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LinkedIn Headshot Examples

Your LinkedIn headshot is one of the first things a visitor sees on your profile, making it a crucial aspect of your online professional image. As a professional photographer who’s helped countless individuals present their best selves online, I’m sharing a few LinkedIn headshot examples from Duane Furlong Studios to inspire your next photoshoot.

Example 1: Classic Corporate

A person in a blue suit

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Description: A clear, professional headshot of a client dressed in a navy blue suit and white shirt, shot against a grey background. This is the epitome of a classic corporate headshot, highlighting the client’s confident smile and direct eye contact with the camera.

Example 2: Friendly and Approachable

A person in a red shirt

Description automatically generated with low confidence

Description: This is a headshot of a client wearing a bright, casual blouse. The client’s warm smile and engaging eyes give off a friendly and approachable vibe. This photo is perfect for professionals in client-facing roles or creative fields.

Example 3: Creative Professional

A person sitting on a staircase

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Description: A shot of a client dressed in a smart-casual outfit, photographed against an urban background. Their confident expression and the unique setting express their creative profession without compromising professionalism.

Example 4: Modern Executive

A person with long hair wearing a black tank top

Description automatically generated with low confidence

Description: This headshot features a client in a black shirt against a dark background, giving a modern twist to the traditional executive headshot. The client’s serious expression conveys their determination and focus.

Example 5: Personal Branding

A person in a black suit

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Description: A headshot of a client dressed in their brand colors, shot against a background that subtly reflects their industry. Their confident, engaging expression perfectly complements their personal branding strategy.

Example 6: Relaxed and Casual

A person sitting on a bench

Description automatically generated

Description: This headshot, featuring a client in a smart-casual outfit against a simple outdoor setting, gives off a relaxed, casual vibe. This style can be perfect for freelancers, remote workers, or professionals in less formal industries.

These examples showcase the range of styles and moods that can be captured in a LinkedIn headshot, depending on your professional field and personal brand. Remember, the goal of a LinkedIn headshot is to present a professional, confident, and approachable image that aligns with your career goals and personal brand.

At Duane Furlong Studios, we are committed to delivering high-quality, professional headshots that reflect your unique personality and professional image. Whether you need a traditional corporate headshot or something more creative, we’ve got you covered.

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How to Take a Professional LinkedIn Photo


LinkedIn has become an essential tool for networking, job hunting, and personal branding. It’s the first place many professionals go to learn about you, making your profile picture a critical element of your online presence. At Duane Furlong Studios, we understand the impact a professional LinkedIn photo can have. Here are some tips on how to create a stellar LinkedIn profile picture.

1.  Dress Professionally

Dress as if you’re going to an interview or a business meeting. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed for a professional photo. Remember, different industries have different expectations. If you’re in a corporate setting, a suit might be appropriate. If you’re in a creative field, you might have a bit more flexibility to express your personal style.

2. Hire a Professional Photographer

While it might be tempting to snap a quick selfie or have a friend take your photo, there’s a significant difference in quality when you hire a professional. A professional headshot photographer not only has high-end equipment but also the expertise to make sure you look your best. They can guide you on posing, expression, and ensure the lighting is just right. They will also professionally edit the photos, addressing any minor imperfections and ensuring the final product is polished. The following points are all things that a professional photographer will do for you. 

3. Keep the Background Simple

A simple, uncluttered background ensures that the focus is on you, not what’s behind you. Use a solid wall, a simple outdoor setting, or a professional backdrop. Make sure that nothing in the background distracts from your face.

4. Position Yourself Properly

Your LinkedIn photo should be a headshot that includes your head and shoulders. Keep your posture straight and your shoulders relaxed. Remember to face the camera directly and maintain eye contact with the lens.

5. Smile Naturally

A genuine smile can make you appear approachable and friendly. Keep your smile natural – think about something that makes you happy to bring out a real smile.

