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Modern Corporate Headshots

Modern Corporate Headshots

For a professional, standing out from the crowd is what’s going to land you the dream job or the dream client. Most people get hired not only based on their skill set, but also because they bring a lot of personality and authority to their workplace. A great corporate headshot is one way to showcase that personality–so let’s look at some of the tips and trends that could help you with your modern corporate headshots.

Find an Experienced Photographer

When it comes to your corporate headshot taken here in Phoenix, it’s essential to invest in a professional headshot session. Getting a talented and experienced photographer will help you capture the right look for your industry. Additionally, they will know how to pose you so your features are highlighted and a sense of confidence is conveyed. If you’re not confident in front of the camera, they’ll be able to put you at ease and help you relax into the perfect shot. 

So, when it’s time to update your corporate headshot, book a session with an experienced Phoenix photographer. If you are a professional active on social platforms, this is probably the best way to take a professional photo for Linkedin

What Are Some Corporate Headshot Trends?

Gone are the days of the stuffy, formal headshots. These days, it’s all about connecting with your potential employer or client, and the best way to do that is by showing your personality. This doesn’t mean you should go crazy with props or wear something outrageous–but a little bit of quirkiness can go a long way. 

In principle, modern corporate headshots are all about looking vibrant, competitive, knowledgeable, and approachable. It is incredible how much of a difference a genuine smile can make in a headshot.

How Can You Know Your Headshot Portrays You Perfectly?

Your corporate headshot should accurately represent who you are and what you do. For example, if you’re in a creative field, your headshot should show that you’re creative, and if you’re in a more formal industry, your headshot should reflect your professionalism. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to make sure your headshot looks recent. The last thing you want is your potential employer or client to think you’re out of touch with the latest trends.

What Should You Wear for Your Corporate Headshot?

Regarding what to wear for your corporate headshot, there are a few things to remember:

First, you want to ensure you’re wearing something appropriate for your industry. If you’re in a creative field, you might consider wearing something a little more stylish or unique, but if you’re in a more formal field, you’ll want to stick to a more traditional look. 

Second, you want to make sure your clothing is comfortable. You don’t want to be fidgeting with your clothes or pulling at your shirt the whole time, so make sure you wear something that will make you feel good and confident.

Tips to Make Sure Your Corporate Headshot Looks Great

Now that you know how to prepare for your corporate headshot, it’s time to think about how to make sure your photo looks as fantastic as possible.

Always remember: it’s important to smile. A genuine smile is always the best way to show off your personality. Another tip is to make sure you’re making eye contact with the camera, which will help you connect with your potential employer or client. Finally, don’t forget to relax and have fun–your corporate headshot should reflect your personality. 


A modern corporate headshot is key to standing out from the competition and landing that dream job or client. These days, it’s all about showing your personality to connect with potential employers or clients, and the best way to do that is by using modern photography techniques to capture you in your natural element. So relax, take some deep breaths, and enjoy your photo shoot right here in Phoenix–we’ll make the experience a breeze at Duane Furlong Studios.


How to Take a Professional Photo for Linkedin

How to Take a Professional Photo for Linkedin

Is your LinkedIn profile photo looking a little outdated? Or, are you just starting to build your professional presence online and want to make a good first impression? Before you decide to go at it on your own or head down to your local headshot photographer in Phoenix, Arizona, follow these tips for taking a great LinkedIn profile photo.

What to Wear

The key is to dress like you would for a job interview or a day at the office–this means avoiding anything too casual, like jeans or t-shirts. Instead, opt for business casual attire, such as slacks or a skirt with a blouse or button-down shirt. You could wear a blazer or sweater if you want to dress up a bit.


As for colors, it’s best to stick with neutral hues like black, gray, or navy. These colors will ensure that you look professional and approachable. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and dress a little more formally than you think you need to. After all, you can always take off a jacket or remove a piece of jewelry if you feel like you’re overdressed, but if you show up underdressed, it could give the impression that you’re not taking the opportunity seriously.

How to Pose

When it comes to LinkedIn profile photos, the most important thing is to look approachable and friendly, meaning you should avoid crossing your arms or looking too serious. Instead, try to relax and give a genuine smile. If you’re unsure how to pose, ask your photographer for guidance–they should be able to help you find a flattering and comfortable position that’s picture-perfect.


