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How to Take Pictures for Dating Apps

How to Take Pictures for Dating Apps

| Duane Furlong |

How to Take Pictures for Dating Apps

If you are single and searching, there’s no shame in using online dating to help you find your soulmate. Whether it’s headshots for women in real estate or feminine headshots for female executives, having the right photo can make a big difference in getting what you want. Showing your best side and making yourself both approachable and intriguing isn’t an easy task. If you want a photo that is not boring, embarrassing, or overly curated, this article will help you learn how to get exactly that.

Avoid Crowds

It is not advisable to be in a crowd in your pictures–a good photograph should not have more than three or four people as it can make a potential date struggle to find which one is the right person. Of course, solo-photos are best to show off all that is you!

Take Quality pictures

If you’ve ever made an appointment for professional headshots, you know how much work it can take to get a quality photo. A dark, low resolution, or blurry photo can make people think negatively about you, or it may tell them you don’t want to work on your profile. Low-quality photos can also be seen as ingenuine. 

Have a Natural Smile

Having a picture of you showing a natural smile will make your profile attractive. For women, a broad smile showing their teeth often wins more likes; for men, a soft smile exposing fewer teeth is preferred by many.

Dress Well

Dressing well is a path to success, as it shows someone takes care of themselves. Good outfits can also provide an easy topic for potential dates to comment on. 

Avoid Selfies

Prospective dates are rarely impressed by selfies. You have to hold your camera awkwardly and have fewer poses to choose from. 


Avoid busy backgrounds as they will distract people and risk making the photo unattractive. A simple background that communicates something about you is ideal.

Be Honest

Show your true self or people will feel cheated when your online photos do not match the version of you they finally meet. Including a photo that shows your entire body, as well as pictures without sunglasses or a hat can help people trust you. It’s also best to avoid using old photos—potential dates want to see how you look now.

Use a Variety of Photos

Do not put just one profile photo on your dating app, as this doesn’t give people a good sense of who you really are. Choose up to ten photos that show you in different poses and settings.

Avoid Filters

Do not use any filters on social media, as they’ll make you look unnatural. If needed, you can use a black and white filter on some photos to diversify your profile.

Find the Right Look

Both men and women have different ways of posing. Still, most people prefer to see potential partners with photos showing them looking right into the lens so they can get a more intimate feel of who they may be.

The objective of online dating is to meet in real life–so show your true self and try to make genuine connections, and you’ll be on your way to finding what you’re looking for. Of course, a professional and experienced photographer can help you get just the right look! Ready for your own photo session in Phoenix? Check out our work at Duane Furlong Studios–we’re ready to help!

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