6. Get the Right Expression

Your expression should match your profession and the image you want to project. Whether it’s approachable and friendly, or serious and focused, ensure it aligns with your professional persona.

7. Use a Recent Photo

Make sure your LinkedIn photo is recent and accurately represents what you look like now. Updating your photo every couple of years ensures you’re recognizable and shows that your profile is well-maintained. Also, it is recommended that you select a traditional executive headshot.

Getting a professional LinkedIn photo may require time and effort, but the payoff is worth it. A high-quality, professional photo can help you make a great first impression, showcase your professionalism, and enhance your personal brand. And if you need help capturing the perfect headshot, Duane Furlong Studios is here to guide you every step of the way.


  1. How do I choose the right photographer for my LinkedIn photo? When selecting a photographer for your LinkedIn photo, consider their portfolio and experience in capturing professional headshots. Look for a photographer who understands your industry and can help you achieve the desired look and feel for your photo. Reading reviews and testimonials from past clients can also provide insights into the photographer’s professionalism and expertise.
  2. Should I wear accessories or jewelry in my LinkedIn photo? For a professional LinkedIn photo, it’s best to keep accessories and jewelry minimal. The focus should be on your face and professional appearance, rather than distracting elements. Choose simple, classic pieces that complement your outfit without overpowering the image. Your photographer can provide guidance on what accessories work best for your specific photo session.
  3. Can I retouch or edit my LinkedIn photo? Yes, minor retouching and editing can enhance the overall quality of your LinkedIn photo. A professional photographer will typically provide this service as part of their package. The goal is to ensure that the final image looks polished and represents you in the best possible light, while still maintaining a natural and authentic appearance.
  4. How should I prepare for my LinkedIn photo session? To prepare for your LinkedIn photo session, plan your outfit in advance and make sure it aligns with your professional image. Practice your pose and facial expressions in front of a mirror to feel more comfortable and confident. Get a good night’s sleep, stay hydrated, and arrive at the session with a positive mindset. Following these steps will help you feel more relaxed and ready to create a great LinkedIn photo.

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How Often Should You Get Headshots?

Headshots are not a one-time affair. As your career and personal branding evolve, it is crucial to keep your headshots up to date. Regularly updating your headshots ensures that you present yourself accurately and professionally in a competitive market.

The Importance of Regularly Updating Headshots

Your headshot is often the first impression that potential employers, clients, or casting directors have of you. Outdated headshots can give the impression that you are not keeping up with the industry or that you have aged significantly since the photo was taken. By regularly updating your headshots, you can maintain a fresh and relevant image that accurately reflects your current appearance and professional goals.

Factors to Consider

Several factors influence how often you should update your headshots. Here are some key considerations:

Career Changes

If you have recently transitioned to a new career or industry, it is essential to update your headshots accordingly. A headshot that accurately represents your new professional identity will help you make a strong impact and attract opportunities in your chosen field.

Physical Appearance Changes

Significant changes in your physical appearance should prompt an update of your headshots. This includes changes in hairstyle, weight loss or gain, noticeable aging, or any other alterations that may affect your overall look. Keeping your headshots current ensures that you don’t surprise potential clients or employers when you meet them in person.

Rebranding or Targeting a New Market

If you are rebranding yourself or targeting a different market, it is advisable to update your headshots to align with your new image or target audience. Your headshots should convey the right message and appeal to the specific demographic or industry you are trying to attract.

Expert Recommendations

Industry professionals and photographers often provide guidance on how frequently headshots should be updated. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, here are some general recommendations:

  • Every 1-2 Years: As a rule of thumb, updating your headshots every 1-2 years is a good practice to ensure your images remain current and relevant.
  • After Significant Changes: If you have undergone significant physical changes or experienced career shifts, consider updating your headshots promptly to reflect these transformations.
  • Regularly Review: Even if you haven’t made any major changes, it is beneficial to review your headshots periodically to evaluate their effectiveness and determine if an update is necessary.