In addition to looking approachable, you also want to ensure that you look confident–so be sure to stand up straight and avoid slouching. You might also want to place one hand on your hip to help accentuate your waist and create a more flattering silhouette.


Finally, make sure that you’re looking directly into the camera, which will help engage viewers and make sure they can see your face. If you’re having trouble looking directly into the lens, try focusing on a point just above the camera. This should help you relax and appear natural.


Looking for tips on how to pose for a corporate headshot? Check out this recent post.

Choosing the Right Background

A great background can help solidify your profile’s personality. After all, you don’t want anything to distract from your lovely face.


The best backgrounds are simple and uncluttered, and some great options include a solid colored wall or backdrop paper. You can also opt for using your office or workspace as a blurred background–just make sure that there’s not too much going on behind you. Otherwise, viewers might have trouble focusing on your face.

How to Take a Great Headshot

Professional and corporate headshots can be modern and fresh as long as you know what you’re doing. First, start with a great outfit and pose that flatters your body. Then, choose a simple background and make sure the lighting is soft and flattering. Finally, focus on the camera and give a genuine smile.


Of course, instead of doing these yourself, you always have the option to hire a talented photographer right here in Phoenix to unload the burden of everything from setup to processing, ensuring you have a creative eye to help you get the perfect photo.

Editing Your Professional Photo

After taking a good photo, post-processing is just as important as the photoshoot itself. Fortunately, there are several great editing tools that you can use, even if you’re not a professional photographer. For example, the free app Snapseed offers a wide range of features that can help you tweak your photo until it’s perfect. Once you’re happy with your edited image, save it as a high-resolution JPEG file so that it looks sharp when viewed on LinkedIn. Of course, an experienced, professional photographer will be able to take care of the editing process for you.


A great LinkedIn profile photo can make a big difference in how potential employers and connections perceive you, so if you’re looking to make a good impression, follow these tips on what to wear, pose, and how to take an awesome photo. With a little effort, you’ll indeed have a headshot that helps you put your best foot forward, and your Phoenix photographer friends and Duane Furlong Studios are ready to help make the process as easy as pie.

Corporate Headshot Poses

Corporate Headshot Poses

Maybe you’ve booked a session to get your corporate headshot taken, and now you’re trying to mentally prepare yourself for what’s to come–there are a few things you need to do before your headshot shoot to ensure that everything goes smoothly and you end up with an impressive photo. To avoid being disappointed, make sure you hire a professional photographer for your headshots here in Phoenix.

Here’s our comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about corporate headshots, from what to wear to how you can pose; so that you can walk into your session feeling confident and prepared.

What to Wear for a Corporate Headshot

Your clothing choices for a corporate headshot should be professional yet stylish–think business casual. Avoid anything too flashy, casual, or sporty like tee shirts, jeans, and sneakers. You want to look like the best version of yourself, so take some time to try different outfits and see what looks good on camera. If you’re not sure what to wear, you can always consult with a professional stylist who can help you put together the perfect outfit for your shoot.

How to Pose for a Corporate Headshot

Corporate headshots should strike the right balance between looking approachable and professional. You want to look like someone potential clients or customers would like to do business with, but you also don’t want to come across as too stiff or unapproachable.  Getting a professional corporate headshot taken is also probably the best way to take a professional photo for Linkedin or to get a professional headshot for women in law.

Ideal Corporate Poses

Here’s a quick guide on poses you can try and choose from for your upcoming shoot:

Power Pose

This pose is a great way to project confidence and approachability. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips. You can also try variations of this pose–try placing your hands on your hips, tilting your head to the side, or crossing your arms in front of your chest.

Crossed Arms

This pose reflects your strength and a strong demeanor. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and cross your arms in front of your chest; make sure to smile so as not to come off closed and unapproachable.

Corporate Standard

This is a classic pose that works well for both men and women. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and place your hands on your sides–this pose exudes confidence and authority.

Hands on the Hips

This pose gives the aura that you’re open and welcoming. You can also try variations of this pose–stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and place your hands on your hips. You can place one hand on your hip and the other behind your back, or you can clasp your hands in front of you.

