tell. It could even question how up-to-date you are with the medicine you’re practicing. A patient doesn’t want a doctor who isn’t staying up to date with medical trends and answers and an old headshot could cause that judgment.
  • Have your headshot taken by a professional headshot photographer. You will not receive what you are looking for if you try to take it yourself or have someone take it from you. The studio lighting and the after-image retouching are 2 of the main elements that make a professional picture actually look professional.
  • If you need headshots taken of multiple doctors, there needs to be consistency across the images. The backgrounds should be the same and they should all be wearing similar clothes.


If you are searching for a photographer for healthcare headshots for your personal medical brand or for multiple healthcare professionals, you can contact me at or call at 480.201.7204


Corporate Team Photoshoot


Corporate Team Photoshoot

Having professional group photography will increase business growth. A professional headshot photographer will be able to capture the personality and feel of the environment through the image. In today’s world, it is essential for companies to have a strong online and social media presence, which is why you want to invest in a professional photographer to capture the team in the best possible light.

No matter how big or how small your team is, group photography shows character, trust, and personality. Group photography greatly emphasizes cohesiveness and will be able to showcase types of ethics and friendliness clients won’t receive from just looking at individual headshots.

Having group photography done on top of having individual headshots shows the team working together. Group images will show your company culture. Is your company positive and cohesive? That will shine through the image. To be a team you must be able to successfully work together to complete tasks, so why wouldn’t you want to show clients that before they meet you?

Having high-quality and professional images can help promote your company’s values and representation. Team photos are so important to the company brand and should be given equal value and attention as any other marketing tool.


Does my team need to have individual headshots taken too?

In my professional opinion, it is essential.

Although I emphasize the importance of having team images, individual headshots have their own separate benefits that I will list below. A group image alone will not give you the highest representation of your business, you need to be able to state facts and information about each employee individually.

Reasons why group images can’t stand as the primary representation of your company

  1. What happens when one of your employees leaves the team or moves to a different apartment? Your team image will need to be replaced with an accurate one, which in the long run would just be a hassle.
  2. You will not be able to add information about any individual in the team, you would only be able to reference the team.
  3. I will say that I do not think you need to have individual headshots taken of every single team member, especially if you are a big company. What I recommend is having a professional headshot photographer come in and take individual headshots taken of your executive team, and then take a big group photo!

I absolutely recommend and love taking team photos. I just don’t want you to make the mistake of using a team photo as a replacement for individual headshots.

The Importance of Individual Corporate Headshots

  1. LinkedIn profile picture- It’s best to have your company represented and have a consistent look all over! When your staff comments on your social media and all of their profile pictures look like they are a part of the same company it looks professional.


  1. A headshot can be a recruitment tool- The look of a friendly and professional picture may help potential employees feel more comfortable before entering an interview.


  1. Putting a face to the name- As more people are working from home, it may be difficult to remember who is who. A headshot could give you that reminder every time you are conversing with them online!


  1. Social media- Most companies like to post their employee’s headshots when referencing them in a social media post. This is so much more personable than just tagging them.


  1. Team bonding- The whole experience of a photographer coming to your location and taking headshots is also a great team bonding activity. It creates a ton of chatter and time for your staff members to talk to people they haven’t before.


  1. Will give your employees a sense of value- A good headshot can really make your employees feel valued in and out of the office. I even have many corporate employees tell me they want to use it for personal use too!


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