Ultimately, the frequency of updating your headshots depends on your individual circumstances and career trajectory. Consulting with a professional photographer can provide valuable insights tailored to your specific needs.


Regularly updating your headshots is crucial for maintaining a professional and accurate representation of yourself or your brand. By considering factors such as career changes, physical appearance, and rebranding efforts, you can determine the optimal frequency for updating your headshots. Remember, your headshots should always align with your current professional goals and target audience.


  1. How often should actors update their headshots? A: Actors should generally update their headshots every 1-2 years or whenever there are significant physical changes or career shifts.
  2. Do headshots need to be taken by a professional photographer? A: While professional photographers can provide high-quality and polished headshots, it is possible to take acceptable headshots with a smartphone or personal camera. However, professional photographers have expertise in capturing the best angles, lighting, and expressions.
  3. Can I use the same headshot for multiple purposes? A: It is recommended to have different headshots tailored to specific purposes. For example, a headshot for acting auditions may differ from a headshot for corporate networking.
  4. What should I wear for a headshot? A: Choose attire that aligns with your professional goals and target audience. Opt for solid colors and avoid busy patterns or distracting accessories.
  5. Can headshots be retouched or edited? A: Yes, headshots can be retouched or edited to enhance the overall quality and appearance. However, it’s important to strike a balance to maintain a realistic representation.

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How Many Images Should a Professional Photographer Give?


As a professional photographer, one of the most common questions I receive is, “How many photos will I get?” This is a valid query because when investing in a photography session, you want to ensure you’re getting good value. However, the answer isn’t as straightforward as it might seem because it depends on several factors. For me, I offer packages as well as an individual session where you buy images at a set price each. Here are some factors that play into how many images you may receive:

1. Type of Photoshoot

The number of images you receive largely depends on the type of photoshoot. For example, in a standard headshot session, you may receive between 3 to 5 fully edited images, as the focus is on capturing a single, perfect shot that you can use across various professional platforms.

On the other hand, a personal branding session will typically yield more photos, possibly between 15 to 30. The reason is that these sessions aim to capture a range of images portraying different aspects of your personality and potentially rebranding yourself, which you can use across your website and social media platforms.

2. Session Duration

The duration of your session also plays a significant role in determining the number of photos you receive. A mini-session, for instance, may yield fewer images compared to a full session, as there is less time to capture a variety of poses, outfits, or backdrops.

3. The Photographer’s Style

Every photographer has a unique style and approach to their work, which influences the number of photos they deliver. Some photographers prefer to focus on quality over quantity, spending more time on carefully editing fewer images to perfection. Others may provide a larger selection of images with lighter editing.

4. The Package

Most photographers offer a range of packages, each providing a different number of images. When booking your session, ensure to check what is included in your package regarding the number of photos. Some packages may include a set number of fully retouched images, with the option to purchase additional images.

5. Purpose of the Photoshoot

The purpose of your photoshoot also plays a role in the number of images you receive. For example, if you are looking for a single, polished headshot for your LinkedIn profile, you may only need a few well-edited images to choose from. But, if you’re creating an extensive portfolio for your personal brand or company, you’ll need a wider variety of images.

6. Event Photography

If you hire a photographer for an event, the number of images you receive can be significantly higher. Depending on the event’s size and duration, photographers might deliver hundreds of photos so you can capture the essence and memorable moments of the event.

7. Client’s Preferences

Some clients prefer a smaller number of impeccably edited images, while others prefer to have a larger collection of shots to choose from. Your preferences will also influence how many photos your photographer will provide.

At Duane Furlong Studios, our focus is on quality over quantity. Our aim is to provide you with a selection of exceptional images that truly capture your unique personality and professional image. Whether you’re booking a headshot session or a personal branding shoot, we’ll discuss your needs and expectations upfront to ensure you’re delighted with the number and quality of images you receive.