Over the Shoulder

This pose shows off your personality while also making you look approachable. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and place one hand on your hip. Then, tilt your head to the side and look over your shoulder at the camera. This pose is also great for showing off any jewelry or accessories you might be wearing.

Play With a Prop

This pose shows personality and style, and is a great pose option if you have glasses or an object like a basketball or pen. Hold the prop in your hand and look natural–you can also try different variations of this pose by interacting with the object naturally while smiling.

The Casual Pose

This pose shows that people can talk to you easily. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and place your hands in your pockets. This pose also works well if you’re wearing a button-down shirt or dress, as it will help to prevent any wrinkles from showing.


Posing for a corporate headshot doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful–get out there and strike a pose! By following these tips, you’ll be sure to look your best and impress potential clients or customers. Of course, an experienced Phoenix photographer like those at Duane Furlong Studios can help guide you through various poses and make sure you feel as confident and comfortable as possible throughout your entire session.

Female Attorney Headshots

Female Attorney Headshots

As a female lawyer, putting your best foot forward is important–the need for legal services never runs out. In fact, a high-profile case may be just around the corner, and you don’t want to look like you’re unprepared.

A professional headshot is an essential part of your brand. It’s the first impression potential clients will have of you, and you want to ensure it’s a good one! Luckily for you, we’re here to help. Here are our top tips for getting the perfect female attorney headshot.

Do Attorneys Need Headshots?

Absolutely–in today’s digital world, a professional headshot is more important than ever. With so much of our lives online, your headshot is usually the first impression potential clients will have of you. You want to make sure it’s a good one!

Whether for your associate photo or your senior partner photo, we understand that skill and credibility are communicated easier with a great headshot. So don’t put off the task of getting a professional headshot taken by a photographer right here in Phoenix, Arizona.

How to Prepare for Your Headshot Session

First, choose the right outfit–you want something that is professional but still reflects your style. Opt for something more formal and avoid flashy clothes. If you’re unsure of what colors will look best, stick to classic neutrals like black, navy, or gray. 

Next, pay attention to your hair and makeup–you want to look professional but approachable. A simple hairstyle and natural-looking makeup will usually do the trick, and you can even choose to hire a professional stylist to help the day of your shoot.

Finally, relax and be yourself! Your headshot should reflect your personality, so try to enjoy the experience and let your true self shine through. 

How to Pose for Your Headshot

A good headshot not only needs to be clear and well-lit, but it also needs to convey confidence and credibility. While there are a lot of factors that go into making a great headshot, one of the most important is posing. Here are some tips for how to pose during your headshot photoshoot:

The Power Pose

Standing tall with your arms or hands on your hips can help you look confident and powerful. It is great for conveying authority in your headshot.

The Open Pose

Avoid crossing your arms or legs in your headshot, as this can make you look closed off and unapproachable. Instead, try an open pose with your arms at your sides or slightly away from your body.

Friendly Pose

Remember that a headshot should convey approachability, so don’t be afraid to smile and show some teeth! A genuine smile will help you come across as credible and likable.

Knowing how to pose for a corporate headshot can influence your profile’s conversion rate. A great headshot draws people in, making them want to learn more about you. When you put in the effort to get a great headshot, you’re showing potential clients that you’re serious about your career, and that’s always a good impression.

Choosing the Right Photographer

When choosing a photographer, female attorneys have a few things to consider. First, what type of image do you want to portray? Are you looking for an “I win cases” look? Or, are you looking for a crime fighter look? Whatever the case, choose a photographer that can capture the image you want and be sure to discuss with them your intentions.

Second, consider your budget. Choose a photographer that fits your budget and can deliver the quality of work you expect. Not all photographers have the same approach and technique, so choose the one that fits your needs and budget as closely as possible. 

Finally, be sure to review portfolios and ask for references–a good photographer will have a strong portfolio and an array of positive references.

Final Thoughts

As a female attorney, having a great headshot that captures who you are is important. Taking the time to prepare for your headshot and finding the right photographer is worth it, as your headshot can go a long way in establishing your brand and catching the attention of high-profile clients. So, be sure to update that headshot on your law firm’s website regularly. We’re here to help at Duane Furlong Studios for all your headshot needs in Phoenix–just drop us a line!