  1. 2. Can I request additional images beyond what is included in my package? Yes, many photographers offer the option to purchase additional images beyond what is included in your package. Discuss with your photographer if you would like more images or if you have specific requirements beyond the package details.
  2. 3. Are the delivered images fully edited and retouched? Yes, professional photographers typically provide fully edited and retouched images as part of their service. They will enhance the quality, correct any imperfections, and ensure the images reflect their unique style and your desired outcome.
  3. 5. Can I use the images for both personal and commercial purposes? Usage rights for the images can vary, so it’s important to clarify with your photographer how you intend to use the images. Personal usage, such as for social media profiles or personal portfolios, is usually included. However, if you plan to use the images for commercial purposes or promotional materials, additional licensing or usage fees may apply.
  4. 6. Can I request specific edits or changes to the delivered images? Most professional photographers are open to discussing specific edits or adjustments to ensure you are satisfied with the final images. However, extensive editing or major alterations may involve additional costs. It’s best to communicate your preferences and discuss any specific requirements with your photographer.

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How a Personal Branding Session is Different Than a Headshot Session

In the world of professional photography, especially for businessmen and women, there are different routes you can take depending on your style and needs. There are numerous terms that you’ve likely heard – headshots, personal branding, portraits, and more. At Duane Furlong Studios, we believe that understanding these terms is crucial to ensuring that you receive the exact services you need. This blog will dive into the differences between two of these services that we offer: personal branding sessions and headshot sessions.

What is a Headshot Session?

A headshot is a professional, high quality close-up photograph, usually just capturing the face, head, and sometimes shoulders of a person. The lighting used is tailored to the individual’s height, background, and areas of the body captured. It’s traditionally used for professional purposes – think LinkedIn profiles, company websites, or actor’s portfolios. A headshot is designed to present the client in a professional and approachable manner, with different expressions that show both sides. 

At Duane Furlong Studios, our headshot sessions focus on capturing your professional side in a way that feels authentic and genuine. This is done by years of expression coaching to make it as comfortable as we can for you, while ensuring that the headshots are ones that you have dreamed about! We guide you through every step of the process, helping you perfect your look and bring out your unique personality. Our goal is to portray you confidently, in a way that enhances your career, whether you’re an actor, a physician, or a business professional in any other field.

What is a Personal Branding Session?

Personal branding photography, on the other hand, goes beyond the traditional headshot. It’s about telling a story – your story. Personal branding sessions aim to capture the essence of your brand, including your personality, your values, and the unique qualities that differentiate you from the competition.

A personal branding session can include a variety of settings, props, and outfits that reflect your brand. This takes a more specific consultation than the headshot session because we need to learn everything we can about your brand. The images from a personal branding session are often used across various platforms – from social media to websites, blogs, and marketing materials. 

The goal of a personal branding session is to create a collection of images that provide a more comprehensive view of you and your brand. These sessions are highly customizable and can include headshots, full-body shots, images of you in your workspace, or even candid images of you engaging in activities related to your work or personal interests.

The Key Differences

While headshot sessions primarily focus on a single image that represents your professional persona, personal branding sessions offer a more comprehensive look into your personal brand, often over a series of images.

A headshot session aims to present a professional image that could fit into a variety of contexts, while a personal branding session is customized to reflect your brand, values, and personality, aiming to resonate with your target audience.

At Duane Furlong Studios, we understand the nuances of both headshots and personal branding sessions. Whether you’re looking for a high-quality headshot that presents you professionally and authentically, or a personal branding session that tells your unique story, we’re here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a fun and stress-free experience that results in beautiful images you’ll be proud to share.

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Are Headshots Necessary?

In our digitally-connected world, personal branding and online presence have become more important than ever. This raises a common question among professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike: “Are headshots necessary?” The short answer is a resounding yes. Here’s why.

1. Professionalism

First and foremost, a high-quality, professional headshot conveys a strong sense of professionalism. Whether you’re networking, applying for jobs, or running a business, people will take you more seriously if you present a polished, professional image.

2. First Impressions

Much like how you dress for an interview, your headshot is often the first impression people have of you online. A professional headshot helps ensure that this first impression is a positive one.

3. Personal Branding

A professional headshot is an integral part of your personal brand. It should reflect your personality, style, and professionalism, helping to differentiate you from others in your field.

4. LinkedIn and Other Social Media Platforms

A professional headshot is essential for platforms like LinkedIn where the focus is on professional networking. A LinkedIn profile with a professional headshot gets 14 times more views than one without. The same applies to other social media platforms where you engage professionally.

5. Trust and Connection

People are more likely to trust and connect with a business or a professional who shows their face. A professional headshot can humanize your brand, making it easier for people to relate to you. Another option is personal branding photography.

6. Job Applications

If you’re job hunting, a professional headshot can make your application stand out. It signals that you’re serious about your career and that you understand the importance of a professional image.

7. Consistency

If you’re active across various platforms or have your own website, a professional headshot provides consistency, which is key for brand recognition.

8. Confidence

Last but not least, a good headshot can boost your confidence. When you look your best, you feel your best, and this can translate into increased confidence in your professional life.

At Duane Furlong Studios, we understand the importance of a high-quality, professional headshot. We specialize in making our clients feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera to create headshots that truly reflect their unique personality and professional image. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a creative, a job seeker, or a business professional, we’re here to help you make the right impression with the perfect headshot.

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Appropriate LinkedIn Profile Picture

A Guide to Creating a Professional Profile Picture:

LinkedIn has become a crucial platform for professional networking and career advancement. One of the key elements of a successful LinkedIn profile is a high-quality and appropriate profile photo. In this article, we will discuss the importance of having an appropriate LinkedIn photo and provide guidance on how to create one that presents you in the best professional light.


Your LinkedIn photo is often the first visual impression you make on potential employers, colleagues, or clients. It plays a crucial role in establishing your professionalism and credibility. An appropriate LinkedIn photo can significantly enhance your profile and attract the right opportunities.

The Significance of a Professional LinkedIn Photo

A professional LinkedIn photo helps to create a positive and trustworthy impression. It conveys your level of professionalism and attention to detail. A well-chosen photo can also make your profile more memorable and distinguish you from the competition. It’s an opportunity to present yourself as approachable, confident, and reliable.

Tips for an Appropriate LinkedIn Photo

Creating an appropriate LinkedIn photo requires careful consideration of various factors. Here are some tips to help you create a professional profile picture:

  • Dress Professionally

Choose attire that aligns with your industry and reflects your desired professional image. Dress as you would for an important work meeting or interview. Opt for clothing that is clean, well-fitted, and appropriate for your field.

  • Choose a Clear and Professional Background

Select a background that is simple, uncluttered, and non-distracting. A solid or neutral-colored background works well. Avoid busy or crowded environments that can divert attention away from you.

  • Use Good Lighting

Proper lighting is essential for a high-quality photo. Natural light is often the most flattering, so consider taking your photo outdoors or near a window. Ensure that your face is well-illuminated and that there are no harsh shadows.

  • Maintain a Friendly and Approachable Expression

Smile naturally and maintain a friendly expression. It’s important to appear approachable and welcoming in your photo. Avoid overly serious or overly casual expressions that may not align with a professional setting.

  • Showcase Confidence and Professionalism

Present yourself with confidence and professionalism in your posture and facial expression. Stand or sit upright and maintain eye contact with the camera. Project a sense of competence and reliability.

What to Avoid in a LinkedIn Photo

To maintain an appropriate LinkedIn photo, here are a few things to avoid:

  • Unprofessional attire: Avoid clothing that is too casual, revealing, or inappropriate for a professional setting.
  • Overly busy backgrounds: Steer clear of backgrounds that are distracting or cluttered, as they can detract from your presence in the photo.
  • Poor image quality: Ensure your photo is clear, well-lit, and in focus. Avoid using low-resolution or blurry images.