Looking for tips on getting headshots for women in real estate, instead? We’ve got you covered–take a look at our recent article.

Female Realtor Headshots

Female Realtor Headshots

In the competitive real estate industry, first impressions matter a great deal. When potential clients look at your headshot, they should see someone professional and trustworthy. 

As a female realtor, having a professional headshot is essential. Not only does it help you stand out from the competition, but it also helps build trust with potential clients. Whether for your social media profile or your hand-out deck, a great headshot can do wonders to open up the doors to a sale, so let’s look at a few things you could consider when going for that great headshot.

How to Choose the Right Photographer

Before you make an appointment for professional headshots in Phoenix, you must find someone with the necessary qualifications and experience for this requirement. It also helps to consider a professional who is comfortable and able to highlight the female personality. But how do you choose the right photographer to capture that perfect headshot? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

First, consider the style of photography you want. Do you prefer a traditional headshot or something with a more creative flair? Once you’ve narrowed your options, look at each photographer’s portfolio to get a sense of their work.

Next, think about the budget. Headshots can range in price depending on the photographer and the type of shoot you need, but a quality headshot session will help boost your brand and business–so it’s certainly worth the investment.

Finally, schedule a consultation with your top choice before booking anything–this is your chance to get to know the photographer and ensure they’re the right fit for you.

What to Wear for Your Headshot

What you wear for your headshot speaks of your personality. It significantly affects how polished and professional you look in your photo, and in the real estate industry, credibility is everything.

First, you want to dress for the occasion. If you’re selling high-end homes, you should look polished and put together. You can dress down a bit if you’re selling more casual properties. Second, pay attention to the colors you’re wearing–avoid anything too bright or subdued, and opt for something in the middle that will stand out on marketing platforms yet exude a sense of professionalism. Finally, be sure your clothing is comfortable, clean, and wrinkle-free.

After all, a headshot is a snapshot of who you are as a professional. Who knows, it might also be the perfect headshot for your dating app profile! So relax, be yourself, and dress for success.

How to Prepare for Your Headshot Session

Headshots are an essential part of any real estate professional’s marketing arsenal. They provide potential clients with a way to put a face to your name and help you stand out from the competition, but getting a great headshot doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your session:

Hair and makeup

When it comes to hair, keep it simple and tidy. If you have long hair, consider wearing it pulled back in a low ponytail or bun. As for makeup, go for a natural look that enhances your features without looking overdone. A light foundation, mascara, and a nude lip color should do the trick.

Be Confident

Headshots can be a bit intimidating; after all, you’re looking into a camera lens and trying to exude confidence, all while hoping that the result will be a flattering photo. But there’s no need to stress! Follow these simple tips, and you’ll be sure to rock your headshot. Just try to think of the camera as your friend. Make eye contact with the lens, and imagine that you’re catching up with an old friend. Remember that confidence is vital–so stand up straight, hold your head high, give your best pose, and smile. 

Just Be You!

Relax and be yourself! Your headshot is an opportunity to show the world who you are as a professional, so take a deep breath and have a great time! Pretend to be a celebrity and enjoy the photo shoot.


With some preparation, you can take amazing headshots that will help you attract new clients and grow your business. So go ahead and schedule that headshot session right here in Phoenix, Arizona–we’re ready for you at Duane Furlong Studios!

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How to Take Pictures for Dating Apps

How to Take Pictures for Dating Apps

If you are single and searching, there’s no shame in using online dating to help you find your soulmate. Whether it’s headshots for women in real estate or feminine headshots for female executives, having the right photo can make a big difference in getting what you want. Showing your best side and making yourself both approachable and intriguing isn’t an easy task. If you want a photo that is not boring, embarrassing, or overly curated, this article will help you learn how to get exactly that.

Avoid Crowds

It is not advisable to be in a crowd in your pictures–a good photograph should not have more than three or four people as it can make a potential date struggle to find which one is the right person. Of course, solo-photos are best to show off all that is you!

Take Quality pictures

If you’ve ever made an appointment for professional headshots, you know how much work it can take to get a quality photo. A dark, low resolution, or blurry photo can make people think negatively about you, or it may tell them you don’t want to work on your profile. Low-quality photos can also be seen as ingenuine. 