Editing and Retouching

While it’s acceptable to edit and retouch your LinkedIn photo, it’s crucial to maintain a natural and authentic appearance. Minor adjustments to brightness, contrast, and color balance can enhance the overall quality of the image. However, avoid excessive editing that alters your features or presents an unrealistic representation.


An appropriate LinkedIn photo is a powerful tool for establishing your professional brand and making a positive first impression. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can create a profile picture that exudes professionalism, approachability, and confidence. Remember, your LinkedIn photo should align with your desired professional image and the expectations of your industry.


  1. Should I use a professional photographer for my LinkedIn photo? A: While it’s not necessary to hire a professional photographer, it can significantly improve the quality of your photo. Professional photographers have expertise in lighting, composition, and capturing your best angles.
  2. Can I use a cropped photo from a social event as my LinkedIn photo? A: It’s generally advisable to use a photo specifically taken for professional purposes. Social event photos may not present you in a professional light or meet the technical requirements of a LinkedIn photo.
  3. Should I include other people or pets in my LinkedIn photo? A: It’s best to have a LinkedIn photo that focuses solely on you. Including other people or pets may distract from your professional presence and create confusion.
  4. Can I wear accessories in my LinkedIn photo? A: Simple and professional accessories, such as glasses or minimal jewelry, are acceptable. However, avoid accessories that are too distracting or unconventional for a professional setting.
  5. Should I update my LinkedIn photo regularly? A: It’s recommended to update your LinkedIn photo every couple of years or when there are significant changes in your appearance. This ensures that your photo remains an accurate representation of your professional self.

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Qualities of a Winning Headshot


When meeting somebody professionally (and sometimes personally) for the first time, most people will Google about the said person to get an idea of who they are and what they do. Most first impressions come from online information, and more specifically your online headshots. Headshots are a promotional tool for your brand whether that be a personal or corporate brand. For business owners, having the right headshot created near you in Phoenix will help engender trust with potential customers and prompt them to learn more by reading your bio and learning more about what makes your business, product or service unique. However, customers may not want to read further or take you seriously if you do not have a good headshot or lack a profile picture.  Some people may prefer to use kids, pets, or objects – but we discourage this as does most marketing advice. Giving people a glimpse at the person they are dealing with can start the professional relationship off on the right foot. A great headshot can do this for you.

Headshots are a fairly specialized form of portraiture. What makes a good headshot is a subjective question and varies from person to person. The idea of a professional headshot has changed a lot over the years. Initially, headshots were strictly standard. However, based on most people’s current online profile photos, headshots are a lot more personal as people try to get a bit of their personality to come out.

The Importance of Professional Headshots on Social Media Profiles

People tend to make judgments based on appearance. It is crucial to have a professionally taken headshot on your business’ social media profile, especially when you do not have a logo.

A headshot will help convey your professionalism to people who do not yet know you. Professional headshots will ensure that people take you seriously.

A headshot is a way of portraying your character to people. Various facial expressions will help a person understand a little about you. Smiling from ear to ear usually expresses that you are a fun, approachable and outgoing person, while a serious look will show that you are determined and driven. Both expressions are great options. Choose a look depending on what you want to portray to your potential clients.

A headshot can be a great reminder to people who have met you in the past. A nice close-up headshot leaves no room for guessing. People who are not new to you will be able to recognize you right away. However, ensure you update your headshot often to show people what you look like right now because your face will go through many changes over time.

What Makes a Good Headshot?

A classic headshot features the face and shoulders, usually with neutral and non-distracting clothing choices. Typically, you will have your head and shoulders straight into the camera and possibly a little turned away but not too far to give a mannered vibe. Headshots are almost always 10×8 inches. This size gives a good close-up portrait of the face while still giving a bit of body shape.