Have a Natural Smile

Having a picture of you showing a natural smile will make your profile attractive. For women, a broad smile showing their teeth often wins more likes; for men, a soft smile exposing fewer teeth is preferred by many.

Dress Well

Dressing well is a path to success, as it shows someone takes care of themselves. Good outfits can also provide an easy topic for potential dates to comment on. 

Avoid Selfies

Prospective dates are rarely impressed by selfies. You have to hold your camera awkwardly and have fewer poses to choose from. 


Avoid busy backgrounds as they will distract people and risk making the photo unattractive. A simple background that communicates something about you is ideal.

Be Honest

Show your true self or people will feel cheated when your online photos do not match the version of you they finally meet. Including a photo that shows your entire body, as well as pictures without sunglasses or a hat can help people trust you. It’s also best to avoid using old photos—potential dates want to see how you look now.

Use a Variety of Photos

Do not put just one profile photo on your dating app, as this doesn’t give people a good sense of who you really are. Choose up to ten photos that show you in different poses and settings.

Avoid Filters

Do not use any filters on social media, as they’ll make you look unnatural. If needed, you can use a black and white filter on some photos to diversify your profile.

Find the Right Look

Both men and women have different ways of posing. Still, most people prefer to see potential partners with photos showing them looking right into the lens so they can get a more intimate feel of who they may be.

The objective of online dating is to meet in real life–so show your true self and try to make genuine connections, and you’ll be on your way to finding what you’re looking for. Of course, a professional and experienced photographer can help you get just the right look! Ready for your own photo session in Phoenix? Check out our work at Duane Furlong Studios–we’re ready to help!

The Best Female Executive Headshots

The Best Female Executive Headshots

Executive headshots are becoming increasingly essential for businesses. From press releases to LinkedIn profiles, executives in real estate require modern realtor headshots to show the world that they are competent and trustworthy, and all other executives need proper headshots, as well. Whether you decide to take your pictures yourself or hire a professional headshot photographer in the Phoenix area, there’s a lot to consider to make sure your headshots are just right. 

Importance of a Professional Headshot

It’s a Business Card

In an age where you’ll rarely get to meet a potential client and hand them a business card, headshots are a kind of currency. Most people will look at your social media profile before considering you for a job and a good headshot is an opportunity to show them you are the right person for the job.

It Shows What Your Brand Is About

The appearance of your photo should match your brand. Your photographer should advise on what suits you best, and you should remember this is a team effort—let your photographer know what you are trying to convey.

It Tells About You

A headshot is a good way to tell prospective clients a little something about you. Your picture should display your personality through your background, facial expression, and attire.


How to Ensure Best Results From Your Executive Headshot

Once you opt for professional headshots, here are a few tips that can help you get satisfactory results:

Book a Pre-session Appointment

Book a pre-session appointment with your photographer to build a good relationship. It will make you comfortable with the photographer and enhance the shoot’s success. Use this first session as an opportunity to ask questions and help you and the photographer plan the shoot requirements. This also allows you to discuss your company requirements and the kind of image you need and the photographer can more accurately plan the proper lighting and background.

Offer Examples of Images You Like

Give the photographer sample images with the look you aspire to have. Explain to them what you like about the samples to help them understand what you need.

Wear the Right Clothes

Whether you’re planning a professional photo or trying to get the perfect headshot for your dating app profile, it matters what you wear. Your wardrobe is essential in making your first impression.

Dress like you are going into your dream job. Don’t opt for attire with bright colors or colors that can blend into your skin tone. If you want to wear jewelry, choose simple pieces that match your outfit. Solid colors are usually superior to patterns for headshots, but if you choose clothes with a pattern, make sure it’s low-contrast. There are many styles of neckline that can work, just remember the aim is to keep the viewer focused on your face, not what you wear.


Hairstyle is also an important part of the headshot; if possible, consult a hairstylist. If you get a haircut or color, have the service done a week before the shoot, so your hair can look as natural on you as possible–don’t choose a hairstyle that you have never worn before.

With the right headshot you can not only bring in new business, but bring in new clients you want to attract—people who understand you and your style. Ready for your headshot session in Phoenix? We’re ready for you at Duane Furlong Studios and will make your executive headshot experience a breeze.