Modern headshots differ slightly from classic headshots: The difference between the two lies in the eyes, which are a crucial part of modern headshots. When evaluating a good headshot, always look for the catch-light in the eyes, which makes the eyes sparkle and conveys that you have an active thought.

Doing everything right is not enough if you do not present the right image of yourself or your business to potential clients. The most important part when creating a quality professional headshot is choosing the right photographer. Photography is an art: Like any other form of art, some people are fantastic at it while others are not so good.  A good headshot photographer is one who pays attention to the tiny details. You should clearly describe to your photographer the purpose of your headshot so that they can determine the ideal type; professional, business, or corporate that will serve your needs.

 At Duane Furlong Studios, we offer 5-star photography services, to ensure that your headshot is of the maximum quality. We also let you select a background of your choice and change your outfits, to ensure that you are comfortable and satisfied with your headshot. Contact us to get a headshot that says all about you.

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Duane came through for me at a crucial time! He is communicative, personable, professional and is great at what he does! His studio has all the latest equipment and the best lighting I have ever seen. He definitely wants his clients to feel comfortable and have fun. I highly recommend him and can promise you that you will LOVE your photos!


How Much Does a Headshot Photographer Cost Near You in Phoenix?

As technology advances, professionals are racing to leave their stamp in the digital world through professional headshot photos for their profiles.

You should be prepared to pay a fair price for quality headshots. My pricing is available by filling out the form below – you’ll receive instant pricing and scheduling access.

Headshot photo costs in Phoenix vary due to several underlying factors. For instance, different photographers have various price ranges for their headshots. We are going to focus on the cost of a headshot photographer in Phoenix.  It is essential to discuss the factors that determine the price of a headshot to help us with this

What The Headshot Photo Is For

The use of your headshot photo also plays a role in its overall cost. Even if your face is on these photos, you cannot use professionally taken headshots for anything you want. The reason behind this is that the photographer owns the copyright to these images. Using the photos for commercial use means that a payment of loyalty and commercial fees should be made to the photographer.

Type of Headshot

The purpose of taking your headshot is correlated with the type of headshot you want the photographer to take. There are various types of headshots, such as professional, business, or corporate headshots. It is essential to specify the headshot you would like to ensure that enough preparations are made for the shoot to go smoothly.

Overall Experience

Your headshot professional’s experience is a determining factor when it comes to the price of a headshot. Compared to new and inexperienced photographers, professionals will have relatively high rates. Years of photography and aspects such as light, and expression & posing coaching will separate great photographers from those of lesser talent.

Equipment Used

The equipment used for your shoot dramatically affects the quality of your photos. It is essential to find a photographer who knows the best equipment, such as the camera and lighting apparatus that fit a particular shoot. High-end photography equipment is expensive, which affects the pricing of your headshots.

Photographers can either be professionally trained in photography methods or self-taught. Their experience might even come from a combination of both. Regardless, one sure way to weigh a professional headshot photographer’s experience is by looking at their reviews.

Editing Prowess

The final look of a photo speaks volumes of its price. After the shoot, a professional photographer should ensure the final product photos are exemplary. To do this, a photographer has to process your images digitally. Professional headshots need editing to correct aspects such as lighting, skin tone, and color. Unlike inexpensive photographers, professionals should pride themselves on delivering high-quality edited photos.


An important factor that affects the cost of your headshot is time. For example, most people book photography sessions depending on the amount of time needed for their shoot. In cases where you need extensions, the average time for shoots is affected since photographers charge extra time. However, having more time means you can experiment with different lighting, poses, and looks.

How soon you need the photographs is also a factor to consider. More often than not, we find ourselves in situations where we need rushed services. If you need your photos to be taken and produced faster, it is essential to note that they are generally more expensive than regular ones.

Shoot Location

The location of a shoot is an essential aspect of photography. A professional headshot photographer should have a studio space and equipment such as cameras and lighting equipment for on-site shoots. Shoots have taken on-site at the studio vary in price compared to those where the photographer has to come to you for an on-location shoot due to transportation costs.

Headshots vary in price for several factors. Making considerations such as the photographer, location, and quality is essential. If you are looking for a mix of professionalism and quality, contact Duane Furlong Studios today!

What Our Clients Say About Duane on Google

Duane has an incredible studio with some of the best equipment around. His photos are stunning and he’s fantastic at giving direction to ensure your photos turn out how you like. The end results were fantastic. Overall Duane made me feel very comfortable and was delightful to chat with. Compared to other photographers in the area, he offered the best product with the best price. I will definitely return next time I am in need of professional photos!
Alyssa Lane


Headshot vs Portrait: A Detailed Guide

The major difference between a headshot and a portrait is that a headshot can be a portrait, but a portrait cannot be a headshot. Simply put, a headshot focuses on your face, neck, and shoulder while a portrait can cover your whole body or ¾ of it. Here are details of how the two concepts are similar to or different from each other.


When taking a portrait image you have the entire body (or at least ¾ of it) to create the mood and the feel of your image. On the other hand, when taking a headshot, you mostly have only your face to communicate. So how do you take a perfect headshot?

Do not be misled, a serious face will not mean that you are a serious business person or worker. Have you seen those people whose headshots are so serious they almost seem like a cover for a funeral services advert? Subconsciously, people like working, doing business, or even dating a happy person. It would therefore be a good thing to flash that smile, right?

While taking a headshot, it is okay to look at the camera. However, moving your face slightly (less than an inch should do) can have a great effect on your image. Don’t stare at the camera with blank eyes, instead communicate that you are a confident, and fun person to work with or even date.

To avoid making your image to come out all tensed, relax, and breathe.


Lighting for both portrait images and headshots can be used for a lot of effects. With portrait images, you have a lot of space to play with lighting. You can, for example, use light to create different colors on your final image.

On the other hand, lighting a headshot, especially for business purposes, should be used to enhance a friendly, dependable feel to them. As such, it should be soft, even lighting that leaves minimal shadows on the final image.

If you would like to hide a double chin or to create a focus on your jaw, you should have the light source raised a few inches above your head. You can also use a kicker light to highlight your image. Moreover, you should ensure that your entire face is well lit.


When taking a portrait photo, you have a variety of backgrounds to choose from. You can choose to take your photo in a field of flowers and it will still look good and functional. The space and purpose of the headshot may, however, restrict the kind of background that you will use. You, of course, wouldn’t want those flowers taking away the viewer’s attention from your face, would you?

Headshot backgrounds should be simple and mostly single-colored. Light grey and white backgrounds are more preferred given their ability to speak professionally. It is also easy to integrate white and grey with your brand colors.

Another thing to take care of is the need to edit the background. Plain backgrounds are easy to enlarge without showing the stretch or giving you a lot of work on the photo editor.

Business & Corporate Headshots

Business headshots are a little different from headshots that you take for your social media or dating apps and websites. It is also worth noting that social media platforms like LinkedIn fall under the category of business headshots. So what should your business or corporate headshots look like?

First, and pretty obvious, your attire should speak a lot about your profession. If you are a business leader, a business suit should be your preferred attire. Professionals like lawyers, doctors, or scholars can wear clothes that match their professions. Still, on the attire, avoid wearing tops that have writings on them.

Business and corporate headshots should have very minimal enhancement. It is okay to remove a pimple here and another blemish there, but that’s just it. On the same breath, wear makeup like you would when going to the office and do not overdo it. Glasses are okay to wear, but you should only wear them if you normally wear them and people are used to seeing you in them.  People would not be very willing to do business with you if the first thing you lie about is who you are.

Treat Headshots Like a Branding Tool

As you lay your personal or corporate brand strategy, you should consider the image that people associate with you. Ensure that the colors present in your headshot are related to your business or profession.

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