Modern Realtor Headshots

Modern Realtor Headshots

Real estate agents meet and interact with many clients on social media and property listing websites, so their headshot is often their first impression. Having a high-quality professional photo that shows who you are and what you stand for is important. It’s not easy though—you have to find the perfect outfit for your LinkedIn headshot, find a way to seem both approachable and professional, and decide if you need to find a professional headshot photographer in your area.

In this article, we’ll talk about why headshots matter, and how to get the one that’s right for you–right here in Phoenix, Arizona.

Why Modern Realtor Headshots Matter

Help Clients Easily Find You

Although you may strive to build relationships in person, most people use the internet to find their homes. Maintaining an online presence with quality headshots will increase the chances of attracting more clients.

The First Impression Is Vital

Most clients judge your trustworthiness and likability by looking at your professional photograph. Good first impressions will help achieve long-term relationships with the customers.

How to Get the Best Realtor Headshots

Check Other Realtor Headshots

Many people don’t get comfortable in front of the camera–if you don’t feel ready for your shoot, check out other realtors’ photos for inspiration. Although headshots are meant to be simple and keep the focus on you, looking at other realtors’ professional photos will help you get some ideas for poses, hairstyles, backgrounds, and expressions. By looking at a variety of choices, you can see what’s standard and find your own style, and discuss ideas with your photographer.

Dress Well

When planning to dress for your headshot, dress like you would be attending your first meeting with an important client. If you are a commercial real estate agent, a tie and a suit might work well; a button-down shirt and jeans might look good for residential real estate agents. Dressing in an outfit that displays your confidence and represents your clients is vital.

Women can consider feminine headshots for female executives, but all genders should avoid brightly colored, patterned, or ill-fitting clothing. 

Power Pose

How you feel will be displayed in your photos; therefore, do all you can to boost your confidence. Even if one of your most important deals fell on the morning of your shoot, you can boost your confidence with power poses. Raise your arms above your head for a minute to boost your sense of power and hype yourself up. It can also help to think about what pose you want photographed before you get to the shoot—if your photographer helps you pose, you may feel uncomfortable with the posture.

Hire A Professional 

Hiring a professional photographer can help you get satisfactory results. There are many factors that affect the quality of a photograph, so if you choose to work with a local Phoenix headshot photographer, make sure you check their work for skillful lighting and good poses.


When considering your background, make sure it doesn’t have distrating features that could prevent viewers from focusing on the subject—solid, neutral colors are usually best, especially when used with small photos that will appear online.


When you smile in your photo, it conveys trustworthiness, and though it doesn’t truly determine your competence, many clients prefer to hire people who look happy.

Regularly Update Headshots

Updating your headshot regularly is crucial to getting clients and building relationships with them. Customers believe in those who look like their photos, so be sure you at least update your photos when you change your hairstyle, lose or gain weight, or move to another firm. 

Build relationships and scale your realtor business by getting modern realtor headshots at Duane Furlong Studios, right here in Phoenix. We’ll help make the process simple and provide fantastic headshots that will be an effective way of increasing visibility and influencing your brand across online and print.

What to Wear For a LinkedIn Headshot

What to Wear For a LinkedIn Headshot

A proper headshot is vital to improving your business and personal brand—it portrays that you’re trustworthy, confident, and professional, and it can help attract more clients. Preparing well for your headshot portrait will help you enjoy the session and feel satisfied with the results. If you’re doing it yourself, you need to learn about the best way to take a corporate headshot, including what clothes to wear and how to style your hair. If you decide to invest in professional headshots from a Phoenix, Arizona photography studio, consulting your photographer in advance will help you feel relaxed and confident, which can have a big impact on the photos.

If you’re a real estate agent–you are in the business of relationships, and the best way to market yourself is by having modern realtor headshots–so be sure you do it right.

Wear Well-Fitting Clothes

Baggy clothing may feel comfortable, but it rarely looks good in photographs. Larger clothes can add bulk up and make you appear heavier than you are, and tight clothing can be equally unflattering on the other side of the lens. Wear clothes that fit you well and compliment your body.

Think About the Use of the Photo

Corporate portraits have specific functions. Be aware of your viewers, where the picture will be used, and, if you’re trying to attract clients, what clients you are appealing to. Match your presentation to your target audience.

How Men Should Wear

Men can relax their dressing a bit by avoiding a formal business suit, unless the man in question dresses like that daily at work. Choose plain colored clothes with no stripes, or consider the classy look of a suit jacket with a shirt and no tie. 

How Women Should Wear

Women should wear plain, solid color attire that makes them feel great. Do not wear anything sleeveless or too revealing. You can put on a dress, jacket, sweater, or blouse, as long as your attire is free from stripes or prints. 


Colors can convey different meanings and impact our moods and energy. Wear colors that display the message and energy you want to communicate to potential clients. If you’re unsure, neutrals are always a safe bet.


In terms of body language, the shape of your shoulders can show your ability to handle responsibilities—if they appear square, you may be perceived as a reliable person. However, wearing a jacket or not depends on the message you want to convey. If you want to be seen as capable of leading a team and handling a project, you might want to choose a jacket. If you want to prioritize being seen as friendly, skip the jacket altogether.


Necklines should not be an overwhelming consideration for your wardrobe plan. Consider what you want to convey to your viewers and what you feel is flattering to you. Necklines are interpreted differently depending on what people see—a low-cut top could mean you are comfortable with your body and position, but it could also be seen as unprofessional. If you have broad shoulders, consider a v-neck or a cut that breaks up your torso lines.

Should I Wear Glasses?

If you wear glasses, keep them on for your headshot—if people are used to seeing you with them on, it can look strange to see you without them. If you’re taking your headshots yourself, make sure you’re aware of possible reflection in your lenses.

With these tips, you’ll have fantastic headshots in no time. And remember, if you change your look, update your photographs so your online presence reflects who you are. 

Ready to take the leap with an experienced, professional Phoenix photographer? Reach out to us at Duane Furlong Studios today–we’re ready to help!

How to Take Corporate Head

How to Take Corporate Headshots

Demand for corporate headshots has been on the rise as more and more professions require them—from a classic photo for a company website to modern headshots for real estate agents, working with a professional headshot photographer has become nearly standard practice for some people. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, and your headshot is your first introduction to many potential clients.

What Should a LinkedIn Photo Look Like?

The right LinkedIn photo is crucial to presenting a good impression and personality–this means that you have to find the perfect outfit for your LinkedIn headshot. A corporate shot is different from a wedding or fashion photoshoot, meaning it has to be simple and formal with no elaborate poses. Here’s how your photo should appear:

  • Your face should fill the majority of the frame.
  • The image should look real.
  • There should only be one person in the photo.
  • The subject should have a confident, genuine, and friendly expression.
  • The subject should dress for the occasion by wearing what they would wear to the job.

How Is a Corporate Headshot Different From a Common Photo?

A corporate photo is not different from a standard headshot when it comes to composition. The objective differs, however—a corporate headshot aims to show professionalism, and a solid photographer will be able to make sure this happens.

Steps of Taking a Professional Headshot Photo

Before you start, research the kind of photo you need. Here are a few steps to help you get satisfactory results:

Choose an Indoor Location With Good Lighting

One of the best places for photographing a headshot is indoors. The subject should stand away from direct sunlight in front of a solid backdrop color. It can be hard to get good lighting, so it is crucial to look for the right place; if you don’t want to shoot indoors, outdoors can work as long as you choose a backdrop that makes it look like a professional photography studio. 

Simple Backdrop

Because this is a professional headshot, the background should be simple. The focus is on the subject, and a busy background can distract the viewer from the subject.

Camera Height

While taking a headshot, the height of the camera should be on eye or nose level or just a little higher than eye level—higher or lower, and the subject could appear even slightly distorted.

Take Several Shots

Your photographer should take several shots so that you have multiple options to choose from. Be sure they take multiple headshots of one pose from different angles to avoid issues of focus or the subject blinking.

Lean In

This is a casual and comfortable posture for most subjects, especially at the beginning of the session to get them used to the camera. Try sitting and leaning towards the camera and resting your chin in your palm or on yourfist.

Of course, an experienced and professional Phoenix photographer at Duane Furlong Studios can help you achieve your corporate headshot goals, and will take all of these aspects into account so you don’t have to! We’ll make sure you feel at ease and look as professional as possible, no matter how comfortable you may be in front of the camera.